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A, signifies on or in; as a-foot, a-shore, a-bed; that is, on foot, on shore, in bed. After, denotes posteriority of time; as, after-noon.

Be, signifies about; as, besprinkled, bestir. Be, also, seems to signify for or before; as, bespeak.

For, implies negation or privation; as
forbid, forsake,

Fore, signifies before; as foresee.
Gain, is a contraction of against; as gain-



A, ab, or abs, from; as, avert, to turn | Intro, within; as, introduce.


Juxta, nigh to; as, juxtaposition.
Ob, in the way of; as, obstruct.
Per, through; as, perforate.
Pos', after; as, postpone.
Pre, before; as, prefix.
Pro, instead of; as, pronoun.
Preter, beyond; as, preternatural.
Re, back; as replace.

Retro, backward; as, retrograde.
Se, aside; as, secede.
Sub, under; as, sublunary.
Super, above; as, superinduce.
Trans, across; as, transport.

Ad, to; as, adhere, to stick to.

Am, round about; as, ambition, literally,

a going round about.

Ante, before; as, antecedent.
Circum, round; as, circumnavigate.
Con, together; as, conjoin.
Contra, against; as, contradict.
De, down; as, destroy.
Di or dis, asunder; as, divert.
E or ex, out of; as, evolve.
Extra, beyond; as, extraordinary.
Im, in or into; as, inject.
Inter, between; as, interwoven.

| Mis, denotes ill, defect, or error; as mis-

Over, denotes superiority; as, overcame.
Out, signifies excess; as, ou do.
Un, before an adjective, denotes nega-

tion or privation; as, unworthy: before
verbs it denotes undoing; as, unsay.
With, signifies against; as, withstand:
from or back; as, withhold.
Under, implies inferiority; as, under-



A, without; as, anomalous.
Amphi, both, round; as, amphibious.
Ana, up, through; as, anatomy.
Anti, against; as, Antichrist.
Apo, from, away; as, apostate.
Cata, down; as catastrophe.
Dia, through; as, diagonal.

Epi, upon; as, epilogue.
Hyper, overmuch; as, hypercritical.
Hypo, under; as, hypocrite.
Meta, change; as, metamorphosis.
Para, near to; as, paraphrase.
Peri, round about; as, perimeter.
Syn, together; as, synod.

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Abba (Syriac), a father; as abbot, ab


Adamas (Gr.), a hard stone; as, aduman


denoting the thing; as, doer of



like, or Badly.
ward tending to Homeward.


ship dom






denoting full (Wealthy.
of, abounding Methodical,
in, or made Expensive.
of; as,


state of,

Annus, the year; as, annual.
Antiquus, ancient; as, antiquity.
Aptus, fit; as, to adapt.
Aqua, water; as, aqueous.
Arbiter, a judge; as, arbitrate.
Archè (Gr.), rule, sovereignty; as, hep-

Aër, air; as, aërial.
Aequus, equal; as, equality.
Aevum, an age; as. coeval.
Ager, a field; as, agriculture.
Agger, a heap; as, exaggerate.

Ardeo, I burn; as, ardent.

Argo, the famous ship that sailed for the
golden fleece; as, argosy.

Ago, I do; actus, dome; as, agent, re-act. Armo, arm; armatus, armed; as, ar-
Ala, a wing; as, aisle.
Alo, I nourish; as, aliment.
Alter, another; as, alternate.
Altus, high; as, exalt.
Amo, I love; as, amorous.
Angelos (Gr.), a messenger; as, angel.
Animus, the mind; as, unanimous.

mada, army.

Ars, artis, art; as, artifice.
Asper, rough; as, asperity.
Aster (Gr.), a star; as, astronomy.
Audeo, I dare; as, audacious.
Audio, I hear; as, auditory.
Augeo, I increase; as, augment.



Beatus, blessed; as, beatific.
Bene, well; as, benediction.
Beyond (Saxon), from be and
Biblos (Gr.), a book; as, bibliopole,



Bibo, I drink; as, wine-bibber.
Bios (Gr.), life; as, biography.
Bis, twice; as, biped.


Bapto (Gr.), I dip; as, baptism.
Baros, weight; as, barometer.
Battre (Fr.), to fight; as, combat.
Bayonet (from Bayonne, in France), a Despotes (Gr.), a master; as, despotism.

sort of sword.

