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therefore, within the principle of King's Remembrancer.

regulation or abolition after the Clerk of the Pleas.

termination of the present inteClerk of the Pipe.


It is however necessary to Comptroller of the Pipe.

observe, with respect to the offices Deputy ditto.

of Director vf the Court of ChanMarshal.

cery, Presenter of Signatures, and Foreign Apposer.

Register of Seisins in Scotland, Surveyor and Receiver-General that as the duties of these three of Green Wax.

offices are stated to be highly im. Three Messengers out of four.

portant, and not only intimately Lord Treasurer's Remembran- connected with each other, but

with the legal forms and proceedClerk of Foreign Estreats. ings on which the titles and secuClerk of the Nichils.

rity of real estates essentially deComptrollers of First Fruits. pend in that part of the united

kingdom, your committee would, upon every principle, abstain from

interfering with any of those legal Three Commissioners.

forms and proceedings; and all Receiver-General.

which they have to submit with Two Entering Clerks.

respect to the offices in question Master in Chancery.

is, that the emoluments of them Solicitor of the Exchequer. ought to be so regulated, as to

ensure the due execution in person of their respective duties, by individuals competent by their

professional knowledge to disDirection of the Court of Chan- charge those duties, and by their cery.

station in society to give such Clerk of the Court of Chan- security as may be deemed adecery.

quate to the extent and nature of Principal Clerk in the Court of the trust appertaining to each of Admiralty.

them respectively. King's Remembrancer.

Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer in the Court of Exchequer.

One of the Clerks in the Pipe
Presenter of Signatures, Ex-

All the offices in the courts of chequer.

law in Ireland, included in the list Register of Seisins.

annexed to the bill of 1913, with Clerk of the Admission of No- the exception of those which have taries in the Court of Session. hitherto been in the gift of the

All these offices are understood chief judges of the courts of law by your committee to be executed in Ireland, ought, in the opinion wholly by deputy, and to come, of your committee, to be regulated




on such principles as shall ensure

COLONIAL OFFICES. the performance of their duties in person, by those who hold them, Upon the colonial officeš suffat such just and reasonable sala- cient materials have not been laid ries as shall hereafter be deter- before your committee for presentmined on.

ing them fully and satisfactorily The following are the offices to the view of the House; but the enumerated in that list, which are general principle to be applied in understood to have hitherto been dealing with them appears to be, in the nomination of the crown :- in the first place, that of enforcing,

Public Registrar of Deeds, to the utmost, residence within Clerk of Crown and Hanaper, the colonies, or foreign possessions Chief Remembrancer,

to which those offices belong, and Clerk of the Pipe,

personal performance by the prinComptroller of the Pipe, cipal of the duties annexed to Chirographer,

them : the second object to be Prothonotary, Common Pleas, attained ought to be the reduction Prothonotary, King's Bench, of the salaries to such a rate, as Crown Office, King's Bench, may afford a fair and sufficient reTranscriptor and Foreign Ap- compense for the services to be poser,

performed ; and any saving which Clerk of the Report Office, can be derived from such reguPursuivant, Court of Exche lations should be applied (as the quer,

case may be) in aid of some of the Register of Furfeitures,

public burdens incidental to the Usher of the Exchequer, civil government of such colonies Register, Court of Chancery, or foreign possessions : observing Accountant-General, ditto, farther, that in the old colonies Serjeant at Arms, Pleas Office, any such application of savings Lord Treasurer's, or 2d Re must be made at the recommen

membrancer, Exchequer. dation of the governors of such The right of appointment to the colonies, with the consent of the Clerkship of the Pleas of the local legislatures of each. Court of Exchequer has been con It is difficult to state, with actested by the Chief Baron of that curacy, the aggregate annual value court; and the right is not yet of all the offices which have been finally determined.

mentioned. Those which depend The duties of the Accountant upon fees fluctuate considerably in General of the Court of Chancery their amount from various cirare now performed in person by cumstances; and there are several the individual who holds the office; others (particularly those belonga vacancy in the office having oc- ing to the colonies) of which the curred since the passing of the income has never been exactly bill of 1813.

returned. Referring, therefore, The same observation applies to the statements already before to the office of Coniptroller of the the House in the Third Report of Pipe.

Public Expenditure, and in the



Reports upon Sinecure Offices, ment the present salaries may be and taking also into account the wholly saved, whenever these offiregulation or abolition of some ces shall become vacant. These offices since that period, your salaries, as well as that of the committee see no reason to doubt Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, that the annual income now de- being paid out of the English civil rived from the offices which are list, and the salaries of several thus brought under the observa- offices in Scotland and Ireland tion of the House, as being at the being in like manner charged upon disposal of the crown, and fit to the respective civil lists of those be abolished or regulated, may parts of the United Kingdom, your be estimated at from 90,000l. to committee recommend, that a 100,0001.

general rule should be laid down for carrying to the consolidated fund these and similar savings,

as they may arise, after the terApplicable to Offices, the Duties of mination of the interests now which are necessary to be con

existing in any offices charged upon tinued.

those funds. The inquiries now made have In Scotland there is one office fully confirmed the observation of high rank and emolument, that contained in the First Report of of Lord Justice-General, which the committee upon sinecure offices appears to come under the same appointed in 1810 : “ That the description as having no employnumber of offices which have re ment either of principal or deputy, venue without any employment and to the salary of which the either of principal or deputy, is same principle of reduction would very inconsiderable, and that by consequently apply, in the event far the greatest number of offices of the office being annexed by which are commonly described as law to that of Lord President of sinecure, fall properly under the the Court of Sessions. One or description of offices executed by two other offices enumerated in deputy, or offices having revenue the schedule, but of inferior rank disproportionate to employment.” and emolument, have not, as far

