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Lesson 209.—Thursday Morn. Grammar. Write and Learn

INSPECTORS' EXAMINATION PAPER. (Old Standard VI.) (1) Give the feminine of Bachelor, lord, duke, prince, tiger, hero.

What are the plurals of Loaf, ox, child, die, penny, index.
(3) Compare Red, worthy, many, little, hardy, ill.
(4) Decline the verb To be."
(5) Analyse and Parse the words in italics-

Night, sable goddess ! from the ebon throne
In rayless majesty now stretches forth
Her leaden sceptre o'er the slumbering world.

Lesson 210.-Friday Morning. Work these Sums.


*(1) The weight of 306yds. of drain pipes is 1 ton 16cwt: what length will there be in 2 tons l:cwt. of the same kind?

*(2) If 12 men are employed to pave a street one mile long, it will take them 35 days: how many men must be employed if it is to be done in 20 days!

*(3) Which is the greatest, and which the least of these fractions : 9, JI, D?

*4) Multiply three hundredths by two-tenths, and divide the product by five thousandths (Decimal)

*(5) Walking at the rate of 35 miles an hour, how many hours will it take to walk 36 miles ?

*(6) Convert 2:345 into a vulgar fraction. History.-Write.

What were the most important events in the reign of George IV.? (2) Give a short account of the Peninsular War.

John Heywood, Excelsior Printing and Stationery Works, Hulme Hall Road,


English Language.

GRAMMAR. Eorn's Twopenny Grammar. F"cap 8vo, sowed, 48pp. Containing

a Series of Simple Lessons and Exercises in the Outlines of English Grammar and Analysis of Sentences. Cloth, 3d.

A capitally-arranged collection of simple lessons and exercises, and analysis of sentences.”—Public Opinion, Grammatical Cards (Test and Progressive). By T. M. WILLIAMS,

Head Master of tho Bangor Practising School. Designod to afford the means of testing the proficiency as well as aiding the progress of

pupils in this subject. In Packets of 24 Cards, Is. Easy Exercises in English Grammar and Analysis. By JOHN

MACQUEEN. Crown 8vo, cloth limp, 9d. Grammar Made Easy in Rhyme. By M. T. YATES. Ono Penny. English Grammar. One of John Heywood's Standard Lesson Series,

for Standards IV., V., VI. of the New Code. By ALFONZO GARDINER. F*cap 8vo, 24pp., id. oach ; complete, 3d. ; cloth, 4d.

ENGLISH EXERCISES. John Heywood's Young Student's Orthographical Exercises.

By J. PHILLIPS. Fcap 8vo, 64pp., cloth, 6d. wulie's Home Exercises.

PART 1.-A Graduated Serles of Exercises in Arithmetic, Spelling, and Composition, for Home Practice. Adapted to Standards I. and II. of the New Code. Sewed, 3d.; or cloth limp, 4d.

GRADE 1.-Embracing the first half of Part I. Adapted to Standard 1. Sewed, id.

GRADE 2:-Embracing the second half of Part I. Adapted to
Standard II. Sewed, ld.

PART II.-A Graduated Series of Exercises in Arithmetic, Spelling, Composition, Grammar, and Geography, for Home Practice. Adapted to standards III., IV., V., and VI. of the New Code. Sewed, 4d. ; cloth limp, 6d. With Nine Maps, cloth limp, 10d.

PARTS 1. and II. together, with Nine Coloured Maps, cloth, ls. 4d.

ANSWERS to the Arithmetical Questions in Parts I. and II. Cloth Ump, 6d.

POETRY. John Heywood's Explanatory Book of Standard Poetry. Adapted

to Standard IV. of Reading, and Standards IV., V., and Vi. of Literature, under the New Code: and suitable also for Private Schools.

Crown 8vo, cloth, 18. “The solections are admirabla.

The work is carefully edited,
with explanatory foot-notes. Wo can heartily rocommend the volume."
-School Board Chronicle.
Selections of Poetry. One of the “Extra Subject" Series of Class-

Books for Standards IV., V., and VI. of the New Code. By Dr.
SNAITH and H. MAJOR, B.A. In Three Parts, F'cap 8vo, 2d. each.

Complete, sewed, 6d. ; cloth limp, 8d. “Books of Poetry are beautiful. Many of them are cheap; but cheapness and goodness are not always combined as they are in this book," Educational Reporter.

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In the Press.-A NEW EDITION, carefully revised and

copiously Illustrated.

John Heywood's Manchester Readers. A New

Series of Books of rudimentary instruction for Elementary Schools of all grades and classes, specially prepared to suit the requirements of the NEW CODE, and affording the most efficient instruction in Reading, for the various standards of examination.

The READING AND SPELLING LESSONS will be found of inestimable value, being based upon a perfect system of gradation, and differing in style from any others published.

In the Spelling Lessons, the etymological division of words has been always preserved, except where it would interfere with the usual pronunciation of vowel sounds, in which case the etymological division has been subordinated to the phonetic. Full and clear lists of the most common Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots are appended to the Fifth Book.

F'cap 8vo, bound in strong cloth.
In the Press, Primer or Elementary Reader... 64 PP.,

Price 4d.

6d. Now Ready, First Book, adapted to Standard I... 96 pp., Second

II...128 pp.,

8d. In the Press, Third

III....160 pp.,

10d. Fourth,

IV...192 pp.,

18.0d. Fifth , V. & VI...224 pp.,

1s. 2d.

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In Five Books. Designed to supply the requirements of the Ed

Department for a Second Series of Reading Books.

These books are compiled on the principle recommended i “Instructions to Inspectors," that books for teaching reading shoi of a nature to interest children. The earlier books consist of a nu of simple tales specially adapted for the amusement and instructic the young.

Neither spelling, writing, nor arithmetic lessons introduced, as the object of the New Code Readers is simply to su] extra reading matter, and not to take the place of distinct manual: other subjects of education. In the higher standards the books varied in nature, and made up of lessons on subjects calculated excite the interest of the children, while conveying to them valuai information, The lessons are carefully graduated, so that each standa is perceptibly more difficult than the previous one. Pieces of poetry a interspersed throughout, and care has been taken to exclude from eac book any extracts which would be difficult of comprehension to the chil in the particular standard.

The compiler, impressed with the conviction that every series of reading books must finally stand or fall upon the simple issue whether they are found successful in teaching children to read, has striven to attain this object throughout; and it is hoped that by making these books interesting, instructive, and carefully graduated, the work of the teachers in securing fluency in reading may be greatly facilitated.

F'cap 8vo, bound in strong cloth.

128 pp.

First Book, adapted to Standard I.....


III. Fourth,

IV. Fifth

V. and VI.

96 pp., Price 6d.

8d. ...160 PP.,

10d. ls, Od. ls. 2d.

.192 pp., ...224 pp.,


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