Bonnet (Fr.), a covering for the head.
Bonus, good; as, bounty.
Brevis, short; as, brief.
Bussos (Gr.), bottom; as, abyss.


Cado, I fall; as cadence, casual.
Candeo, I am white; as, candid.
Cano, I sing; as, recant.
Canopus (Gr. Konops), a covering over

the head, as, canopy.
Capio, I take; as, captive.
Caput, the head; as, captain.
Caro, flesh; as, carnivorous.
Carus, dear, beloved; as, charity.
Carrus, a car; as, chariot.
Cavus, hollow; as, concave.
Cedo, I give place to; as, concede.
Celer, swift; as, celerity.

Centum, a hundred; as century, centu-

Clamo, I cry out; as, exclamation.
Claudo, I shut; as, exclude.
Coelum, heaven; as, celestial,
Cohors, a troop; as, cohort.
Colo, I cultivate; as, agriculture.
Comes, a companion; as, count, county.
Cor, the heart; as, courage, concord.
Corpus, the body; as, corporeal.
Couvre-feu (Fr.), to cover the fire; as,


Credo, I believe; as, credible, credit.
Crista, a plume of feathers; as, crest.
Crino, I see or I judge; as, descry,


Crudelis, cruel; as cruel.

Cubo, I lie or recline; as, incumbent.
Culpa, a fault; as, exculpate.
Curro, I run; cursus, a running; as, ex-



Daimon (Gr.), a devil; as, demoniac.
Debeo, I owe; as, debt, duty.
Debilis, weak; as, debility.
Decem, ten; as, December.

Decus, grace or beauty; as, decorate.
Deka (Gr.), ten; as, decade.
Deliciae, niceties: as, delicacy.
Demos, the people; as, democracy.
Dens, dentis, a tooth; as, dentist.


Deus, a god; as, deify.

Dexter, right-handed; as, dexterity.
Dico, I say; dictus, said; as, contra-


Dies, a day; as, diary: diurnus, daily,
hence the word journey, &c.
Dieu (Fr.), God; as, adieu.
Dignus, worthy; as, dignity, deign.
Doceo, I teach; as, docile.
Dominus, a master; as, predominate.
Domus, a house; as, domestic.
Drus (Gr.), an oak; as, druid.
Duco, I lead; ductus, led; as, conduce,

Duo, two; as, dual, duet.
Durus, hard; as, endure.
Dux, a leader; as, Duke.

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Fidelis, faithful; as, fidelity.

Horreo, I tremble; as, abhor.

Field (from the Saxon fell), to cut down; Hospes, hospitis, a guest; as, hospitable, felled-field.

Finis, an end; as, final.

Fligo, I dash; as, afflict.
Flos, floris, a flower; as, flourish.
Fluo, I flow; as, fluidity, flux.
Foedus, foederis, a treaty; as, federal,

Frater, a brother; as, fraternity.
Frustra, in vain; as, frustrate.
Fugio, I fly; as, fugitive.
Fulgeo, I shine; as, refulgent.
Fumus, smoke; as, fumigate, perfume.
Fundo, I pour out; fusus, poured out; as,
refund, confuse.

Furo, I rage; as, furious.

Folium, a leaf; as, foliage.


Forma, beauty; as, deformity.
Fortis, strong; as, fortitude.

Idem, the same; as, identity.

Frango, I break; fractus, broken; as, Idol (from Gr. eidos), form.

infringe, fraction.


Ge (Gr.), the earth; as, geography, geology.

Gelu, frost; as, congeal.
Genos (Gr.), kind, race; as, genealogy.
Gens, gentis, a nation; as, gentile.
Genus, race; as, degenerate, generous.
Gero, I carry; gestus, carried; as, vice-

gerent, digest.

Gigno, I beget; genitus, begotten; as, genial, progeny.

Glotta (Gr.), the tongue; as, polyglot. Gradior, I go; gressus, having gone; as, grade, congress.

Grapho (Gr.), I write; as, graphic, biography.

Gramma (Gr.), a letter; as, grammar.
Gratus, grateful; gratia, favour; as, gra-
titude, grace.

Gravis, heavy; as, grave, gravity.
Grex, gregis, a flock; as, congregate,

Gusto, I taste; as, disgust.


