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S Lat. 25° 10 N.

| Long. per chro. 52° 45' E. Jarnain

s Lat. 25° 8' N.
Long. per churo. 52° 55'.

Lat. 24° 56' N.

Long. per chro. 52° 33' Variation. Dalmy

$ Lat. 24° 56' N.

Long. per chro. 529 42', July 13th, 4° 47' W. Seer Beni Yass Lat. 24° 34' N.

1 Long. per chro. 520440, July 14th, 4° 39' W.

Lat. 25° 1' N. Danie

Long. per chro. 52° 20!, July 15th, 3° 59' W. Sherarow

Lat. 52° 13' N.

Long. per chro. 52° 18',

Lat. 25° 41' N.
Long. per chro. 52° 23'.

J. A. MAUDE, Captain."



seven guns, chiefly double barrelled


five of the latter four

ounce rifles. Soon after our party (From the same.)

(four in nurnber) had entered the Rhinoceros hunting has, I be- jungle, the piping of the elephants, lieve, seldom been painted, though and the prints of rhinoceros' feet, I have known several sportsmen shewed our game to be near; and who have had good opportunities indeed in less than a few minutes of doing so; perhaps, therefore, we started two young ones, about an account of a day lately passed the size of a full-grown neel-ghae in this noble but dangerous diver- (a species of elk) and not unlike sion, may afford some gratification that animal in colour. The first to your sporting readers. On the fire killed one, and wounded the 25th ult. our Shekaaries (or hunts- other severely, which, notwithmen), whom we had sent for in- standing, went off at a smart elk formation, brought us intelligence trot, howling in a most hideous of a herd of seven or eight rhino- manner. The old ones were soon ceros having taken up their abode collected round us by the cries of in a large swamp, in a village their young, and three males, of near Baragur, in the Nepal terri- monstrous size, and frightful aptory. On reaching the spot with pearance, charged our line with our elephants, seven in number, the utmost impetuosity. Two of and our shooting apparatus, we our elephants gave way, receiving found that either side of the the charge on their hinder parts, lake for about two hundred yards and were instantly upset. Those was clothed with glorious jungle that stood firm were not knocked or brushwood for every kind of down, but staggered several paces savage game; forming a cover of by the shock : my elephant was nearly ten feet in height. We had one that gave way,



ation was far from laughable. The high, and stronger in proportion elephant often attempted to rise, than any elephant I ever saw ; the but was as often laid flat by his day was too far spent to admit of antagonist, and at length with our taking a sketch of them, at such force, that I was thrown se which we were much vexed, for veral yards into the lake, in a state hitherto, I believe, they have been of utter stupefaction-luckily fall- very unfaithfully represented. No ing on some willows, I was saved elephants but males of superior from drowning. I was not sorry, courage should be employed in on recovery, to find myself out of this desperate sport. We have reach of the horn of my furious another wild animal in this neighenemy, and of the shots of my bourhood as little known as the friends, who, despairing of my rhinoceros. The natives consider escape, fired without ceremony. it of the elk kind, but it has no Their balls struck the monster's characteristic of this or any of the body in several places without species of deer I have seen or producing any effect, though from read of; the horns of the male are four-ounce rifles. At last a lucky remarkably thick and short; in one broke a large flake from his every other respect they resemble horn, and caused him to make off, more an English brindled bull. turning through the thickets with They are exceedingly shy and soastonishing strength and swiftness.' litary; seldom seen but on a bare We traced his footsteps for some inaccessible rock. miles, when being convinced that Camp, NE. Frontier, May 1815. he had taken to the forest, we returned to look after the others, determined to search for him on a

EXPLOITS OF A LION ŚROOTING future day. On our way back, we

PARTY OF ENGLISH GENTLEMEN, found the young one we had wounded in the morning lying

At Barcda, 26th June, 1816. dead; both must have been very

(From the same.) young, for their horns


A report was brought by a culscarcely perceptible, and no scales tivator, about eight o'clock yesterappeared in their breasts or shoul- day morning, of two large tigers ders. It was now past noon, and having taken up their abode the we had little hopes of finding the preceding night in a garden, within others; when, on rounding a a mile of the west extremity of the point of the lake, we roused them town. The gentlemen of the reagain, and after a chase of more sidency, after å hasty breakfast, than three hours, killed two, a anxiously prepared rifles, fuzees, male and female. They were not and muskets, and attended by ten so bold now as we had reason to Sepoys of the Resident's escort, expect. They seemed to have lost went forth in search of the anitheir courage with their leader, to mals. The place in which they whom they were very inferior in were said to have taken shelter size, but still their dimensions as was covered by bushes of the motonished us not a little ; the larg- gri flower plant extremely thick, est of them was abové six feet and standing about four feet high,

with narrow pathways, occasion- the other party were diametrically ally intersected by hedges of the opposite to the aloe plantation when prickly milk hush, and low and the volley was fired into it. The thick ramifications of the aloe balls whistled over their heads and tree.

