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No subject, most assuredly, can be more interesting to the human family, than the subject of our investigation ; because no principle, no opinion, can be more destructive to their happiness in time and eternity, than apprehensions and doubts of the impartiality of Jehovah. Me. thinks no candid reader, who has a particle of generosity in his heart, or common sense in his head, can continue to harbour a doubt of the goodness of God, after carefully perusing the present performance.

When it is remembered that unbelief, or an unjust and ungenerous opinion of the attributes of the Almighty, is the primary cause of the present and eternal destruction of millions of the human family, and that we cannot possibly dishonour Cod more, than by believing him to be a partial, and consequently an unjust Being I say, the recollection of these stubborn and melancholy facts, most assuredly will preclude the necessity of apologizing for a work of this pature,

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concise view of the degradation and destruction of the most celebrated nations of antiquity, with an investigation of the cause of their downfal. Intended to prove that the same cause will produce the same effects in modern as it did in ancient times.

IN order to form a proper estimate of God's generosity and man's degeneracy, it will be absolutely necessary, in the first place, to view him sitting on his majestic throne, dispensing justice and mercy, impartially among his intelligent creatures. He is the Almighty lawgiver, and he cannot act consistent with himself, and at the same time suffer his laws to be broken with impunity. He has created all the heavenly host, as well as the human family ; both

of whom are susceptible of gratefal sensations, which are the only acceptable returns we can make the great Creator, for the plenitude of his liberality. Indeed, both angels and men have nothing else to return to God for his infinite goodness, but unbounded gratitude, with its fruits and effects. WE LOVE HIM, says the apostle, because he first loved us. Now, in the Scriptures, we find, that every man that cometh into this world, is illuminated with a measure of the light of God's spirit. Because, a measure of the holy spirit is given to every map to profit withal. Every rational man, must of course, be capacitated to view in the book of creation and providence, as well as the book of revelation, the amazing goodness and condescension of the supreme Creator. If, therefore, he is possessed with a spark of gratitude, that spark will be kindled to a flame, by contemplating the divine munificence. The light of divine grace will shew us we are sinners,


the smallest particle of gratitude will incline us to come to God, to be cleansed from our impurities by regeneration ; by this means, we shall be enabled to forsake sin, to love righteousness, to practise holiness even in this world, and after death be received into glory. It is unreasonable and unscriptural to suppose, that God would require his rational creatures to return him the grateful tribute of thanksgiving, for his manifold favours, if he did not open their intellectual eyes to see them. And on the other hand, God would be wanting to himself, if he did not require the affectionate thanks of his creatures when he enlightened them to see, and also feel, that he is, and was, and ever will be great in goodness, and good in greatness. By nature, there is no good thing in us ; i. e. without the light of God's spirit. But with this light, we are susceptible of great improvement.

The grace of God may be compared to a mustard seed, which though very diminta

utive, when planted, becomes the largest of trees. Thus, the man who nurtures the least motion of the spirit of God, imparted to him, and obeys the still small voice that calls him to his own happiness, will find it growing with his growth, and strengthening with his strength. While the man who rejects the visitations of the spirit of truth, which appears to every man, rejects the advancement of his own nature, the cultivation of his own mind, and the glorification of his immortal part.--Hence, the first, can in spirit soar from this earthly ball, trend the starry skies, (for spirits are quick as lightning, whether in the body or out of it) walk in the paradise. of God, can view through the telescope faith, the inhabitants of the third heavens, but above all he can

сар adınire, adore and converse with their divine Original, and their cause, in holy meditation. While the last is wallowing in swinish impurity, serpentine deccit, and satanic villainy.

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