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the murderer during the night, intestines had protruded. This but unfortunately did not come up wound would have been mortal in with him. Friday an inquest was most cases, from the subsequent held by Dr. Blackwell, one of the inflammation, but was not consicoroners of the county, and a ver- dered so in the present instance, dict of wilful murder found against ouing to the profuse discharge of persons unknown.

blood. On dissection after death, 13. Coroner's Inquest on the late by order of the coroner, the bladJohn Harriott, Esq. of the Thames der was found highly ulcerated, Police Office. An inquest was held and filled with congulated blood, before J. W.U'nwin, Esq. one of which, by the able practitioners the coroners for Middlesex, on who attended, was considered as the body of this lamented and re the immediate cause of death. spected magistrate, of which the Ji was proved, that during the following are the leading facts and last fortnight, the faculties of the circumstances :

deceased were greatly impaireil, Mr. Harriot for nine months and his mind overcome by dejecpast had been afflicted with a dis. tion, from a continued series of ense in the bladder, which sub- pain and suffering. jected him to continual paroxysms

The coroner called the attention of excruciating pain, often atienil- of the jury, in the first place, to eil with profuse hemorrhage. On the statement which had been Friday morning last, about four given as to the situation of the deo'clock, his medical attendant (Mr. ceased's mind and understanding, Holloway) was sent for, who and left it to them to decide, whe. found hiin in such exquisite pain, ther he had contributed to his that the decea-ed requested this own death, or had come to his gentleman to relieve him at all end by na:ural means from the evenis, even if the means should effect of lis complaint.-Verdict, terminate in death. Mr. Harriott Natural Death. was then placed in a warm bath. 20. The number of resuels At eight o'clock the same morning which entered the port of Hamthis gentleman was aguin sent burgh in the course of last year for; he found Mr. Ilarriott bleed. amounted to 1,615 ; of these 7012 ing from several self-intlicted were from England, 84 from wound, in ditlerent parts of his France, 3 froin the East Indies, body. On the left temple was a 37 from the West Indies, 40 from slight wound, which had divided North America, 9 froin South a branch of the temporal artery. Ainerica, &c. The number of In the left arm, below the elbow, ships which passed the Sound was another wound, about two during the same period was 8,871; inches long, and about the fourth of these 1,818 were British the of an inch deep. The veins only Swedish were nere in point of of the arm were injured, and the numbers, the French only 16, the artery untouched. The last, and Americans 168. most serious wound, was in 21. The eliler Watson kas pat the abdoipen, over the stomach, upon his trial at the Old Barley, through which a portion of the upon the charge of having salbed


Jl Rhodes with a sword con. Wednesday morning, about one craind in a stick; when it appear. o'clock, the Leicester cavalry, and ? that Rhodes was not able to a regiment of dragoons, wrru ***1 tbat the wound was inflicted called out to quell a riot at Oadby,

rn, but rather in a noctur- near Leicester. There were about Sufle, Watson was brought in 400 rioters, who dispersed them

selves after three of the leaders The grand jury afterwards re were secured : these have since --od a true bill against James been sent to the gaol of the latter

La the elder, Jobin Hooper, place. Several corn and hay1:Presiun, and Thomas stacks were set on fire, but were (Han, on a charge of con- extinguished by the military. 27 and riot.

Her Royal Highness the Duchess # Ite following letter has of C'uniberland having been for s knt by the Secretary of some time past in daily expecta

Se the llome Department to tion of giving birth to a child, Lyr!, Lieutenants of several the two physicians, Sir Henry

Halford and Dr. Clarke (the latter Whitehall, Jan. 11. of whom is an eminent accoucheur) M. Land-It being deemed ex- have been constant attendants goed, under present circum- upon her Royal Highness. Jo cere,that the chil power should compliance also with the formality

Sethened in the county maintained at a royal birth, the 1537 sur grace's charge, I have Archbishop of Canterbury and the 19 sentyment that you will recom. Bishop of London have remained

to the magistrates in the in town, that they might, when :: al bwns within the same called upon, be present at the sich the measure is not al. shortest notice. The proper aras mopted, to encourage the rangements being thus seitled, it

sort of respectable house was announced yesterday morning m, to act, as occa inn may between nine and ten o'clock, that

e, as special constables, for her Royal Highness was taken in

v pond of tine, nee less labour. Summonses were pretan tire months; and I have sently forwarried to the Archbishop

* to request that your grace of Canterbury, the Bishop of Lonmunicate to the cominand don, the Lord Chancellor, and the

2.-13 of the several yeomanry rest of the Cabinet Minister'. tr><thin the county of Leices. The Duke of Cumberland sent his per te wishof his Majesty's gn. own chariot for the Lord Chancel.

