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2. Men are generally more willing and more heartily desirous to be delivered from their bodily Distempers than from their fpiritual ones.

And the reason of this I have just mentioned;

viz. because they are generally more sensible of them. 3.

Some Distempers of the Body evade all the power of Medicines, and baffle the Skill of the most able Physicians, and are absolutely incurable : whereas under every Diftemper of the Soul there are the most fovereign Remedies, and

a never-fajling Physician at hand who is always ready to help us.

What those Remedies are, and who that Physician is, will be seen in the following Discourse. In the mean time I proceed with

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my Remarks,

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II. This Subject may suggest to us many useful Thoughts, and may be improved by us for our Comfort and Instruction under every Illness or Distemper that may

hereafter befall us.

What a fad Variety of Pain and Sickness do we see Mortality subject to ! and what kind or measure of them may fall to our


fhare before we are absent from the Body, we Serm. know not. However, as they are designed

II. for wise Ends, so they are capable of being improved to very good purposes, whilst we reflect with ourselves thus :

“ How grievous is this Affliction to my

Body! O that Sin were as grievous to my • Soul !

-Alas! How much more sensible Sam I of Suffering than of Sin! though the latter is by far the greater evil : because it “ iş the cause of the former; for had there “ been no Sin, there had been no Suffering. $ This Disease of my Body, perhaps, $ was fent to cure the Disease of


Soul. Ft Lord, let that be the Effect. And I will

submit to and bless the Remedy. The

most effectual Medicines are sometimes o the most diftasteful.-How desirous am “ I to have this bodily disorder removed? O " that I were as desirous to have the Diftempers of


Soul cured! How affiduously do I apply to a Physician for my

Body, and punctually follow his Prescrip« tions and Directions to regain my Health ! "O that I could but as earnestly by Faith ” and Prayer apply to Christ, the fovereign Physician of Souls, and as carefully ob


SERM. " serve the infallible Directions of his Word II.

“ and Spirit.”

I shall conclude all with one Remark more.

And that is,
III. What hath been delivered


this Subject does very happily illustrate one great Truth, which Scripture seems plainly to reyeal, but which some have found it difficult to conceive of; and that is this, That though a

Sinner's Destruction be owing to himself, yet bis Salvation is owing to the free Grace of GOD.

I say, what hath been delivered illustrates this Principle, and fets it in a plain and easy Light. For when a Person, by applying to an able Physician, and carefully following his Directions, is raised up from a dangerous Fit of Illness, is he said for that reason to cure himself? No, next to the Blessing of God, his Recovery is justly attributed to the Physician to whom he applied ; but, had he not applied to him, and used the

proper means for his Recovery, he might be justly said to have cast himself away ; especially if he had brought the Distemper upon himself. So when a Sinner, by apply.

ing to Christ by Faith and Prayer, and fol- SERM, lowing the Directions of his Word and Spi- II. rit, is delivered from the power of Sin, which would otherwise prove

the Death of his Soul, his Salvation cannot be attributed to himself, but to Christ alone; whereas, had he not thuş applied to him, his Condemnation and Ruin would have been owing to himself,



Christ the PHYSICIAN of the Soul,

LUK E y. 31.

And Jesus answering said unto them,

they that are whole need not a Phyfician ; but they that are fick.


N these Words of our Saviour, I observed, there are two Propositions plainly implied, viz.

1. That Sin is the Sickness of the Soul. II. That Christ is the Physician of it.

The first of these Propositions I have endeavoured to open and improve in the pre


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