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Sons of the clergy, origin of the society for iv 166
Spanish invasion i 483

Spanish match ii 156 Articles of it, ib. Broken off 161
Spanish Plate fleet taken iv 174 Another destroyed 198
Sparke Dr. his part in the conference at Lambeth i 422
Speeches of James I. to his parliament ii 51 101 149 160 Of bishop
Rudd, about the cross in baptism, and in favor of the puritans 54-
Speech against bishops and their courts 99 Speeches in parliament
212 &c. 375 390 422 &c. 455 456 &c. 471 Of King Charles I. at
dissolving his third parliament 217 In favor of the hierarchy 421
Spiritual Courts, on what ground their authority now stands, and how
limited i 62 63 Objections of the puritans against them 257 Their
extortion and rigorous proceedings 275 327 Debates in parliament
about them 511 554 556 Prohibitions to stop proceedings in them

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554 555

Spratt's history of the Rye-House plot v 88 n.

Spurstow Dr. some account of iii 142

Spurstow Sir William, his death and character iv 449
Squire Rev. Mr. his case iii 54

Standing Army, origin of iv 344 n. James's v 165 Mr. Johnson's
letter to them, ib New-modelled by the admission of papists 186
Star-Chamber court, an account of it i 503 A great grievance 504-

Account of it ii 180 Act for abolishing it 470

Statutes of Oxford iii 216 217

Staunton Dr. some account of iii 459 His death &e, iv 489 and n.
Stay against Straying, the last work of Mr. J. Ball ii 365
Stern Dr. some account of iii 137

Sternhold and Hopkins's obsolete version of the psalms complained of
by the assembly of divines, and Rouse's version adopted by both
houses of parliament iii 317

Stilling fleet's Irenicum, extracts from it iv 350 On his change of sen-
timents 358 n. Writes against dissenters v 70 Various answers
to him ib.

Stordy Thomas, history of v 247

Strafford, earl of, advises a second war with the Scots ii 338 His im-
peachment and trial 437 His execution and character 440 Sever-
al speeches against him 441


Stretten Mr. R. his sufferings
Strickland Mr. forbid the house of commons by the queen i 283
Stringer Dr. an account of iii 453

Strong Mr. William, his death, &c. iv 151 His body dug up 388
Stroud Mr. his sufferings i 309 His farther troubles, and petitions in

his favor 355 356

Strype Mr. his errors in the memorials of archbishop Cranmer p 94 in
editor's advertisement prefixed to vol in.

Stubbs Mr. writes against the queen's designed French match, for

which his right hand was cut off i 371

Stuarts, character of the house of ii 27 End of the male line of v 212
Subscriptions to human forms, the unreasonableness of imposing them,
and the difficulties the clergy labor under therefrom i 386 887-See

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Articles. Form of subscription for the clergy and laity 326 327 -
Subscription required by Whitgift 396 His reasons for it 401 Sub-
seription required of the clergy ii 61 71 Numbers that refuse 67
Lincolnshire ministers' reasons against it 78 Occasions a second
separation 84

Succession and supremacy, the oath of i 63 Uninterrupted succession
of the bishops maintained ii 314

Sufferings of Christ, dispute about the nature of them i 549
Suffolk men, how treated by queen Mary i 128

Supplication of the puritans to the parliament, with their survey and
bill annexed i 460 &c.-See Petitions.

Supplication of the Beggars, a book i 64

Surplice.-See Habits.-Puritans' objections to it ii 79 81
Supremacy, act of i 59 Oath administered 63 Executions for refusing
it 71 78 It may as well be prejudicial as serviceable to religion
Powers vested
125 An act for restoring it under Elizabeth 166
in the crown thereby 168 &c. An act to confirm it 206 Puritans'
sentiments about it 508 Protestation about it ii 90 Reasons for

amending the act 103
Survey of the state of the church, as to its ministers, in the years

1585 1586 i 464 465 475

Suspension from the sacrament, debates about it iii 292 Ordinance for
In case of scandal

it 294 Rules for it in case of ignorance 295
ib. Provisos in the ordinance about it 296
Swaffield Mr. J. of Salisbury, his sufferings v 29
Switzerland &c, entertain with great humanity the early reformers of
England, who fled from the cruel persecutions of Queen Mary volí
preface p 4

Swinton Mr. some account of v 255 256 n.

