Journal of the American Geographical and Statistical Society, Bind 1

John H. Schultz & Company, 1859

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Side 204 - N-, and long. 99° 27' W., we came to a large boat, discovered by Lieutenant Hobson a few days previously, as his notice informed me. It appears that this boat had been intended for the ascent of the Fish River, but was abandoned apparently upon a return journey to the ships, the sledge upon which she was mounted being pointed in that direction. She...
Side 139 - In the mean time it is the total result of the nautical, geographical and astronomical evidences in the original documents, which places the situation of the countries discovered beyond all doubt. The number of days' sail between the several newly-found lands, the striking description of the coasts, especially the white sand-banks of Nova Scotia and the long beaches and downs of a peculiar appearance on Cape Cod (the KIALARNES and FCRDÜ8TRANDIR of the Northmen) are not to be mistaken.
Side 215 - In these mountain formations, which border the great plains on the west, are to be found beautiful flowing streams, and small rich valleys covered over with fine grass for hay, and susceptible of cultivation by means of irrigation. Fine timber for fuel and lumber, limestone and good stone for building purposes are here abundant. Gold has been found in places in valuable quantities, and without doubt the more common and useful minerals will be discovered when more minute examinations are made.
Side 64 - For my part, I cannot but laugh when I see numbers of persons drawing maps of the world without having any reason to guide them; making, as they do, the ocean-stream to run all round the earth, and the earth itself to be an exact circle, as if described by a pair of compasses, with Europe and Asia just of the same size.
Side 240 - Britain, the people of the former had the right to take fish on the Grand Bank, and all other banks of Newfoundland ; in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and all other places in the sea, where the inhabitants of both countries had been used...
Side 159 - Burislav and Vartislav ; the whole of one Saga is devoted to this Eymund. Saint Olaf was intimately connected with the Russian court, and his son Magnus the Good, afterwards King of Norway and Denmark, spent there a good part of his youth. Together with Rognvald Brusason, at a later period Earl of the Orkneys...
Side 138 - American lands, after visited and named by his countrymen. In order to examine these countries more narrowly, Leif the Fortunate, son of Erik the Red, undertook a voyage of discovery thither in the year 1000. He landed on the shores described by Biarne, detailed the character of these lands more exactly, and gave them names according to their appearance.
Side 17 - The recent transfer of the government of India from the East India Company to the crown did not change the political subdivisions of the country.
Side 202 - August, examined into supplies remaining at Port Leopold, and left there a whale boat which we brought away from Cape Hotham for the purpose, so as to aid us in our retreat should we be obliged eventually to abandon the Fox. The steam launch had been forced higher up on the beach, and somewhat damaged by the ice. Prince...
Side 63 - He expressed a particular enthusiasm with respect to visiting the wall of China. I catched it for the moment, and said I really believed I should go and see the wall of China had I not children, of whom it was my duty to take care. " Sir (said he), by doing so, you would do what would be of importance in raising your children to eminence.

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