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What suitors for justice he'd keep in,

He had pledged a hate unto me and mine, Or what suitors for freedom he'd shut out- He had left to the future nor hope nor choice,

But seal'd that hate with a name divine, “Who, a clog for ever on Truth's advance,

And he now was dead, and I could n't rejoice! Stifles her (like the Old Man of the Sea Round Sinbad's neck,') nor leaves a chance He had fann'd afresh the burning brands Of shaking him off—is 't he ? is 't he ?"

Of a bigotry waxing cold and dim; Ghastly my grim tormentors smiled,

He had arm'd anew my torturers' hands, And thursting me back to my den of woe,

And them did I curse—but sigh'd for him. With a laughter even more fierce and wild

For his was the error of head, not heart, Than their funeral howling, answer'd, “No."

And-oh, how beyond the ambush'd foe,
But the cry still pierced my prison gate,

Who to enmity adds the traitor's part,
And again I ask'd, “What scourge is gone? And carries a smile, with a curse below!
Is it he-that Chief, so coldly great,
Whom Fame unwillingly shines upon-

If ever a heart made bright amends

For the fatal fault of an erring head-
“ Whose name is one of th' ill omen'd words Go, learn his fame from the lips of friends,
They link with hate on his native plains ;

In the orphan's tear be his glory read.
And why ?--they lent him hearts and swords,
And he gave, in return, scoffs and chains ! A prince without pride, a man without guile,

To the last unchanging, warm, sincere, * Is it he? is it he ?" I loud inquired,

For worth he had ever a hand and smile,
When, hark !—there sounded a royal knell;

And for misery ever his purse and tear.
And I knew what spirit had just expired,
And, slave as I was, my triumph fell.

Touch'd to the heart by that solemn toll, 1 “You fell," said they, " into the hands of the old man

I calmly sunk in my chains again; of the sea, and are the first who ever escaped strangling by While, still as I said, “Heaven rest his soul!" his malicious tricks."-Story of Sinbad.

My mates of the dungeon sigh'd, “ Amen!"



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