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Printed for J, BUCKLAND, at the Buck in Pater-noster

Row; J. W AUG H and W.FENNER, at the Turk's
Head in Lombard Street. 1754,

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The Duty of an inoffensive CONDUCT.

I COR. X. 32.

Give none Offence, neither to the Jews,

nor to the Gentiles, nor to the Church of God.

THE Apostle, in the latter part

of this chapter, is giving his T

Opinion upon a point of Controversy which was warmly

debated in his day; viz. "s whether or no it was lawful for Chrif“ tians, on any Occasion, to eat of that “ Meat which had been offered in facrifice « to Idols.

This fome denied; fuppofing that it gave countenance to the pagan Idolatry, was in


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