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SERM. the Soul can be recovered from a state of

Sickness to a state of Health. But such is the Gentleness and Fidelity of our divine Physician, that we may be sure he will use no Methods that are more severe than neceffary, nor continue them longer than iş needful.

4. From what hath been said, we see the true method of Salvation constituted in the Gospel: and have a plain answer to that important Question, What must I do to be saved? Our Souls can no otherwise be saved from Death, than by being cured of those Distempers

which are the Fore-runners of it. And the ordinary way in which they are cured of those fatal Distempers is that which hath now been laid before you. That is to say, we must first be thorougbly fenfible of our Danger thereby; for which the Word of God is given us : and then be beartily wil. ling to accept the Remedy offered; to which end the holy Spirit is oftentimes at work on our Hearts: and then actually accept the Grace of Christ, which is freely exhibited and tendered to us : and' by that Grace continue to follow the Directions, and live according to the boly Rules of God's Word, which are


prescribed us in order to perfect our Reco- Şerm. very, and prevent our Relapse.

III. If there be any Mortifications in this way, they are only such as arise from the Necefsity of the Casę. Whatever other Methods of Salvation some may fondly imagine to themselves, let me only say it is extremely dangerous to trust to them. And a Mistake here, as it is irretrievable, so it is of everlastlafting Detriment. The Soul once lost is for ever loft. And indeed if we consult the Word of God impartially, if we consider but the Reason of Things, the Nature of true Happiness, the Perfections of the divine Being, and wherein the proper Felicity of the Soul consists, we shall soon be convinced, that nothing less than the Remedy which the Gospel proposes, and of which I have just given you a short Abstract, can secure it's everlasting Salvation.

What remains then, but that whilst we contemplate this Character, under which Christ is pleased to represent himself, we efteem, honour, love and value him as the great Physician of our Souls ; apply to him as such; trust our Souls in his Hands; follow the Directions of his Word and Spi




Serm. rit, in a constant Dependence on his Graco III.

and Help; and we have then a solid Foundation on which to build our Hope. For our Recovery from Sin is our fitness for Happiness. And we have the Word of our great Physician for it, that if we thus come to him, we shall not perish but have everlasting Life.


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Light is fown for tbe Righteous;

and Gladness for the Upright in Heart.

HERE is a Force and Fulness

in some Scripture Phrases and T

Expressions that is not easy to be

exhausted; insomuch that the more we attend to them, the more we learn from them; and discover something new almost

every time we carefully consider them. An Excellency peculiar to the facred Wri


SERM. tings, and justly urged as a good Argument IV. of their divine Authority.

For an Instance of this, I need only refer you to the Lord's Prayer; a Form fo full and comprehensive, so particular' and expressive, that it is not in the Power or Wifdom of Man to compose any thing like it; as any one may see who hath read a good Comment on that part of Scripture.

The Words prefix'd to this Discourse is another Instance of the fame kind, which contain in them a more full and fruitful Instruction than it is possible for any one to discern at first reading; which will be my Apology for infifting upon them longer than I usually chuse to do upon one Text.

They may be considered as an independent Propofition, in which the following things are to be observed.

1. The Character that is here given of

good Men, They are Righteous and

II. Their present state implied, viz. Dark.

ness and Sorrow.
III. Their future state expressed, viz. Light
and Gladnefs.


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