The only situations, in England, as your committee have been of any considerable emolument enabled to ascertain, any duties or which can be considered as per responsibility annexed to them ; fect sinecures, are the two offices they therefore should be abolished of Chief Justice in Eyre, North altogether, as soon as they may and South of Trent; upon which become vacant. your committee have only to state, With respect to all the remainthat there will be no difficulty in ing offices included in the schedule transferring any formal duties be of the bill of 1813, being those longing to these offices (if any which are not altogether without such still remain) to the Commis employment, but which have either sioners of Woods and Land Re- emoluments greatly disproportionvenue : and that by this arrange ate to such employment, or are



wholly executed by deputy, your created by this arrangement, would committee do not feel themselves be sufficient to prevent any abuse competent to recommend any ge- of a power which seems properly neral regulation by which the to belung to the Lords of the proper scale of salary in any of Treasury, as the official and rethem may be settled, as soon as sponsible advisers of the crown, the proposed reductions can be upon all matters which relate to accomplished. They do not pos- the superintendence and control sess all the information necessary over the public expenditure. for this purpose ; and, even if It may not be improper, in they did, it is possible that an es- treating this part of the inquiry, tablishment, which might be now to call the attention of the House adequate for any particular office, more distinctly to some peculiar might cease to be so before the circumstances before alluded to, termination of the existing in which are connected with offices terest.

of great emolument in the courts Your committee are therefore of law in Ireland. of opinion that it should be left It appears, that upon a vacancy to the judgment and responsibility which recently occurred in the of the Lords of the Treasury for office of Clerk of the Pleas in the the time being, as vacancies occur, Court of Exchequer, by the death to place the several offices pro

of the Earl of Buckinghamshire, a posed to be regulated upon such claim to the appointment to that

establishment with respect office was preferred by the Chief to the number and rank of the Baron of the Exchequer in Ireland, persons requisite for the discharge and an individual was appointed of the efficient functions of such by him, and was sworn in before offices, and the amount of salary the Court of Exchequer. A proto be assigned to each person, as ceeding, by quo warranto, was inmay appear to them adequate, stituted on the part of the crown, after a full inquiry into the nature and the judgment of the Court of and extent of the duties to be per- King's Bench was adverse to the formed, and the degree of official claim of the Chief Baron. An and pecuniary responsibility which appeal, however, has been made necessarily attaches to some of to the Court of Error; and may them. If it should be thought hereafter be made, by either party, proper in any act to be passed, to the House of Lords. In the with reference to the subject of mean time, by an act of the legisthis report, to enact, that when- lature, 56th Geo. III. c. 122, the ever any of the said offices shall emoluments of the office are paid be reduced and regulated, there into the treasury, and the due disshould be laid before both Houses charge of all the official duties of parliament a comparative state- provided for. It is not impossible ment of the number, duty, and that claims, similar to those which emolument of the respective offi- have been preferred in this incers under the old and new estab stance by the Chief Baron, may lishments, your committee con be preferred to the appointment ceive that the parliamentary check, to other offices in the law courts


of Ireland, of great and dispro- . be required to suggest such a plan portionate emolument, which have for the future regulation of these hitherto been considered as at offices, as shall provide for the the disposal of the crown.

respective duties being discharged Your committee cannot, how in person, at such salaries as shall ever, avoid submitting to the be deemed a just and reasonable House, whether it would not be compensation to the individuals perfectly consistent, both in justice discharging them. and sound policy, to provide for An act of the legislature will the regulation of all such offices be necessary to give effect to any after the expiration of the legally plan which may be suggested by vested interests, upon the princi- the commissioners ; it will thereple on which it is proposed to fore be competent to Parliament regulate other offices partaking of to adopt generally the suggestions the nature of sinecures.

made by the commissioners, or to The duties attached to many of depart from them according to the principal offices in the courts their discretion. of law in Ireland appear indeed to In the supposable event of a vabe so various and important, and cancy occurring in any of these to be necessarily performed by so offices before the commissioners many persons, that it would be make their repurt, it is of course extremely difficult, without the understood, that a temporary armost mature consideration, and rangement will be made for the probably without inquiries insti- performance of all the necessary tuted on the spot, to suggest any duties, which shall not in any way arrangement for the future con interfere with the immediate reduct of the business of these gulation of the offices, on the prinoffices, when the existing interests ciples above recommended. in them shall have terminated.

Your committee understand, however, that there is at present a commission in Ireland, appointed Your committee would have in consequence of an address of found themselves under considerthe House, to inquire into the able difficulty in submitting to state of the courts of law in that the House any specific plan for part of the United Kingdom. It enabling the Crown to reward high would be very desirable that the and efficient political services, if members of this commission should they had not taken for their guibe required by the Executive Go- dance the principles and regulavernment, to examine, with as tions established by the bill so little delay as possible, into the often referred to, as the basis of circumstances under which the the suggestions which they have several offices in the courts of law, to offer under this head. which have hitherto been consi After an attentive consideration dered in the disposal of the Crown, of the mode proposed in that bill stand, with respect to the per- for enabling the Crown to recomformance of the duties attached to pense the faithful and meritorious them; and that they should also discharge of high and efficient



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