around them, but happily without The party beat about the jungle bad consequences to any body. (for it had this appearance, rather The success which attended the than that of a garden), when by first hunt, redoubled exertion; and great good fortune it had a glimpse with great management, the party of one of the animals making off scoured the bushes in search of with some rapidity. It was first the lioness's companion. Some taken for a large grown calf; a time passed, and a great deal of misconception very natural, as the laborious exertion, before the anisequel will shew, and as by the mal was traced by his footsteps to report of the morning, the party one of the high hedges which inexpected to meet with tigers. The tersected the garden. The party appearance of the animal, however, approached within eight yards, gave a stimulus to the exertions of when, by previous concert, two the gentlemen, who moved for- gentlemen and two sepoys fired, ward in the low jungle, surveying independently, with effect. The every bush, and expecting each animal moved off immediately on instant to hear a tremendous roar, the other side of the hedge, and in or perhaps to encounter the savage ten minutes more, he was disattacks of the animals. Little covered lying under another hedge, more search brought the two groaning with rage and pain. beasts in full view, when one of Some pieces were instantly fired, them started off, receiving a ball which exasperating him, he rushed from a gentleman in the side. It out, and nobly charged his assailwent rapidly past two others of ants, his tail being curled over his the party, and was wounded by a back. In his advance, he was sasingle shot in the flank. These luted with great coolness with wounds appeared to have produced several balls from all the gentleno decided effect, and a quarter of men, and a few sepoys of the an hour had elapsed before it was party who had come up; and again discovered crouching in a though within a few yards of the thick plantation of aloe trees. It object of his attack, he suddenly was here that a few Sepoys and turned off, (it is supposed on acone of the gentlemen advancing count of being severely wounded) within eight paces, brought the and sprung upon a sepoy, detachbeast prostrate on the ground; ed to the right, with whom he when, for the first time, consider- grappled, and afterwards by the ing the indistinct view obtained in violence of the exertion fell to the the low jungle, during the pur- ground, beyond him. suit, it was found that instead of It was at this moment that the tigers the objects of the chace were party gallantly, and for the hulions of considerable size! Some mane purpose of saving a fellowdanger attended the death of this creature, rushed forward, and with animal, (which was a lioness) as the bayonet and swords put an end



to the monster. The sepoy was of that river with torrents of rain. wounded in the left shoulder, but It was fortunate that their retreat it was hoped that there is no dan was immediately discovered, or ger of his losing his life.

from the number of people now The complete success of the day employed in cultivation around was justly calculated to excite this populous town, some would many pleasing reflections ; but in all probability have fallen vicafter all was concluded, it appear- tims to their voracity. ed that a countryman, who attended at a distance unarmed, and for his own curiosity, was wound HISTORY OF THE COCCUS LACCÆ, ed in the thigh by a ball. This accident has of course damped the

By the late Dr. Kerr. pleasure of the sport, though it is but just to remark, that before the

(From the same.) party entered into the garden, en The head and trunk of this intreaties were used to the curious sect form one uniform, oval, combystanders to induce them to keep pressed, red body, of the shape away from the scene of action, and and magnitude of a very small many were sent off by main force, louse, consisting of twelve transwho afterwards returned in de verse rings; the back is carinate, fiance of every remonstrance. the sides are sharp and alate; the

The animal last killed was a belly is flat ; antennæ, two fililion, not quite full grown, but form, truncated, diverging half strong and powerful in his make; the length of the body, each sendthe lioness was in the same pro- ing off two, often three delicate portion.

diverging hairs, longer than the On being brought to the Resi- antennæ; the mouth and eyes dency and inspected, these animals could not be seen with a common were sent to his Highness Futteh watch-maker's magnifier. Sing at his own request.

The tail is a little white point, The appearance of tigers in the sending off two horizontal hairs as iminediate vicinity of Baroda is long as the body. not common ; two only having Progression is performed by strayed from the ravines of the three pair of limbs, half the length river Myhie to the enclosures of the animal, forming rectangles round the town within the last at the edge of the trunk; the fifteen years, but lions have never transverse rings of the body are been seen. Indeed the existence capable of a little motion. of this species in India has been I have often observed the birth questioned, though since satisfac- of those insects, but could never torily established. It is conjectured see any with wings, nor could I that the lions killed yesterday had find any distinction of sexes, unwandered out of the deep defiles less that trivial difference of the of the Myhie, about twelve miles antennæ. Their connubial rites from Baroda, in the night, which they also kept a secret from me: was unusually dark, and attended nature and analogy seem to point throughout in the neighbourhood out a deficiency in my observa

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Mimi nimemulation of this liquid or Pras by the natives.
which forme a strong and com The insects fix the
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