So-, that they would hold lor; and here some delay was, and the corp under occasioned by the coachman driv. tr: redire commands, in a ing to Bedford-square, instead of r** s preparation to afford the Court of Chancery, where the

* 348. slance to the civil au- learned lord was of course sitting. ., in case of necessity. it being term-time. In the mean1 bare, &c.

SINHOLTH. while, the Archbishop of Canter :12Lrutenant of the bury, who had hepe a carriage in +9y! Le cesier.

readiness for the occasion, made


such haste as to be at Cumberland kingdom of Great Britain and house by twelve o'clock, within Ireland, in the name and on the twenty minutes after his receipt of behalf of his Majesty, the summons. In a few minutes

A PROCLAMATION. the Bishop of London also ar George, P. R. rived, and immediately after him Whereas, by an act passed in came the Lord Chancellor and the 56th year of his Majesty's the Cabinet Ministers. The same reign, entitled " An Act to provide ceremonies were observed as at for a new silver coinage, and to the delivery of a queen of England, regulate the currency of the gold and about one o'clock her Royal and silver coin of this realın," it Highness was delivered of a still- is amongst other things enacted, born child.

that from and after such days, and In a short time the following during such period of time, as bulletin was drawn up, and is- shall be named and appointed in sued, for the satisfaction of the and by any proclamation or propublic :

climations which shall be made St. James's, Monday, Jan. 27. and issued for that purpose, by or

“Her Royal Highness the on behalf of his Majesty's Privy Duchess of Cumberland was de- Council, it shall and may be las ful livered at one o'clock this day of for any person or persons to bring a still-born female child, and is as and deliver into his Majesty's well as can be expected.

Mint any silver coin of this realm “ Henry IIALFORD, heretofore coined and current, CHARLES M. CLARKE." which shall by any officer or officers

of the said Mint, to be appointed Johanna Southcote.- The delu- for that purpose by the Master of sion at this time practised upon the Mint, be judged and deemed the belieyers in the predictions to be such silver coin of this realm, and doctrines of the late prophetess and that there shall be delivered is matter of great astonishment. out of the said Mint to every perAn interdict arrived at Newark on son bringing in and delivering Sunday, the 19th instant, from a such old silver coin, a sum in new disciple of the conclave at Leeds, silver coin, of crowns, half-crowns, inhibiting those of the faith, shillings, and sixpences, to be amongst other things, from at- coined, pursuant to the directions tending to their ordinary business of the said act, equal to the amount during the ensuing eight or nine of the silver coins brought in and days; and a manufacturer's shop delivered as aforesaid, according in that place is at this time en- to the respective denominations of tirely deserted, and the business such silver coins : and whereas, of many small dealers suspended We have thought fit in the name in consequence. — Lincoln Mercury. and on the behalf of his Majesty,

and by and with the advice of his From the London Gazette, Tursday Majesty's Privy Council, to name Janmity 25.

and appoint the 3d day of Feb By his Royal Highness the Prince now nexe ensuing, as the day

of Wales, Regent of the united from and after which, and from


use anul the 17th day of Fcb. in different places in the city of

n sai ensuing, as the period Westminster, proceeded to com

se during which it shall and mit certain daring and highly ras be Lawful for any person or criminal outrages, in gross violaons to deliver into the said tion of the public peace, to the Xa1 any such old silver coin of actual danger of our Royal Person, es reaim, and as the day from and to the interruption of our 4 afirt which, and as the period passage to and from the Parlia

