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To those of his friends who have encouraged his undertaking, the Author returns his sincerest thanks, and assures them, that his highest object will be attained, and an ample reward secured to him, should they, or any of his readers, derive benefit from the following pages.

With some little toil to himself, the Writer has obtained a mite, and he cheerfully casts it into the sacred treasury, in the hope that it may cepted, and turned to some good account, by the great Lord of the temple, who looks more at the intention of the donor, than at the amount of the extrinsic gift.

be ac

BEDFORD, April 7, 1830.



WHAT! are the friends whom death has torn from our embrace lost to us for ever? Did the friendship which grew with our growth and strengthened with our strength, expire with the last breath they drew? Or shall we know them again, and recover their society in the unseen and mysterious region which lies beyond the grave ? Every heart which glows with the feeling of virtuous friendship or which bleeds under the disseverment of the sacred bond, must surely palpitate at the sound of the question !

To meet this interesting inquiry by bringing forward the evidence relating to it, which reason, guided and enlightened by revelation, discloses ; and likewise to press upon the attention of the reader the moral purposes to which it may be applied, is the chief object contemplated in the


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