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CAP. 24.

[1424, cap. 45.]

ANENT billis of complayntis gif thar be ony pur creatur that for defalt of cunnyng or dispense can nocht or may nocht folow his cause the king for the lufe of god sall ordaine that the Juge befor quham the cause suld be determyt purvay and get a lele and a wyse aduocate to folow sic pur creaturis cause And gif sic cause be obtenyt the wrangar sall assyth bath the party scathit and the aduocatis costis and trauale.

[In part rep., 6 Ed. 7 c. 38 (S.L.R.).]


CAP. 3.

[1425, cap. 48.] UNDIR qubat lawis the kingis liegis salbe governyt ITEM It is ordanit be the king with the consent and deliuerance of the thre estatis that all and sindry the kingis liegis of the realme leif and be gouernyt vndir the kingis lawis and statutis of this realme alanerly and undir na particulair lawis. na speciale priualegis na be na lawis of vthir cuntreis nor realmis


CAP. 8.

[1426, cap. 88.] DE causis mercatorum extra regnum decedencium tractandis ITEM Eodem die Rex ex deliberacione trium Statuum in parliamento congregatorum decreuerunt quod cause omnium mercatorum et incolarum Regnj Scocie in. Zelandia flandria vel alibj extra Regnum decedencium quj se causa marcandizarum suarum peregrinacionis vel aliqua quacunque causa dummodo non causa morandi extra Regnum se transtulerunt debent tractarj coram suis ordinariis Infra Regnum a quibus sua testamenta confirmantur non obstante quod quedam ex bonis huiusmodi decedencium tempore suj obitus fuerint In Anglia vel in partibus transmarinis


CAP. 3.

[1429, cap. 113.]

ANENT excepcionis agane the kingis breifis ITEM It is statute and ordanit that fra thinfurth thare sal nane excepcioune avalye agayn the kingis breifis quhether thai be lang writtyn or schorte swa that thai halde the forme of the breif statute in the law of befoir congruit and be nocht rasit na blobit in suspect placis that is to say in the name or in the surname of the folowar or of the defendar and the name of the lande or of the cause apoun the quhilk the breif is purchest or in the dait thairof

CAP. 20.

[1429, cap. 129.] OF soverte askit be ony of the kingis liegis that hes doute of his life ITEM It is statute ande ordanit that gif ony of the kingis liegis haf ony doute of his life outhir be dede or manance or violent presumpcioun ande he ask souerte of thaim that he doutis the schiref sal tak souerte of the party that the complante is maid apoun sa that the party playntife mak prufe of the dede or of manance or of the violent presumpcioun maid or done till hym be his athe or uthir sufficiande prufe

[In part rep., 6 Ed. 7 c. 38 (S.L.R.).]



CAP. 6.

[1449, cap. 18.]

OF takis of landis for termes ITEM It is ordanit for the sauftie and fauour of the pure pepil that labouris the grunde that thai and al vthiris that has takyn or sal tak landis in tym to cum fra lordis and has termes and yeris thereof that suppose the lordis sel or analy thai landis that the takaris sall remayn with thare takis on to the ische of thare termes quhais handis at euir thai landis cum to for sic lik male as thai tuk thaim of befoir .

[In part rep., 6 Ed. 7 c. 38 (S.L.R.).]



CAP. 3.

(1469, cap. 27.]
TUICHING the new Inventionis of selling of landis be chartir

and sesing and takin again of reversions ITEM As tuiching the new Inuentionis of selling of landis be chartir and sesing and takin again of Reuersionis And It happin the byare to sell again the samyn land to ane vthir persone It is now sene expedient in this present parliament and according to law and conscience that the sellare sall baue Recourse to the samyn landis sauld be him vnder lettre of Reuersione to quhatsumeuir bandis the said lettre cummys payand the mone and schawand the Reuersione and baue sic priuelege and fredome aganis the personis that haldis the said landis as he suld haue again the principale first byare.

[In part rep., 6 Ed. 7 c. 38 (S.L.R.).]

CAP. 4.

[1469, cap. 28.)
ANENT the prescriptioun of obligationis nocht folowit within

the space of fourty yeris ITEM As anentis obligationis that salbe folowit in tyme cummyn except thame that ar dependand in the law befoir the makin of this Act It is avisit that the partij to quham the obligatione is maid or that has Interess therein sall folow the said obliga within the space of fourty yeris and tak document thairupone And gif he dois nocht It sall prescrife and be of nain avail the said fourtj yeir beand Ronnyng and vnpersewit be the law

CAP. 12.

[1469, cap. 36.] ANENT the distrenying of tenandis for the lordis dettis ITEM To eschow the gret herschip and distructionis of the kingis commonis malaris and Inhabitaris lordis landis throw the force of the brefe of distres that quhare ony sovmes ar optenit be virtu of the said brefe vpoun the lord Awnare of the ground that the gudis and catal of the pure mennis Inhabitaris of the ground ar takin and distrenyeit for the lordis dettis quhare the malis extendis nocht to the avail of the det It Is avisit and ordanit in this present parliament that fra hyne furth the pure tenandis sal nocht be distrenyit for the lordis dettis forthir than his termes mail extendis . . . . And gif the creditour takkis the termes mail be virtu of the brefe of distres It sall nocht be leful to the lorde to tak It again ... And als the Oure lorde sall Ressaue the creditoure or ony vthir byar tennande to bim thai payande to the Oure lorde a yeris mail as the lande Is set for the tyme .

[In part rep., 6 Ed. 7 c. 38 (S.L.R.).]


CAP. 6.

[1474, cap. 51.] ANENT the breif of tutorie

ITEM It is statute and ordanit anent the breif of tutorie that it be vnderstandin in tyme to cum that he that is nerrest agnet and of xxv yeiris of age fulfilling the laif of the poyntis of the breif salbe lauchfull tutour suppois the childe that happynnis to be in tutory haif ane yonger brother or sister nochtwithstanding that the agnet is nocht immediate to succeid to the childe be cause of yonger breder and sisteris

CAP. 9.

[1474, cap. 54.]

ANENTIS the Act of prescripcione of obligacionis ITEM Anentis the act maide of befor of prescripcione of obligacionis it is ordanit to be wnderstandin in this wise that all aulde obligacionis maid of befor that is eldar than the dait of xl yeris nocht dependande in the lawe in the tyme of the making of the saide actis salbe prescrivit and of na strenthe and in lik wise in tyme to cum all obligacionis maid or to be maide that beis nocht folowyt within xl yeris sall prescrive and be of na awaill


CAP. 6.

[1477, cap. 73.] For observing of the act anent the cruvis sett in watteris ITEM It is statut and ordanit that the Act maid of befoir be king James the first anent the cruvis sett in watteris be obseruit and kepit the qubilk beris in effect that all cruvis set in wateris qubare the seye fillis and ebbis the quhilk distrois the fry of all fischis be put away and distroit for euermare Nochtwithstanding all fredome or priuilegis gevin In the contrare . . . . And that thai that has crufis in fresche wateris that thai ger kepe the lawis anent the setterdais slop And suffer thaim nocht to stand in forbodin tyme . . . . And that Ilk hek of the said crufis be thre Inche wyde as the auld statut Requiris maid be king dauid .

[In part rep., 6 Ed. 7 c. 38 (S.L.R.).]

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