: se during which, there shall ment: We therefore, in the name drivered out of the said Mint, and on the behalf of his Majesty,

ber coins equal to the and by and with the advice of his ravent of the silver coins that Majesty's Privy Council, in purons be so brought in, pursuant suance of an address from the two 21 Dunder the directions of the houses of Parliament, do hereby

dx ; We do for this purpose, enjoin all magistrates, and all

52 sane and on the behalf of other his Majesty's loving sub. 1. Vajesty, and by and with the jects, to use their utmost endea

ne aforesaid, publish this pro- vours to discover and cause to be man, and do hereby name apprehended the authors, actors, ki azyannt the 3d day of Feb. and abetitors concerned in such Tu now next ensuing, as the outrages, in order that they may as frue and after which, and be dealt with according to law:

a truce until the 17th day of And we do hereby promise, that bruary then next ensuing, as any person or persons, other than Lad of time during which thuse actually concerned in doing Soll and may be lawful for any any act by which our Royal PerDeToon en persons to deliver into son was immediately endangereil,

Majestys said Mint any such who shall give information, so as . i'vet e in, and the said 3d that any of the authors, actors, Got so I cbruary now next ensuing, or abettors concerned in such outdate way from and after which rages as aforesaid, may be appre

frun thence until the 17th hended and brought to justice, GER February then next ensu- shall reccire a reward of one 14. the period of time during thousand pounds, to be paid on

tere shall be delivered out conviction of every such offender; Und Mint new silver coins, which said sum of one thousand um she said act is mentioned, pounds the Lords Commissioners urant to the regulations and of his Majesty's Treasury are hereCur! one thereof.

by required and directed to pay 6.sen at ibe Court at Brighton, accordingly: And we do further & 1 day of January, 1817, in promise, that any person or per1.5;ih year of his Majesty's sons concerned in such outrages

as aforesaid, other than such as IROLAMATICX.

were actually concerned in any (C, P R.-Whereas on the act by which our Royal Person *" day of this instant was immediately endangered, who

81 of January, divers persons, shall give information, so that Taswamy assetulled, and siationed any of such authors, actors, or


abettors as aforesaid, shall be ap- sons, the military prisons and prehended and brought to justice, guard-houses, the quartermaster. shall, upon conviction of such general's-office and store-houses, offender or offenders, receive his ihe out-houses of the governmentMajesty's most gracious pardon. house, the great cooperage, the

Given at the court at Carlton- timber and inast-yard, the weighhouse, the twenty-ninth day of ing-yard, the guard-house in front January, 1817, in the 57th year of the military hospital, and the of his Majesty's reign.

guard-house of the marine. A detailed account of the names of

proprietors whose houses have FEBRUARY.

been destroyed may, it is an1. A dispatch has been received nounced, be inspected at the Cofrom Governor Farquhar, contain- lonial Department. ing a detailed account of the late 6. A murder was committed destructive fire at the Mauritius, near Saltley, near Birmingham, from which it appears that 19 on the body of Mr. Pennington, streets of Port Louis were entirely of the firm of Pennington consumed, and that the sections and Bellchambers, wine-merchof that town, numbered 1, 8, 9, ants, of London. Mr. Penning. 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 28, 29, 30, ton was on his way to Coventry, 31, 32, 33, 35, 86, 87, 88, 89, via Castle-Bromwich, in his gig, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, were and was waylaid on the road about either totally or partially destroy. a mile beyond Birmingham. He ed. The fire was purely accidental, was found with a pistol-shot and its destructive ravage is to be through his temple, and quite attributed to its having occurred dead. The assassinating villains at the dry season of the year, and had taken his gold watch and the to the prevalence of a strong contents of his pocket of silver, breeze, veering with violent gusts &c. but fortunately abandoned the from time to time daring the con-object of their fury without disflagration. Fortunately, from its covering his pocket-book, which breaking out early in the evening, contained bank.ncies of several few lives were lost; but a popula- hundred pounds' value. The horse tion of 20,000 persons have been and gig went several miles before reduced to want and beggary by it stopped, and then it was by oferthe loss of every thing belonging turning. The doleful tidings were to them. Among the public build. communicated to Mrs. Penning. ings destroyed are, the Catholic ion by a friend in London, who church, the barracks for the bore it with as much fortitude a blocks, hospital for the blacks, could possibly be expected, under prisons for the blacks, large grain- the afiicting circumstances. She magazine, the colonial tarine is left a widow with six children. store-house, the publie bazaar, (the eldest is only 13) and is far the commercial exchange, and advanced in her pregnancy of building called the Bourse, the another. government printing office, the A murder was committed at former post-office, ibe police pri- Leuburi, accompanied by circum


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