Venus and Furs: The Cultural Politics of Fur

I.B.Tauris, 1997 - 249 sider
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Fur has been sparking controversies ever since sumptuary laws marked it as a luxury item and as a sign of medieval class privilege. Drawing on wide-ranging historical and contemporary sources, Julia V. Emberley explains how a material good has become both a symbol of wealth and sexuality, and a symptom of class, gender, and imperial antagonisms. Emberley documents the 1980s confrontations between animal rights activists and native peoples that pitted Lynx, the organization responsible for the high-profile anti-fur ads in Great Britain, against Inuit and Dene societies' claims for a livelihood based on the selling and trading, consumption and production of animal fur.

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The cultural politics of fur

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In this well-written treatise, Emberley (women's and gender studies, Univ. of Northern British Columbia) views fur through widely disparate lenses. In the case of the animal rights movement, fur is ... Læs hele anmeldelsen


Simulated Politics
The Sumptuous Details of History
The Masochists Gift
The Fecundity of Fur
How to Misread Fashion
Furs in Disguise

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