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though with a beating heart and anxious The chamber was now brilliantly illumind, to encounter his fate with firmness, minated by long tapers of camphor, but the whatever the stars might predict.

splendour of the light was not visible from At the period of which we speak, a belief without, owing to several thick folds of dark in judicial astrology was generally enter cloth which were suspended across the tained ; and even some of the master-spirits room, in front of the window, the lattice of of the age owned, in a slight degree, their which was also closed by heavy oaken partial belief in the science. It has been shutters. The middle of the apartment was said that the queen herself, on one occasion, the centre of a large circle, accurately traced allowed her judgment to be influenced by in chalk, and regularly divided according the predictions of an astrologer: at least to the twelve signs of the zodiac, which such is the assertion of the acute and en- marked the several houses. A small peeled tertaining Italian, whose history of her reign wand was also laid at each division of the is in most respects a faithful one. A further circle, composed alternately of the elm and proof may be deduced from the proceedings aspin branches; the interior of the circle against witchcraft which characterized the presented a barrier of a more formidable reign of her successors, as well as from the nature, being formed of skulls and bones, numerous memoirs, public and private, together with divers other more inexplicable which tend to illustrate the fact.

objects. Though liberally educated, travelled, and Behold, my son,” said Al Seddik, these super-abundantly endowed with the gifts of relics of mortality; they are the bones of nature and the acquirements of art, the the wise, who, like me, have toiled long and mind of the young man had not in this suffered much, to discover the grand secret respect risen superior to that of the mul- of nature. Each fragment which you see titude; or, if so, it was but with a slight there, was once an animated portion of the shade of difference, arising from the effect living frame of the sages who inhabited the of education, which corrected, though it city of Ain al Schams,—the fountain of the could not eradicate, the early impressions of sun, once the capital of Egypt and of the superstition.

world. Alas for the wreck of time !-the Arrived at the sage's dwelling, he knock. city is desolate ; and the bones of the wisest ed, and was presently admitted : the old who dwelt within its walls, alone attest the man stood before him, and accosted him past existence of that which was once the with the Eastern salutation of peace.“ Sa- renowned among nations. lam Aleikum" was his greeting, as he bent “ These shining relics," he continued, his head, and once more welcomed the pointing with his wand as he spoke, stranger to his abode. They ascended in formerly among the gems which adorned silence into the upper chambers, where a the crown of Zein Algaman, the mighty great difference was now perceptible in the founder of the city of Auberabad, in the apartment, as well as in the dress, of the isles of the Indian ocean. astrologer. The red-coloured garment which “ In the same circle, you may mark the Al Seddik usually wore, was exchanged for various stones which possess the strongest a robe of pure white; the sleeves and hem power in conjunction with the planetary of which were bordered by deep rows of signs; from the pearl of the sea of Oman Oriental writing, representing the ninety and and the amber of Chaldea, to the turquoise nine mysterious names of Allah.

of Istakhar, and that stone, more precious His cap was high and conical, and of than all, which is found in the eyes of the the same colour; and a verse from the stag, whose food is of serpents in the sandy Koran was inscribed around it: the same deserts of Thibet and Cathay.* that is applied to the “wondrous night,” “ Nor are these alone sufficient to counwhich all Mussulmen hold in the deepest teract the malignant influence of the planets veneration. The purport ran thus: “ May which are in opposition to this night's work. peace be upon this night, till the light shall I name them to thee, my son, that thou dawn from the east !” His waist was en mayest see that the productions of the circled by the black and white skin of the earth, the holiest, the most rare, and some serpent Arkam, known for its wisdom and the most ordinary, are alike needful to sucits venomous qualities in the province of A wise man,” saith the Hâkim Lok. Turquestan; and on his breast he wore a man, neglecteth not the aid of the meanest triangular ornament of gold, the emblem of of the creatures of Allah.” Observe this vase perfectibility. In his right hand he held an of alabaster; it contains the crystallized ebon wand, which was chased with a ser tears of the dove of the sultan Mahmoud pentine wreath of silver, from one extremity ben Sebekteghim, a holy bird, sent by the to the other.



