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the earth; and every tree bearing fruit, were formed into the animal man: the only within which is the seed of a tree: to you portion lacking was the spirit, and this it is sustenance. And it was established. alone is supplied by a new creation : and And Elohim surveyed every thing which the manner of this creation, so different He had created, and, behold, it was beauty from the preceding acts, sets upon man the and perfection. The evening was, and the seal of affinity with the Creator, in so obmorning was, the sixth day!

Thus were

vious a manner that, 66 whoso runneth finished the heavens and the earth, and all may read.” the hosts thereof; a decorated system.

The marked difference in the creation of On the sixth day finished Elohim His the spirit of man, from any other act of work which he had created and formed; creation disclosed to us by the Creator, deand on the seventh day rested He; ceasing mands our serious attention. The body of from all the works He had created and man is formed of, and similar to, other formed. And upon the seventh day put portions of the visible creation ; but the Elohim His blessing, and sanctified it; spirit, that which crowns and distinguishes because on that day He rested from all His man from every other animal or thing in work; the works which Elohim created and the visible creation, is in the image of God, formed.

a living soul—and was breathed into the body Creation, throughout its progression, ap- by the self-existent God, in a distinct act of pears in the inspired details of Moses, not creation. Now, as no other animal or thing only daily to increase in the multiplicity of shared in the boon of this distinct act of its forms, but daily to advance in the dig- creation, we cannot but conclude that the nity of its subjects, until on this day it ar- spirit of man differs from every other anirives at the summit. The first day was a mal, and from every other thing, in the day of creation ; for on that day the mate visible creation; and on a careful exami. rial atoms and light were separately created. nation of this subject, we shall, I doubt The second, third, fourth, and fifth days, not, find this to be the case.

We must exwere exclusively occupied in formations, amine this subject at large; and I know of wherein, by compounding the material no better mode to effect this, than that of atoms and light, the beauty, use, and per- tracking up the forms of the two first crefection of creation were displayed. It is ated substances, viz. the material atoms and on the sixth day that the crown is placed light, and comparing these with this last upon the head of the whole, by a new cre creation, the spirit, or living soul, of man. ation-viz. the creation of the spirit of Matter, in its primitive atoms, is invi. man; and the act is consummated by the sible, a subtle fluid without form; but in union of this spirit with the material atoms its combinations it becomes visible, and and with the light; man being a warm amidst its modifications, in union with blooded animal, and his body being formed light, assumes forms and modes at once of the material atoms, here called the dust interesting, impressive, and beautiful. Seof the earth. It was not until the sixth day veral of these forms, when broken or disthat Elohim exclaimed, “Let us create solved, may be, and are, reproduced. Such man in Our own image-Our similitude: is the case with water, which may be and out of the dust of the earth formed resolved into its elemental gases; with vaJehovah-Elohim man; and He breathed pour, which may arise from water, form into his nostrils the breath of life; and man clouds in the atmosphere, and be resolved became a living soul.” (Gen. i. 26, 27.). again into water; and running a similar

The two first creations, viz. the material round, may re-become water, vapour, &c., atoms and light, were performed on the from time to time. But these variations word pronounced by Elohim; but the third are determined by the fixed laws of creation, creation, using the similitude of affinity and out of these not an atom can wander. with Deity, is achieved by the breath of Crystallization presents another form or Jehovah-Elohim. The Self-Existent Plu- forms of matter; it is, in fact, the effect of rality in Unity, in a breath, creates immor- chemical affinity, in unison with polarity or tal spirit in man, and man becomes a living electricity, disposing certain atoms soul-at once the image and representative molecules, or both, to take and retain cerof the Creator, bearing rule amidst His tain forms; and when the crystal is perfect, creation, and connecting dead matter with the form is perfect, as perfect as the forms the living God. The economy so eminently of vegetables or animals : and if some of manifest throughout the work of creation, these crystals are dissolved, they may be, is in this instance as manifest as on all and often are, reproduced in precisely the other occasions; the material atoms were same form. But here the whole process at hand, and light was at hand, and these ends : farther than the production


reproduction of its peculiar forms, crystalli. viously inferior to man, that few, and selization cannot proceed.