Hostis, an enemy; as, hostile, hostility.
Hudor, (Gr.), water; as, hydrogen.
Humanus, belonging to man; as human,

Halo, I breathe; as, exhale.
Hamlet (Sax.), hame--home.
Haurio, I draw; as, exhaust.
Heaven (Sax.), Heav-en, what is thrown

Humus, the ground; as, posthumous, exhume.


Helm (Sax.), a covering for the head.
Hemi (Gr.), half; as, hemisphere.
Hepta (Gr.), seven; as, heptarchy.

Imperium, command; as, imperial, imperative.

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Lex, legis, a law; as, legislator.
Liber, a book; as, library.
Liber, free; as, liberal, liberate.

Habeo, I have; habitus, had; as, habit, Licet, it is lawful; as, illicit.
Ligo, I bind; as, ligament, league.
Limes, limitis, a boundary; as, limit,


Hæreo, I stick; as, adhere.
Hæres, an heir; as, hereditary, inherit-


Lacer, torn; as, lacerate.
Lapis, lapidis, a stone; as, lapidary.
Lapsus, having slidden; as, relapse.
Lateo, I lie hid; as, latent.
Latus, broad; as, latitude, dilate.
Lego, I gather; lectus, gathered; as,
legible, collect.

Linquo, I leave; lictus, left; as, relin-
quish, relict.

Logos, description; as, mineralogy.
Loqui, to speak; locutus, having spoken;
as, loquacious, elocution.
Lumen, luminis, light; as, illuminate.
Luna, the moon; as, lunatic.
Lux, lucis, light; as, lucid.
Luxo, I loosen; as, luxurious.



Magnus, great; as, magnitude, magnifi


Majestas, greatness; as, majesty.
Makros (Gr.), long; as, macrocosm.
Malè, wickedly; as, malediction.
Mando, I bid; as, mandate.
Mare, the sea; as, mariner.
Mars, Martis, the God of war; hence,

[blocks in formation]

Omnis, all; as, omnipotent.

Opes, wealth; as, opulent.

Opto, I wish; as, option, optimism.
Opus, operis, a work; as, operation.
Oriens, the east; as, Orient.
Orphanos (Gr.), deprived; as, orphan.
Oro, I beg; as, adore, inexorable.


Pando, I stretch; as, expand.
Pario, I bring forth; as, parent.
Pastor, a shepherd; as, pastoral.
Pater, a father; as, paternal.
Pathos, feeling; as, sympathy, apathy.
Patior, I suffer; as, patient, patience.
Patria, one's native country; as, patriot.
Pello, I drive; as, expel, appeal,
Pendo, I hang; pensus, hung; as, pen-
dulum, pensive.

Porto, I carry; as, export, portable.
Posterus, behind; as, posterity.

Primus, first; as, primary, primrose. Princeps, the chief; as prince, principal. as; Privilegium, exemption from any duty; as,



Pene, almost; as, peninsula. Peto, I ask; petitum, asked; as, repeat, petition.

Phemi (Gr.), to speak; as, prophet.
Pilgrim (Fr. pelerin), a wanderer.
Plenus, full; as, plenitude.
Pleo, I fill; as, complete.
Pluma, a feather; as, plumed.
Poetes (Gr.), a maker or creator; as,
poet, poetical.

Pompe (Gr.), a grand procession; as, pompous.

Pono, I place; positus, placed; as, depone, position.

Pondus, ponderis, a weight; as, ponderous.

Proximus, next; as proximity.

Punctum, a point; as, puncture, punctuation.

Pyr (Gr.), fire; as, pyrometer, empy



Quæro, I ask; quæsitus, sought; as, inquire, inquisitive.

Qualis, such; as, quality.

Queror, I complain; as, querulous.



Odè (Gr.), song; as, ode, melody.
Odor, smell; as, odoriferous.
Oikos (Gr.), a house; as, economy,

Omen, a token of good or bad luck; as, Rex, regis, a king; as, regal.


Radius, a ray; as, radiate.
Rapio, I seize; as, rapture.

Rego, I rule; rectus, ruled; as, rector, regent.

Rène (Fr.), the strap of a bridle; as,


Requiem, the accusative of a Latin noun, signifying rest.

Rivus, a river; as, rivulet, derivation. Rumpo, I break; ruptus, broken; as, disruption, rout.

Rus, ruris, the country; as rustic, rural.

S. Sacer, sacred; as, sacrifice. Sagax, wise; as, sage, sagacity.

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