# The bezoar stone.

prophet to his faithful servant from the river of princes, the caresses of women, the Kautser, in the garden of Eden, whose smiles of enemies, and the warmth of winshores are of pure gold, and the sands of ter, for none of these things endure. Rely its shining bed are pearls and rubies. These on this saying, for that which follows as. crystal drops have power to disperse the sures its truth, noxious qualities of poison, and of all things “ The Sun being retrograde in Taurus, hurtful to man.

denotes, that, though the prospect of mar“ It needs not to describe more of the riage may seem to offer the surest means precious fragments which have been col- of happiness, it will never be successful. lected, to heighten the force of the charm I In the tenth house, Mars entering direct am about to assay; nor is it needful to into Cancer, repeats the prediction of daninquire how all these powerful auxiliaries ger and violent death; and Venus being in have been procured: enough, that a long conjunction, declares, that from woman life of toil and pain have enabled me to will the danger ensue. discover their mysterious attributes ; soon I “ There are three occurrences which will trust to lead to the accomplishment of the mark your future life, all in themselves grand object of existence, the attainment of productive of honour, but linked to a fatal knowledge and powers beyond that of termination—the first will speedily arrive, Soliman ben Daoud, whose slaves were the and open the road to fame and fortune; genii of the elements.

the second will be occasioned by the death “ Before, however, we enter within the of a dear friend, whose end you will yourlimits of the circle, to invoke the presence of self accelerate, and almost gain the topthe spirits of the elements to embrace your most round of ambition's ladder; the third demands; first tell me the precise hour and will go near to raise you to the pinnacle minute of your birth, that I may complete of human greatness, but your opposing fate the horoscope I have already prepared.” will quickly reverse the picture. The hoAs he spoke, Al Seddik drew from his roscope tells me no more; and more if bosom a broad sheet of parchment, on which you wish to know, must be demanded of was accurately depicted the table of the agency no longer mortal.” twelve houses of life. Receiving the re “I cannot pause," the young man required document, he examined it attentively, plied, “ in the acquisition of knowledge and seated himself upon the floor, while he which holds out such splendid lures, proceeded to make the necessary calcu- though accompanied by terms which might sations. His companion observed him with appal a less resolute querist. I need not interest. In a short time the old man repeat, Ben Saad, that I seek to know all spoke :

that can be told, and I care not what may “My son,” he said, “I was not de- be the means employed.” ceived ;

" the stars are the willing in “Propose, then, your questions in writterpreters of the decrees of fate : the lines ing, before we enter into the circle, where, of your hand agree but too well with by the uninitiated, neither must word be the destiny which is inscribed in the hea- uttered nor sign made."

The stranger venly spheres. In the first house, which is mused for a moment, then rapidly wrote that of Life, I see where Jupiter enters down a series of questions, which he gave direct into the sign of Al Gedi, or the ram; to the astrologer. believe me, that ere long the bright course “ It is well,” he said : “ approach, then, of your fortunes will begin; they will be and bare thy feet, for the dust whereon brilliant and successful : still further in the you are about to tread is sacred-'tis the same planet, predominant in the eleventh sand of the island of Gezirat, far, far away house, where dignities, and the favours of beyond the giant mountain of Caf, where princes, are profusely strewed; but, again reigned the pre-adamite sultans before this being retrograde in Taurus, it is clear that nether world was created. Take, also, this the house of life is endangered, in the mantle, once worn by the wise Abouw midst of the highest sweep of fortune. Thy Maascher, and cast it over your own garcareer will be eminently prosperous, but its ments, before you enter this mystic circle, end will assuredly be sudden !

the true emblem of eternity.” “ Behold where the planet Zohair, which The stranger obeyed implicitly the manis Venus, enters into the balance with the dates of the sage; for, though his own faith sun in the ascendant; as surely does it be taught him to doubt much the efficacy of token the love of woman, and the dan- all the relics which were thus arrayed, yet, imgerous favours which she bestows. Bear pressed with the idea of the learning and skill then in mind the words of the poet Dah- of the Eastern magi, he gave involuntary ban, to 'mistsust four things—the friendship credit to much that was said, from the

imposing manner in which the old man of yore, and reply with the voice of truth uttered his words, and the peculiarities of to that which I shall demand of thee.” time and place which surrounded him. « What fate awaits the querist whose