dom, are arguments founded on a compa. Vegetation presents also a form or formsrison of these, called forth against the of matter; forms induced by infinite wis- immortality of man ; but from the animal dom, during the third day of creation, and portions of creation, which are furnished perpetuated by the vegetation of miniature with the senses, and endued with instinct ; forms of plants, called seeds, or by buds, which seek and eat their food, exercise or by slips and cuttings, which the plants themselves at will, sleep, dream, erect nests, themselves produce and multiply, in the construct dens or lairs, propagate their speorder of vegetation. If cut down nearly to cies, foster and defend their young, arguthe root, certain plants will shoot out anew, ments are ever and anon launched against with vigour equal to those which the original the living soul of man; and the instinct of plant displayed ; but the result invariably animals is thus set side by side with the is, the production or reproduction of forms image of the eternal God. similar to those which have passed away : Instinct, however, on a serious examinaand here the whole process ends; for farther tion, will be found to claim kindred with than this, vegetation cannot proceed. the things of time, rather than with the

Animation is likewise a form or forms of beings of eternity. Instinct is stationary as matter, induced by infinite wisdom on the to degree; it is what it ever was. Every fifth and sixth days of creation; and these animal of the same species possesses the are perpetuated by seed, containing the same kind of instinct, and of the same form in miniature, on impregnation. Ani- degree; and this instinct, by the wise promals differ from vegetables, inasmuch as vidence of the Creator, moves with the the first are locomotive, while the latter are animal through the several stages of its local. The result, however, here is similar existence, and further it cannot proceed. to that of vegetation : every peculiar form The instinct in a lamb, in a yearling, in an produces and reproduces, and multiplies ewe, in a mother, goes forward with the forms similar to the original : and here the ages and relations of the animal, and is to whole process ends; for farther than this, that animal what it needs, then and there, animation cannot proceed.

throughout the several stages of its existMan is a species of animal, capable of ence, identically and without improvement. those acts, and endued with those faculties, A naturalist knows the animal by its action, which distinguish other animals; and man- as well as the action by the animal ; they kind are produced, reproduced, and multi- are identical in individuals of the same plied in a manner similar to that of several species throughout, following the laws of animals : but man differs from all other creation, minutely in every age of time, animals, in that, “ Into him was breathed,” from generation to generation. on his primeval day, “the breath of lives The living soul in man, however, is -a living soul.” If we contemplate the bounded by no time, no age, no circum. animal man like the other animals, we be- stances, no place; and thus boundless in hold mankind producing, reproducing, and its scope, it is ever looking to the future; multiplying themselves, in forms simi.

even while in retrospect it views the past lar to the original : and of these we must or contemplates the present, comparing exclaim, here the whole process ends ; for them with a view to futurity; and by expefurther than this the animal-man cannot rience, by study, and by inventions, the proceed. But when we contemplate the living soul incessantly develops its capaspiritual man, far different to these are the bilities, in a series of improvements exresults which we behold; for here, although tended, not only through the life of the incarnated, we note an immortal spirit with individual, but recorded and pursued from capabilities which no modification of mat- generation to generation with kindred ferter can at all approach. Hence, instead of vour and increasing success.

Even God exclaiming in respect of these capabili- himself, he who created the living soul, is ties at any given point, Here the whole pro- accessible to its energies; it receives from, cess ends, for farther than this the spiritual- and glories in, his revelations; in the word man cannot proceed, --we cannot refrain and in the spirit of the living God, drawfrom the exclamation thal, Boundless as ing from him wisdom, joy, and power ; space, and endless as eternity, they are yet and in him, and through him, beholding, merely budding into bloom, the bloom of even while yet afar off, glories which shall fruit which time cannot ripen, and which in due time be fully revealed—the glories eternity cannot decay-immortality— life which are at his right hand for evermore; eternal !

