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Serm. ing. Rest; who hath promised, that where XII. he is, there shall · bis Servants be, to behold

bis Glory; to live and reign with him in Heaven at his Father's right Hand, where there is fulness of Foy, and Pleasures for

ever more


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And thou foalt remember all the 1. Way which the Lord thy God

led thee these forty Years in the Wilderness, to humble thee, and to prove thee; to know what was in thine Heart, whether thou wouldest keep his Commandments

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ROM these words I made two
Obfervations, viz.

1. That the wandering of the Israelites through the Wilderness to Canaan, is a


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natural and lively Emblem of a Chris-
tian's Passage through this World to

Heaven. And,
II. That whilst we are in this state of

Pilgrimage, it is our Duty often to re-
collect, and seriously consider the ways of
God, and the various Dispensations of his
Providence towards us, especially those
which have been more extraordinary
and remarkable.

The former of these Observations I have already handled ; and proceed now to the immediate Confideration of the latter. In treating of which I propose,

1. To specify some of those providential

Dispensations which we ought in a more especial manner to recollect and

consider. II. To shew how they are to be remem

bered. And, III, What are those Confiderations that

Tould principally induce us hereunto.

I. I am to specify some of those providential Dispensations which we ought in a more especial manner to recollect and con- Serm. sider.


XIII. : . And this Review ought to be universal. We should not willingly let pass any of the ways and dispensations of Providence towards us without a serious Remark. But as we cannot remember them all, we should take the more Care to retain the Impression of those that are more remarkable, as a testimony of our dutiful Acknowledgment of God, and our Dependence upon him in all our ways. For thus to think


and im. prove


ways of Providence, is a sign of a serious and devout Mind; as on the contrary, it is mentioned as a mark of a very stupid and ungrateful People, that they regard not the Work of the Lord, nor confider the Operation of bis Hands (a).

All the most extraordinary Providences of God then, whether affictive or merciful, temporal or spiritual, personal or family, private or publick, late, or long since past, are to be faithfully treasured up in our memory, and at certain times seriously reflected upon,

for the confirmation of our Hope and Faith, and Trust in God. This is the

Duty (a) Isai. v. 12.

SERM. Duty commanded the Ifraelites in the Text, XIII. and is of no less concern to us, whose state

in this world is so much like what theirs was in the Wilderness.

I. Then we should often call to mind God's afflicting and humbling Providences. Have we been afflicted in our Bodies ; let us remember how it was with us in our low Estate ; what thoughts we then had of our Souls and another World; what serious Im. pressions were made upon our minds, which we should endeavour to renew and retain. Let us consider with ourselves, what fruits of Righteoufness those Afflictions have wrought out for us; in what Instance or Degree they have been fanctified; how far the good Ends of them have been answered : For the greatest Affliction of all is to lose the Benefit of our Afflictions; to come out of the Furnace of AMiction unhumbled, unmortified, unrefined; which may justly provoke God to throw us into the fame again, and to make it fill seven times botter.

Again, have we been afflicted in our Spirits? By sore Temptations, grievous Dejections, fevere Conflicts with Sin and Satan, little Hopes, great Fears, dreadful Doubts,


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