They entered the circle together, and foot is even now on the threshold of life?” Al Seddik carefully retraced the outline “ His fortunes shall prosper till his age over which they had passed. He then is doubled," was the corresponding reply. proceeded with the mystic ceremony. He “ Shall he experience happiness in his first prostrated himself towards the east,

career ?' and remained for a few minutes apparently “ Mortals toil eagerly in pursuit of pleaabsorbed in prayer; then, rising, he drew sure and ambition,-he shall have enough from his vest the magical volume that was of both." written by the celebrated Bazur, containing “ Will he be successful in love ?" all the rites and ceremonies necessary to be “ It shall raise him to the pinnacle of observed in the progress of the incantation. greatness,--shall hurl him from the giddy He then slowly paced the circle, following height,-shall betray him while living, and the direction of the sun, and pausing at mourn over him when dead." each of the twelve divisions, to repeat the “ Who will prove his greatest foe?" formula of adjuration.

“ His fairest friend. When the circle was encompassed, he “ When shall he die, and how ?” took a small crucible, and, pouring into it a “Four hours have not elapsed since he dark liquid, he lit a taper, and bent it saw the spot where he shall yield


his downwards to the vessel, the contents of last breath,-- let him beware the axe. which instantly ignited, and a bright flame “ What shall occasion his death ?” sparkled far and wide. Ben Saad next The treachery of woman.” produced an Oriental drug reduced to pow. “ What is the name of her whose destiny der, which he scattered over the flame, and is linked with his ?" A pause ensued, a dark vapour arose, as gloomy as that the spirit appeared moody, and unwilling to which floats perpetually above the well of answer further, Hendskar. The mist gradually extended “ Speak, foul spirit,” cried Al Seddik, itself throughout the chamber, and the “I conjure thee, by the powerful seal of lights were well nigh extinguished, all but Noe, in the name of the mighty Senkiduh I the flame from the crucible, which still command thee!” burnt fiercely, and cast a red glare over the “ Seek for the name beneath the sign persons of the astrologer and his neophyte. Sunbulah,replied the voice, “ I may not This action was accompanied by a so

tell thee more. lemn invocation to the terrific powers of Sunbulah,” exclaimed Ben Saad, “'tis darkness; and presently was heard a rush- the sign of the Virgin ; perchance a regal ing noise, like the sound of the deadly one! say, once more, shall this favoured blast as it sweeps over the sands of Egypt. son of fortune ever wear a kingly crown ?" A dusky form was then descried, pacing His sway shall be that of royalty,was with impatient gestures the circumference the final answer of the voice, as the figure of the magic ring. Al Seddik gazed fixedly became more and more indistinct amid the on the apparition; but the stranger shud- thickening vapour. dered with an undefined sensation of dread, “ Enough,” said the astrologer to his as he endeavoured to discern the imperfect companion ; “more it profits not to inquire.” form and features of the shadow, which In a few moments the apartment was again seemed alike impalpable and ever-changing. clear, and the lights burned brightly as

The old man was the first to break the before. appalling silence: “Slave of Eblis, dark “ What think you, my son,” said Al spirit of futurity," he exclaimed, “pause Seddik, “ are you satisfied with the prosin thy circling fight, and obey the power pect of your future lot ?" of him whose spell has called thee from the “ It is more than the fondest dreams of realms of Ginnistan to the regions of upper my imagination could have pictured," reair."

plied the youth, “ how shall I thank you, The figure remained in one spot, while, my father, how express my gratitude ?" with expanded wings, it still seemed hover- « Reserve it, my son, till you have better ing as a bird before it rests itself on earth. learned to appreciate the nature of what you A deep harsh voice was heard. “ What have just heard. A time may come when wouldst thou ?" was the question ;“ speak, your thoughts may change,-meanwhile live and be brief.” “ Demrouset Neré," said the well and wisely. Forget not, that though sage, “ for such I know thee now : hearken the stars rule the destinies of men, they to the words of one as potent as Tahmuras themselves are but the agents of the all