of which, by faith in the redemption by Crystallization and vegetation are so ob- Christ Jesus, man fully hopes to partake in

the immediate presence of Jehovah. Elo- however plagues, pestilences, famines, and him, with angels and kindred spirits eter wars may have thinned, for the time, the nally ; and for this enjoyment he was cre. districts in which they have raged, soon has ated, even in time as well as in eternity. the fecundity of mankind replenished the Yea, although death entered into the world earth ; and again and again have they exby sin, in death itself the immortal soul claimed, “Make room for us, that we may lives, and will live for ever.

dwell.” And not only has man replenished We will now conclude this dissertation, the earth, but he has and does rule over it. as proposed on its outset, ” after tracking The superiority of the living soul over the up the forms of the two first created sub- united instinct of the beasts of the field is stances, namely, the material atoms and here conspicuous. Yea, even in a savage light, by comparing these with this last state, where wild men contest the sovecreation, the spirit or living soul of man.” reignty of the forest with wild beasts, the But is the creation of a single spirit (for the superiority of the living soul, however fallen woman was formed from the man) to be and depraved, is so conspicuous, that we placed side by side with the creation of the behold rule invariably to be the station of material atoms and of light, the atoms and man, notwithstanding the evident weakness light of the whole universe ? I answer, yes ; of his bodily structure, and its incapacity to and with every propriety, also. Mark the enter the lists, body to body, with many of language of this creation, “ Out of the dust the beasts of prey. But the communities of the earth formed Jehovah-Elohim, man; of civilized man have so evidently the doand he breathed into his nostrils the breath minion over every living creature of motion of lives; and man became a living soul,” upon the earth, that this has long ceased to In creating this single soul, the great Cre- be a question among men. ator virtually created the millions of mil “ And Elohim surveyed everything lions of mankind, throughout every age which He had created, and, behold, it was to us, past, present, and future : for all beauty and perfection.” The line of beauty these have been, and will be, generated from and the serenity of perfection dwelt upon this single creation.

the surface of creation, on its completion During the awful catastrophe of the ge- by the great Creator, and the fitness of every neral deluge, which overwhelmed the old part characterized the whole,—all was harworld, eight souls, generated from this cre mony, without and within were union and ation, were preserved in an ark; and from peace. Constructed by weight and meathese was the new or present world peo- sure, perfect equilibrium pervaded the unipled. No new creation has, therefore, be verse at large, and all its spheres were come needful, nor has a new creation been finished with exquisite skill; for although resorted to, even up to this hour. Thus the furniture, animate and inanimate, is truly was this creation, “ the breath of only described to us as our earth was garlives,"— lives innumerable by man, the nished, yet, may we not conclude, it is multitudes of which are only known to the given to us as a sample of the whole ! great Creator. There will come up a pe

“The evening was, and the morning was, riod in eternity, when, instead of apparent the sixth day.” Instead of despising, as, disparity on the part of the creation of this alas, some profane persons do, this brief, single spirit, the disparity will be so mani- yet luminous and particular account vouchfest on the other part, that a grain of sand safed, in infinite condescension, to His compared to this whole universe, will not creatures by the great Creator, how ought be lighter in the scale of equity, than the we to value it, as the only authentic record whole universe weighed against these mil- in existence of works performed by Him lions of living souls.

long prior to our existence; and, indeed, “ And Elohim pronounced over them, before a single living soul was capable of Be ye prolific, multiply, replenish the earth, observing any portion thereof? As man and rule over it.” Under the divine bless was the very last in the order of creation, ing, this soul has been prolific indeed. The and every other act was done prior to his multiplication of mankind into millions existence, he could not take cognizance of took place at an early period of time; and any one act of the Omnipotent, therein ; although the general deluge awfully reduced and who could, if the Creator had not, these millions to eight persons, soon did have afforded him this information ? For these again become millions upon the face this circumstantial and minute account, of the earth ; and every age pronounces the from day to day, even to the last day of prolific to be the characteristic of man. His works; therefore, as in duty bound, However unfavourable the circumstances let us praise Ilim. of certain communities may have been,

