Narrative of a voyage to the southern Atlantic ocean, in the years 1828,29,30, performed in h.m. sloop Chanticleer, Bind 1


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Side 310 - From the foregoing statements it may be safely inferred that " the mean height of the barometer at the level of the sea being the same in every part of the globe...
Side 120 - Fancy follow'd with immortal force ? There's not a blossom fondled by the breeze, There's not a fruit that beautifies the trees, There's not a particle in sea or air, But nature owns thy plastic influence there ! With fearful gaze, still be it mine to see How all is fill'd and vivified by Thee ; Upon thy mirror, earth's majestic view, To paint Thy Presence, and to feel it too.
Side 225 - At Lisboa's court they told their dread escape, And from her raging tempests, named the Cape. Thou southmost Point, the joyful king exclaimed, Cape of Good Hope be thou for ever named.
Side 133 - We had frequent occasion, in our walks on shore, to remark the deception which takes place in estimating the distance and magnitude of objects, when viewed over an unvaried surface of snow. It was not uncommon for us to direct our steps towards what we took to be a large mass of stone, at the distance of half a mile from us, but which we were able to take up in our hands after one minute's walk. This was more particularly the case when ascending the brow of a hill.
Side 81 - The southern wind now ceases, and is followed by variable winds from the northward. Heavy clouds are thus brought over; and lightning, accompanied by thunder, follows in a most terrific manner. The wind veers gradually to the westward in violent gusts, the lightning becomes more vivid, and the thunder more awful; a gale of wind follows from the SW more violent, but of short duration, and fine weather ensues.
Side 108 - I have seen two from which might be produced a tun of oil; but after a residence of three months on the land without food, they become, as might be expected, very lean and emaciated. About the middle of December, their young being old enough to take the water, the whole breeding herd leave the shore, to follow where instinct leads among the hidden recesses of the deep. About the first of January the brood of the previous year come on shore to renew their coats ; and in the middle of February the...
Side 309 - Shetland, scarcely ever reaches 30 inches, and the mean of the year is 29'3 or 29 4 inches ; so that the mean state of the barometer at Cape Horn is absolutely under its lowest state at the Cape of Good Hope. And the average difference between the atmospheric pressure of Cape Horn and that of the Cape of Good Hope is nearly one inch of the barometer, or one-thirtieth part of the pressure of the whole atmosphere. But the same thing precisely occurs within a much smaller space than that between the...
Side 101 - May, and there wait the arrival of the females, which happens about the first of December. This of course is an annual assignation, and occurs as regularly as the migration of our northern shad from the ocean to the fresh-water rivers, for purposes perfectly analogous. As soon as the female seal makes her appearance at the edge of the beach, one of the most gallant of the males immediately takes her under his protection.
Side 106 - When excited, their motions are very quick,—like the flash of a gun on touching the match : hence the name of clap-match which sailors apply to the female. In retreat or pursuit, their speed is nearly equal to that of a man, and much swifter on the rocks than could be anticipated from their appearance. " About the latter end of February the dogseals go on shore: these are the young male seals of the two preceding years; but owing to their youth and inexperience, are not yet allowed to attend the...
Side 82 - ... lightning is beautifully coloured, presenting the hues of orange, violet, and pink. Mr. Webster adds, " I have also witnessed at Monte- Video very remarkable instances of electric light, playing like the aurora borealis, at an altitude of 20° above the horizon. One evening, October 4th, I observed an arc of light which remained permanent, with a tremulous motion, for the space of twenty minutes; a strong gale of wind was blowing at the time : it was of a pale yellow colour, and flashes of lightning...

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