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powerful Allah. Live then so as to de perate attempt to secure the person of the serve the fortune which fate has prepared ; queen, which, so fatally for his fortunes, was and when Azrael, the angel of death, shall unsuccessful. From that period, till his summon you, may you be prepared to ac final condemnation, the transition was most company him! Farewell then, Robert De rapid; and when, in the last extremity, he vereux; and, in the days of your prosperity, transmitted Elizabeth's ring by the faithless remember the words of Seddik ben Saud. countess of Nottingham, and awoke the

remorse of Elizabeth, whose spirit bowed Who is there to whom the prosperous ca beneath it till she sunk in the grave, the term reer and unhappy fate of the unfortunate Earl of prophetic events was completed, which of Essex, the favourite of Queen Elizabeth, verified the predictions of the astrologer. are unknown? They are recorded in the February, 1829.

D. C. pages of history, and inseparably connected with the annals of the maiden queen. Yet there are few, perhaps, who are aware that the predictions of which we have spoken were actually made, and that they came to The reports which had been current repass almost according to the letter.

specting the magnitude of these treasures, In the year 1585, he accompanied the have been exaggerated ; but the amount Earl of Leicester to Holland, where he ob actually found, shewed that it was not entained the rank of general (though so young, tirely an Oriental fiction, though previously being barely eighteen); and where he be alleged to be so by the adversaries of the haved with distinguished bravery at the expedition. Authentic accounts had been memorable battle of Zutphen. On his received of its existence before the arrival return from the Low Countries, he made his of the troops, and perhaps the eclat of its first appearance at court, where he imme

capture constituted one of the motives for diately attracted the notice of the queen, the enterprise. To see waggons loaded who in an incredibly short time loaded him with ingots of gold drawn from Toulon to with dignities and rewards; conferring upon Paris, was no trifling temptation to ministers, him the office of Master of the Household, who had a design to dazzle the minds of Grand Marshal, and Chancellor of the the people, in order the more easily to University of Cambridge. Her personal abridge their liberties. On taking possesregard, also, accompanied these high ho sion of the Casauba, an immediate search nours, being permitted to wear in his hat a was made for this treasure, which had been glove from her right hand; a favour," said to amount to 200,000,000 of francs, says a contemporary historian, “the greatest or 8,000,0001. sterling. The Dey had that a mistress could bestow on an accepted kept no account of his treasure; there were lover."

found no exchequer receipts, no registers of The influence of Leicester, whose friend revenue or expense. The money, which he was, was not at once eclipsed; they was the fruit of taxes, tribute, or plunder, continued to divide the favours and coun was thrown into a room by the treasurer of cils of Elizabeth, till by degrees the star of the regency, without being counted. It was Leicester sank before that of his more youth deposited in different boxes or coffers, and ful rival, who forgot the ties of friendship in taken out on an order_signed by the Dey the lures of ambition; and eventually be and his council. The French found in all, came the concealed enemy of his former the large sum of 48,684,527 francs, or nearly friend, whose death has by some been as 2,000,0001. sterling, in ingots of gold and cribed to poison, and by others to a broken silver. Of this sum, upwards of 43,000,000 heart, owing to his having lost the friend- of francs were packed up in boxes, nailed, ship of the queen ; which circumstance it and sent home by the ships of war. Upis well known, was caused by the intrigues wards of 5,000,000 of francs, or 200,000l. of Essex,

sterling, consisting of coins current in that On Leicester's death, he became lord country, were reserved for the expenses of paramount, and bore the title, at court, of the army. This sum, though large, had fallen

the EARL" par excellence. The viceroyalty so much short of what had been expected, of Ireland, while it kept the word of pro- that the treasurer of the Dey was put the mise to his ear, yet broke it to his hope; strictest examination. He, however, swore and though it put into his hands the pos that the Regency had no further resources ; session of an authority in every respect that that he would engage to lose his head, if of a king, was yet, through the treachery any money was concealed ; that the people of his friends, the final cause of his disgrace. had been always deceived respecting the