“ Thus were finished the heavens and


the earth, and all the hosts thereof; a de- favour and image of the Holy God, and
corated system.” Here we are called back partook their joy-living souls which, un-
by the inspired penman, Moses, from the der the blessing of the Creator, were pro-
detail of formations upon a single sphere of nounced to be prolific; and would ere long
our earth, to the whole universe ; and the, increase into millions. The sabbath, thus
“ Thus," confirms what we before hinted, instituted, became an ordinance to man
namely, that every sphere throughout the throughout his generations. The profana-
system was finished, and furnished with tion of this holy day has brought down
animate and inanimate, period by period, judgments from heaven upon millions of
at the same time, and in a manner similar the human race, and the observance thereof
to the earth. Omnipotent Omnipresence has been a means of grace-a blessing to
is every way equal to the performance of millions who have kept it holy unto the
similar acts, in different, and even distant Lord.
places at the same moment, and we are Thus have my feeble efforts been di-
here told that, “On the sixth day Elohim rected to the elucidation of that brief, yet
finished His work which He had created scientific narrative, of the process of cre-
and formed.” Creations and formations ation, contained in the Bible; and if but a
were, therefore, all terminated together on few of those who despise or neglect the
this day throughout the whole universe. sacred volume, are thereby led to value
Could we be favoured with an inspection, and peruse it for themselves, and receive
at this moment, of every sphere in the uni- the truth, I shall rejoice that my labour has
verse, the primeval beauty, the purity and not been in vain. To Jehovah-Elohim be
loveliness of some of these, which, we hope praise !
have escaped the catastrophe of the fall,

W. COLDWELL. that, alas, the living soul, and with it this

King Square, Oct. 20, 1832. whole sphere have so awfully experienced through disobedience, would delight our souls; and how should we be consoled for the woes and deaths, which reign through sin, amidst the sphere on which our lot is cast.

“ And upon the seventh day put Elohim His blessing, and sanctified it; because on that day He rested from all His work; the

“If life be compared to the sky, it is not cloudless : works which Elohim created and formed.” it is often dark, gloomy, and appalling. The Every day is recorded throughout the

thunder often rolls—the lightning often flashes;

and sometimes when we least expect a change." eventful series of creation, and every day is memorable therein ; for so great, so extensive were the works performed during these It was on a lovely evening during the six days, that to each a memorable act month of May, that I proceeded from pertains.

home, for a short period, to enjoy the But if the six days were memorable for pleasure and advantage realized from a the works performed therein, the seventh quiet and beautiful ramble.

The sun was day is yet more memorable for the sanc- rapidly sinking in the west; the heavens tity which the Holy God has impressed were glowing with his parting radiance, upon it. On this day Elohim rested from and the earth was rendered inexpressibly His labours, and this day he sanctified. lively by his farewell smile; the air was What Hallelujahs were reared to the Om. breathing fragrance from unnumbered nipotent on this holy day, by angels and shrubs and flowers, and the most soothing archangels, and the hosts of heaven, we and delightful stillness pervaded creation. may gather from the circumstance that, It was a luxury to gaze upon the scene, when Elohim laid the corner-stone of the and to drink in the beauties which were universe, “the morning stars sang toge- poured around. I strolled a considerable ther, and all the sons of God shouted for distance, and ascended, under the influence joy."

No doubt, the first human pair of the most delightful emotions, some of joined in the celebration of this first sab- those beauteous and romantic hills, by bath ; and what rapture would pervade the which the city of B - is encircled, angelic hosts on entering this heaven upon when, as I was returning to my habitation, earth, where the voice of Jehovah-Elohim I was accosted by an old infirm man, was heard, Gen. iii. 8. and which He sanc who, with much modesty and respect, solitified by His immediate presence,

and cited a trifle, to accommodate him for the wherein incarnated living souls enjoyed the night. There was something so remarkably


Old Writer.