Symmonds Rev. Mr. of Essex, his case iii 53 Vindicates himself in a
pamphlet 54

Sympson Rev. S. removes to Holland ii 343 His death &c. iv 230
Syndercombe's plot iv 173

Synod of Dort ii 129 &c. Oath 131 Conclusion, and behavior of the
remonstrants 134 And of the English divines 135 Censures on the
synod, ib. Farther account of it 171 173 Debates about the sub-
ordination of synods iii 289

Synods of the puritans, conclusions in them i 351 377 503 509 516-
See Classes.

Synopsis Criticorum, 5 vols folio, by Pool, some account of v 60 and
n. His commentary &c. v 61


Tables ordered in the room of altars i 107

Tuble-talk, by Selden, the edition of 1777 quoted iii 82 n. 122 n.

Tarente prince of, Cromwell's letter to him iv 147

Taxes, grievous ones on the people iii 48

Taylor Dr. his martyrdom i 189 He derided the popish garments 218

Taylor Mr. Francis, his death, &c. iv 294 295 n. His valuable
works ib.

Taylor Thomas, memoirs of v 246

Temple Sir William, sent to Holland, and concludes a triple alliance

iv 457

Templers received the sacrament sitting i 439
Test-Act quoted vol, i preface p 7
hardship ii preface 11 12
Test-Act brought into the house v 23
al assent 24 The act itself ib.
taking it off 221

Testimonials to ministers, copies of iv 106
Thacker Mr. executed i 389

Theodosius's law, an usurpation on conscience i 87

Theses Martinianæ, a satirical work, published in 1589 i 488
Thirty-nine Articles.-See Articles.

Thomas Mr. serjeant, his speech against the bishops ii 423 Against
deans and chapters 456

Original design of it ib. Its

Debated ib. Receives the roy-
Remarks 25 King William for

Thompson Mr. John, his sufferings iv 568

Tillotson archbishop, his sermon quoted vol. i preface p 10 Anecdote
relating to this quotation 10 n. Remarks on a passage of his re-
flecting on the dissenters 185 Some account of iv 292 594 His
answer to archbishop Sheldon 485 n.

Timothy and Titus not called bishops in the Alexandrian copy of the

bible ii 411 n.

Titchbourne alderman, one of the lay commissioners for the approba-

tion of ministers iv 126

Tithes, Mr. Selden's history of, an account of ii 138 and n. Petitions
against tithes iv 86 Mr. Boreman maintains their divine right in a
treatise ib.

Titles of pamphlets, several for and against episcopacy ii 404 405
Of several, against visitors of the university of Oxford iii 444 445
For and against king Charles's death 529 530 535 In favor of lib-
erty iv 209 210 211 515 Controversial v 113 114 &c.
Toleration, proposals for it by the independents iii 308 The presby-
terians' answer to them 309 Independents' reply ib. Presbyteri-
ans' second reply 310 Independents' second reply 311 Conelu-
sion of the presbyterians ib. Conclusion of the independents 312
Remarks ib. Debates about toleration 313 The Scots declare
against it 314 Independents for a limited one 315 Defence of a
general one, in answer to the reasons of the London clergy ib. Pres
byterians' remonstrance against toleration 328 Seconded by the
Scots 329 London ministers declare against it 386 Petitioned for
by Cromwell and his army iv 32 Debates on the reasonableness of
toleration 463 Attempted in parliament, and the duke of Buching-
ham's speech for it 573 Act of toleration brought in and passed v
222 and n.-See the act, appendix, No. XIII. Reflections on this
act, &c. 260 261, &c.

Tombes Mr. some account of, iii 176 His death, &c. v 44 45 423


Tompkins Mr. Martin, an account of his works p 14 of Neal's me-
moirs, prefixed to vol. in. The affair between Mr. Asty and him
discussed vol. ii advertisement p 4

Tomkins's plot iii 46

Tonnage and poundage ii 216 218

Tonstal bishop, deprived i 118 Restored 128 Deprived again 180
Tories, account of them v 64 King William made uneasy by them
V 233 Their conduct to the dissenters since the revolution 234
Towle Rev. Thomas, his request to the editor, respecting an assertion
relative to Mr. Asty, replied to vol. ii advertisement p 4
Tracts in three vols. folio against popery, noticed v 152 and n.
Travers Mr. testimonial of his ordination at Antwerp i 364
cerned in the Lambeth conference 422 His troubles 438 Suspend-
ed 455 Supplicates the council ib. Hooker's answer to it 457 He