The last act of his power was his des. treasures of the palace ; that for the last

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twenty years the expenses of the government mine, and always a close comrade in the had exceeded its receipts; and that, during camp, I went every day, when at home, to the three years of the blockade, these re see her; but I could not be of any service ceipts, either from prizes or commerce, to her, though she never refused my medihad been reduced almost to nothing. cines. At this time I could not understand

a word she said, although she talked very freely, nor could any of her relations under

stand her. She could not bear the sight of PEARCE, in his entertaining work on Abys. a book or priest, for at the sight of either sinia, says,

“ The diseases of Abyssinia are she struggled, and was apparently seized of a very virulent, and, in some instances, with acute agony; and a flood of tears, of a very siugular kind : it fortunately hap- like blood mingled with water, would pour pens, that the native medicinal herbs are of down her face from her eyes. She had peculiar potency, and applicable to most lain three months in this lingering state, of the diseases which occur. There is one living upon so little, that it seemed not disease, however, which, it would seem, enough to keep a human body alive; at like the bite of the tarantula, only yields to last her husband agreed to employ the music. It is called the tigretier.” He thus usual remedy, and, after preparing for the describes it :

maintenance of the band during the time “There is a holy water at the church it would take to effect the cure, he borrowed Oun Arvel, which is greatly esteemed for from all his neighbours their silver ornathe cure of persons afflicted with evil spirits. ments, and loaded her legs, arms, and neck This is a very wonderful disorder, which I with them. cannot pass over in silence, though the “The evening that the band began to reader may think it fabulous and ridicu- play, I seated myself close by her side as lous; yet we have accounts of something she lay upon the couch; and, about two of the kind in the New Testament, which minutes after the trumpets had begun to the priests and learned men of Abyssinia sound, I observed her shoulders begin to believe to be the same complaint. This move, and soon afterwards her head and complaint is called tigretier; it is more breast, and in less than a quarter of an common among the women than among hour she sat upon her couch. The wild the men.

The tigretier seizes the body as look she had, though sometimes she smiled, if with a violent fever, and from that turns inade me draw off to a greater distance, to a lingering sickness, which reduces the being almost alarmed to see one nearly a patients to skeletons, and often kills them, skeleton move with such strength; her if the relations cannot procure the proper head, neck, shoulders, hands, and feet, all remedy. During this sickness their speech made a strong motion to the sound of the is changed to a kind of stuttering, which no music, and in this manner she went on by one can understand but those afflicted with degrees until she stood up on her legs upon the same disorder. When the relations the floor. Afterwards she began to dance, find the malady to be the real tigretier, and at times to jump about, and at last, as they join together to defray the expenses of the music and noise of the singers incuring it. The first remedy they in general creased, she often sprang three feet from attempt is, to procure the assistance of a the ground. When the music slackened, learned doctor, who reads the Gospel of St. she would appear quite out of temper, but John, and drenches the patient with cold when it became louder, she would smile water daily, for the space of seven days, and be delighted. During this exercise an application that very often proves fatal. she never shewed the least symptom of The most effectual cure, though far more being tired, though the musicians were expensive than the former, is as follows.- thoroughly exhausted ; and, when they The relations hire, for a certain sum of stopped to refresh themselves by drinking money, a band of trumpeters, drummers, and resting a little, she would discover signs and fifers, and buy a quantity of liquor; of discontent, which nothing but a renewal then all the young men and women of the of the music could overcome, and nothing place assemble at the patient's house, to but its continuance prevent from returning. perform the following most extraordinary “ Next day, according to the custom in ceremony.

the cure of this disorder, she was taken into “I was once called in by a neighbour to the market-place, where several jars of see his wife, a very young woman, and of maize or tsug were set in order by the relawhom he was very fond, who had the mis- tions, to give drink to the musicians and fortune to be afflicted with this disorder; dancers. When the crowd had assembled, and the man being an old acquaintance of and the niusic was ready, she was brought 2D. SERIES, No. 18.--VOL. II.

2 N

162.-VOL, XVI.

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