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interesting about his appearance, with delighted in what was quiet and happy. all his evident poverty and destitution, that I was trained to an industrious, though I was peculiarly struck, and felt resistlessly somewhat laborious, employment; but I induced to enter into a little familiar con- was contented, and wished to do all I versation with him.

could to promote my respectability and The person I addressed was about sixty- comfort. I acquired an intimate knowfive. His stature was somewhat short; bis ledge of my business, became generally form was rather spare; his hair was silvered respected, and, after a certain time had from anxiety and years. His garb was elapsed, commenced making an effort for patched, but decent and clean. His eye myself

. An interesting and excellent girl, sparkled with good feeling, and though that I had long known and loved, accepted deep furrows, occasioned principally by my proposals of marriage, and we were solicitude and suffering, were legibly im- soon united. My business was pretty flouprinted on his brow; there was something rishing. I was steady, respectful, and in the cast of his countenance, which pro- industrious; and my wife was contented, duced a very pleasing impression on my frugal, and happy. We loved our home, mind. “Well, friend,” said I, desirous of and loved each other. About a year after gaining accurate information respecting our marriage, we were blessed with a him-“how is it, that, at your advanced lovely infant, and our happiness seemed period of life, you are so circumstanced ? complete. The child, however, was desIt is very distressing to think, when you tined to be early removed, and, after the are so rapidly declining towards the tomb, poor little innocent had suffered much, we that

you should be compelled to implore were called to place his sweet head low in charity from those who meet you on the the silent grave. I thought my wife's heart road. Whence has your present situation would have broken, for she doted on the arisen? There is something about you babe. which prepossesses me, though a stranger, “ Lapse of time, however, and my unceasin your favour ; and I am disposed to ing attentions and kindness to her, dimmed, think you have no wish to impose on the though not extinguished, the feelings which humanity or benevolence of any who may had been so powerfully excited. In the proffer you aid. I should like to be made course of three years we were blessed with acquainted with a little of your history, and another dear child, and our former afflicperhaps you will inform me how your tions were comparatively forgotten. A fine, present distresses were occasioned." healthy boy was given to us; and how often

I saw that the old man could scarcely have we gazed with inexpressible delight repress his emotion ; however, after a tear, on him, when he was smiling on his mo. which he was unable to prevent, had started ther's knee, and fixing his beauty-beaming into his eye, and trickled down his cheek, eye on our anxious, though happy, counhe looked earnestly at me, and replied, - tenances ! “Ah, Sir, my case is one of a peculiarly “Our boy grew up, and pleased us. His trying nature, and I hardly know whether form was elegant, his complexion fair, his I can unfold it; however, I will endeavour disposition ingenuous and pleasing, and his to command my emotions, and give you a habits were regular and obedient. I had short outline of my history; but, if I should always been fond of books, and I accusweep, while relating it, you must excuse tomed him to some of the best which my me, for I cannot refer to past days, without little stock afforded. He loved his mother feeling that my heart sinks within me.” and me exceedingly, and we, perhaps, were

We sat down on an elevated part of one too much attached to him. Alas! little did of the loftiest hills by which the city of we consider how soon, and how dreadfully, B entitled « The Queen of the we should lose him! west,” is surrounded, and the old man “It was on a beautiful morning in June, communicated to me the substance of the that he met with some playmates, who following relation:

were 'going to bathe in the river adjoining “I was born in a beautiful and retired our village, and they prevailed on hiin to village in the north of England, where accompany them. He, not thinking of any every thing that is delightful and luxuriant danger, and considering, perhaps, that the in creation was richly enjoyed. There I bath would be refreshing and beneficial, grew up, and received my education, plunged into the water, at that part of the which was somewhat superior. I was river, which, they said, was very shallow. never wild or dissipated, but uniformly However, poor boy ! he was mournfully regular and domestic in my habits. I loved deceived. He rose to the surface, but was my parents, was fond of their home ; and unable to reach the bottom with his feet,

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