Engineering precedents for steam machinery; embracing the performances of steamships, etc

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Side 3 - A TREATISE on the STEAM ENGINE, in its various Applications to Mines, Mills, Steam Navigation, Railways, and Agriculture, By J. BOURNE, CE Eighth Edition ; with Portrait, 37 Plates, and 546 Woodcuts. 4to. 42s. CATECHISM of the STEAM ENGINE, in its various Applications to Mines, Mills, Steam Navigation, Railways, and Agriculture.
Side 3 - Curves and setting out lines and levels in Earthworks, permanent Way, Bridges and Viaducts on the Square, on the Skew, and on Curves. A Treatise on taking borings; with practical rules for designing works, and getting out working drawings of Masonry and Brickwork, Timber, Wrought Iron, and Cast Iron, and examples of Specifications and Tables for Earthwork. Illustrated by 250 Plates and Diagrams of executed works. 2 vols. roy. 8vo. London, 1857. 3334 The Practice of Engineering Field Work, applied...
Side 1 - Journal, KNAPP'S TECHNOLOGY: or, Chemistry applied to the Arts and to Manufactures. Edited, with numerous Notes and Additions, by Dr.
Side 3 - A practical Treatise on Cast and Wrought Iron Bridges and Girders as applied to Railway Structures and to Buildings generally, with numerous examples drawn to a large scale, selected from the Public Works of the most eminent Engineers, with...
Side 112 - Column 11 contains the horses power expended in the slip of the propelling instruments, calculated from Column 12 in the ratio of the speed of the slip to the speed of the vessel. Column 10 contains the horses power expended in the oblique action of the paddles, calculated as the square of the sines of their angles of incidence on the water, modified by the depth of their centre of pressure below a plane 33.84 feet high above the surface of the water; 33.84 feet being the height of a column of water...
Side 3 - Fly-Fishing for Salmon; Lists of good Salmon Flies for every good River in the Empire ; the Natural History of the Salmon, its Habits described, and the best way of artificially Breeding it. Fcp. 8vo. with coloured Plates, price 14s. Fairbairn.— Useful Information for Engineers : Being a Series of Lectures delivered to the Working Engineers of Yorkshire and Lancashire.
Side 3 - Together with Results of Experiments on the Disturbance of the Compass in Iron-built Ships. By GB AIRY...
Side 3 - Armstrong, CE, revised with the addition of notes and an introduction, by John Bourne, Esq., with engravings, fcap. 8vo, cloth, 2s. " The collected experience of a practical Engineer, who, for thirty years of...
Side 3 - ... Engineering, Tools, Wrought and Cast Iron Works, Stone, Timber and Wire Works, and every kind of information that can be obtained and made useful in Estimating, Specifying, and Reporting. %* Lists of Prices from Tool Makers and Mechanical Engineers are solicited. 7. AIRY, ASTRONOMER ROYAL, FRS, &c. Results of Experiments on the Disturbance of the Compass in Iron-built Ships, In 4to., 2s.
Side 2 - QUEKETT'S (JOHN) PRACTICAL TREATISE ON THE USE OF THE MICROSCOPE. Third Edition, with 11 Steel and numerous Wood Engravings. 8vo.

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