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is silenced for life 458
Travis Rebecca, a rational and virtuous woman, some account of v

258 259

Treaty of Rippon ii 364 Of Newport iii 488 Parliament's propos-
als, and the king's reply 489 490 Conference between the king and
the parliament divines about episcopacy 492 King's final conces-
sions 500, &c. Remarks 505 Conclusion of the treaty 508 Trea-
ty of Oxford iii 36 &c. Broke off 43 Of Uxbridge 256 The con-
missioners 258 Treaty begins ib. Debates about the militia 260
About Ireland ib. About religion 261 Breaks off, and the reasons
270 Remarks 271
Trigg Hannah, her sufferings iv 530 531
Trigland Dr. the Dutch minister at the Hague written to by Dr. Mor-
ley, to prove the king's stedfastness in the reformed faith iv 258
Tryers appointed for the approbation of ministers iv 127 Their
names and instructions ib. Remarks 128 Copy of their presenta-
tion 129 Complaints and objections to them ib. and 130 Their
proceedings 131 Remarks, with Mr. Baxter's opinion of them
132 Of their admission of Mr. Tombes, and acknowledgment of
the baptists v 123

Tuckney Dr. some account of, iii 141 His death, &e. iv 41 and n.
Tumults about the parliament-house ii 518 And in the city 519 At-
tempts to suppress them 520

Turner Dr. some account of iii 454

Tutchin Mr. sentenced to such whipping that he petitions to be hang-
ed v 147

Twisse Dr. prolocutor to the assembly of divines iii 77 His death
and character 373

Tyndal's translation of the new testament i 64 Of the whole bible,
67 68 He suffers martyrdom ib. ii 112


Vacancies in the university of Oxford filled up iii 463

Valentine Mr. committed with others to the Tower ii 216 Their sea-
tences 217

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Van Paris George, burnt for a heretic i 103 His character ib.
Vane Sir H. sen. his character ii 373 Sir H. Vane, jun. his speech in
parliament 422 His trial iv. 393 His execution and behavior on
the scaffold 394
Vanists, a sect of people during the parliament times, of a short du-
ration iii 369

Varie Lectiones, an unfinished pamphlet against the church, seized
with many others i 489

Vassal Mr. and other merchants, have their goods seized ii 215
Vaughan bishop translated to London, and his answer to the French
and Dutch churches ii 62

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Vaughan Sir J. his character and conduct iv 478 n.

Vaux Guy, his plot discovered ii 75 His lantern taken by Mr. Hey-
wood, and preserved at Oxford 433

Venables and Penn take Jamaica iv 156
Venner's insurrection iv 343

Vestments of the priests-see Habits.
Vezey bishop resigns i 115

Vexatious citations, canon about them ii 361

Vincent Mr. Thomas, his death, &c. v 56 57 n 87

Vices, ordinances against iv 52 53 Increase after the restoration 330
Vickris Richard, his case v 133

View of Public Wants and Disorders, &c. a book written by Mr. Pen-
ry in 1588 i 528

Villiers Barbara, Charles II. spends on her most of the money that
the sale of Dunkirk produced iv 393 n.

Vines Dr. some account of iii 139 iv 153 154 n.

Vindication of the Presbyterian Government and Ministry, some re-
marks on this work iii 313 n.

Virginia, a bishop designated for it v 112

Visitation Royal, in Edward VIth's time, for promoting the reforma-
tion i 90 To examine the church plate, &c. 119 Another in
Queen Elizabeth's reign 186 190

Vitalian pope, first introduced music and chaunting of prayers into the
church A. D. 666 iii 219

Voltaire censured i 181 n.

Vorstius, his opinions, and James Ist's zeal against him ii 116 117

and n.

Votes of no more addresses to the king iii 364 Reyoked 476 Re-
sumed 515

Vowel and Gerhard executed iv 115 and n


Udal Mr. his examination about writing the Demonstration of Disci-
pline, &c. i 492 His imprisonment in the gate-house 494 His trial
ib. He is convicted 496 The judges offer him a submission,
which he refuses, but offers one of his own 497 His petitions, ib.
His reasons for arrest of judgment 498 His sentence 500 His con-
fession of faith ib. Petitions to be banished 501 His death in
prison, and character ib.

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