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Average of the Year.
94 45 | 56 54 | 432 | 31 11 | 54 54

A Statement of the Quantity of Porter brewed in London by the Twelve first Houses, from the 5th of July, 1816, to the 5th of

July, 1817:

Barclay, Perkins, & Co. . 281,484 Calvert and Co....
Hanbury and Co.. . 168,757 Goodwyn and Co.
Reid and Co.... 157,131 | Elliott and Co..
Whitbread and Co. 151,888 Taylor and Co...
Henry Meux and Co.... 124,823 Golden-lane brewery
Combe, Delafield, & Co. 110,776 | Hollingsworth.

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The following is the Quantity of Ale brewed by the Seven principal Ale-
Brewers in London, from the 5th July, 1816, to 5th July, 1817.

Bar. Stretton and Co.. 25,051 | Hale ..

7,763 Wyatt and Co... 18,119 | Hall.

7,048 Charrington 16,886 Whitmore .

4,023 Goding



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As it stood at the opening of the Session.

Right Hon. Nicholas Vansittart... {


Lord President of the Council. Lord Eldon ...

Lord High Chancellor. Earl of Westmoreland...

Lord Privy Seal.

First Lord of the Treasury (Prime Earl of Liverpool......

Chancellor and Under-Treasurer of

the Exchequer.
Lord Viscount Melville.... First Lord of the Admiralty.
Earl Mulgrave....

Master General of the Ordnance. Lord Viscount Sidmouth...

s Secretary of State for the Home

Department. Lord Viscount Castlereagh.

Secretary of State for Foreign

Affairs. Earl Bathurst...

s Secretary of State for the Depart

ment of War and the Colonies.

President of the Board of Controul Right Hon. George Canning ....

for ihe affairs of India.

Chancellor of the Duchy of LanRight Hon. C. Bragge Bathurst..

caster. Right Hon. W. W. Pole..

Master of the Mint.

Right Hon. George Rose...... Treasurer of the Navy.

President of the Board of Trade.

Vice-President of the Board of Right Hon. F. J. Robinson......

Trade. Right Hon. Charles Long

Paymaster-General of the Forces Earl of Chichester ..

Joint Postmaster-General.
Marquis of Salisbury. ...
Viscount Palmerston...

Secretary at War.
Right Hon.Charles Arbuthnot 1

Secretaries of the Treasury.
S. R. Lushington..
Sir T. Plomer....

Master of the Rolls.
Sir Samuel Shepherd..

Attorney-General. Sir Robert Gifford .

Solicitor General.


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Earl Talbot ..
Lord Manners ..
Right Hon Robert Peel
Right Hou N. Vansittart ......

Vol. LIX.

Lord Lieutenant.
Lord High Chancellor
Chief Secretary:
Chancellor of the Exchequer.

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Treaty between his Majesty the the two High Contracting Parties

King of France and Navarre and will then proceed to other arhis Majesty the King of Portugal, rangements, under the mediation of Brazil, and Algarva, concluded of Great Britain, and always conut Paris, August 28, 1817. formably to the precise sense of

the 8th Article of the Treaty of RT. 1. His Most Faithful Ma- Utrecht, concluded under the gua

A ,

sire of executing the 107th Article 3. The fortresses, magazines, of the Act of the Congress of Vien- and all the military stores shall na, hinds himself to deliver up to be surrendered to his Most Chrishis. Most Christian Majesty, in the tian Majesty, according to the inspace

of three months or souner, ventory mentioned in the 5th Arif possible, French Guiana, as far tiele of the Capitulation of French as the river Oyapor, of which the Guiana in 1809. mouth is situated between the 4th

4. In consequence of the aboveand 5th degrees of northern lati- mentioned articles, the necessary tude, and as far as the 322d de- orders for effecting the transmisgree of longitude to the east of sion of French Guiana (which the Isle de Fer (Iron Island) by orders are at present in the posthe parallel of 2 deg. 24 min. of session of the undersigned Pleninorthern latitude.

potentiary of his Most Faithful 2. Commissioners on either side Majesty) shall, immediately after are to be immediately nominated the signature of the present treaty, and despatched to fix definitively be communicated to the French the limits of French and Portu- government, with an official letter guese Guiana, conformably to the of the same Plenipotentiary, to precise sense of the 8th Article of which a copy of the present treaty the Treaty of Utrecht, and to the shall be annexed; and which will stipulations of the Act of the Con- inform the Portuguese Authorities gress of Vienna : the abovemen that they are to deliver up in the tioned Commissioners must termi delay of three days, the said colony nate their labours at the expira to the Commissioners charged by tion of a year at latest, from the his Most Catholic Majesty to take date of their arrival at Guiana. If possession of them as soon as they at the expiration of this term of a shall have presented their instrucyear the abovementioned respec tions to that effect. tive Commissioners cannot agree,

5. The French government enR 2



gayes to transport to the mari- the very foundations of religion time towns of Para and Pernam are undermined ; and having, bebuco (in the vessels which shall cause of the great importance of have been employed for the con. the subject, convened for conveyance of the French troops to sultation our venerable brethren, Guiana) the Portuguese garrison the cardinals of the holy Roman of this colony, as well as the civil Church, we have, with the utmost functionaries, with all their bag- care and attention, deliberated gage.

upon the measures proper to be

adopted by our Pontifical authorAll the points upon which any ity, in order to remedy and abolish difficulties may arise, resulting this pestilence as far as possible. from the restitution of French In the mean time, we heartily conGuiana, such as the payment of gratulate you, venerable brother ; debts, the recovery of the reve

and we commend you again and nues, and the reciprocal exchange again in the Lord, as it is fit we of slaves, will form the object of should, upon the singular zeal you a particular treaty between the have displayed under circumstances French and Portuguese govern

so hazardous to christianity, in ment.

having denounced to the Apostolic See, this defilement of the faith,

most imminently dangerous to Translation of the Bull against Bible souls. And although we perceive

Sucieties, issued from Rome, June that it is not at all necessary to 29, 1816, by Pope Pius VII. to excite him to activity who is making the Archbishop of Gnezn, Primate haste, since of your own accord of Poland.

you have already shown an ardent

desire to detect and oppose the Pius P. P. VII.

impious machinations of these InVenerable Brother,

novators; yet, in conformity with Health and apostolic benediction. our office, we again and again ex

In our last letter to you we pro- hort you, that whatever you can mised, very soon, to return an an achieve by power, provide for by swer to yours; in which you have counsel, or effect by authority, you appealed to this Holy See, in the will daily execute with the utmost name also of the other bishops of earnestness, placing yourself as a Poland, respecting what are called wall for the house of Israel. Bible Societies, and have earnestly For this end we issue the preinquired of us what you ought to sent Brief, viz. that we may condo in this affair. We long since, vey to you a signal testimony of indeed, wished to comply with our approbation of your excellent your request; but an incredible conduct, and also may endeavour variety of accumulating concerns therein still more and more to exhave so pressed upon us on every cite your pastoral solicitude and side, that, till this day, we could vigilance. For the general gool not yield to your solicitation.

imperiously requires us to comtine We have been truly shocked at all our means and energies to frusthis most crafty device, by which trate the plans, which are pre


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