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The King, on the Prosecution of James Harris v. the Rev. Robert

Woodward, Clerk, and others.-Conspiracy
Tral of Roger O'Connor, Esq.
The king s. Hamilton.-Child Stealing
Preston v. Scarborough -Stealing a Letter
Arcket-Seiling Fire to lay and Barley Stacks

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Passed in the Fifth Session of the Fifth Parliament of the United

kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, 56 George 111.

4. D. 1817
Bill of Mortality
Price of Stocks
Table of Bankruptcies
Arcrage Price of Corn
Statement of the quantity of Porter ltered in London
List of the Prince Regent's Ministers
Meteorological Register

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Treaty between his Majesty the King of France and Nararre and his

Majesty the King of Portugal, concluded Aug. 28, 1817
Translation of the Bull against Bible Societies
Tal·les, Pullic Income, Expenditure, &c.

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Report of the Select Cortmittee of the Ilouse of Commons on the

Poor Lars

of the Committee on the Employment of Climbing Boys
First Report from the Select Committee on Finance
Second Ditto
Errents in Aid

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Letters of Benjamn Franklin
Character of the late Rolert Fulton, Esq.




Description of a Sertanejo
The Indian Nettet

ape of his Majesty's late Ship Alceste, to the Yellow Sea, &c. Narrative of the Shiporreck of ditto 4. At count of the Natives of the Tonga Islands arrative of a loyage to New Zealand Terels sa ine Interior of America Jamii's Journal of a Tour in Germany, &c. laises Drama


419 432 449 459 465 479 489

Norrstire of a Journey from Chamouni to Mount Blanc
Voter of a Mineralogucal Excursion to the Giunt's Causeway
Of (maron as an Article of Commerce
(to the Greenland or Polar Ice
Prrian Guil. - Discorery of Eight Islands
.4. cost of a Rhinoceros Hunt in India
Fipotts of a Lion Shooting Party
History of the Coccus Laccæ, or Lac Insect
.4.count of the Biddery Ware
Twof the Cocoa-Nu! Tree .

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Diali of a Parice at Bomlay

fcround of a Passage across The Bay of Bengal Account of the Funeral Ceremones of a Burman Priest Gurugraphy of Cochin China


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La Rose
rue Beral of Su john Moore
La piel o Use on the Retirement of Mr.J.P. Kemble

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For the Year 1817.



Tre Ponce Rezent's Speech.--Insults offered him.-His Message to both

Hrs of Parliament.-- Taken into consideration by the Houses of Lon and Commons, and a Secret Committee uppointed in each.Rount from the Committee in each House.


of the honour of the country against the government of Algiers,

O with the most

H. tness the Prince Regent complete success. via the Parliament with the “The splendid achievement of *Sprech.

his Majesty's fleet, in conjunction Vs Lands and Gentlemen, with a squadron of the king of the

de with deep regret that I Netherlands, under the gallant 24-un onlined to announce to and able conduct of Adm. Viscount

1- no alteration has occur. Exmouth, led to the inmediate ?* .a the st.te of his Majesty's and unconditional liberation of all to ! in prition.

Christian captives then within the i patinue to receive from territory of Algiers, and to the

3. aere the strongest as- renunciation by its government of vain lub teir friendly dispo- the practice of Christian slavery.

weard this country, and of “I am persua lell that you will *** TT® desire to maittain be duly sensible of the importance ...mal tranquillity,

of an arrangement so interesting i lumtuutses to which I was to huinanity, and reflecting, from Ir] to festt, in vindication the manner in which it has been . LIX



accomplished, such signal honour “My Lords and Gentlemen, on the British nation.

“I have the satisfaction of “ In India, the refusal of the informing you that the arrangegovernment of Nepaul to ratify ments which were made in the a treaty of peace which had been last session of parliament, with a signed by its plenipotentiaries, oc- view to a new silver coinage, have casioned a renewal of military been completed with unprecedentoperations.

ed expedition. “ The judicious arrangem’nts I have given directions for of the governor-general, seconded the immediate issue of the new by the bravery and perseverance coin, and I trust that this meaof his Majesty's forces, and of sure will be productive of consithose of the East-India company, derable advantages to the trade brought the campaign to a speedy and internal transactions of the and successful issue ; and peace country. has been finally established upon “The distresses consequent upon the just and honourable terms of the termination of a war of such the original treaty.

unusual extent and duration have “ Gentlemen of the House of been felt, with greater or less seCommons ;

verity, throughout all the nations “ I have directed the estimates of Europe ; and have been consifor the current year to be laid be- derably aggravated by the unfafore you.

vourable state of the season. “'They have been formed upon a Deeply as I lament the pres. full consideration of all the pre- sure of these evils upon the counsent circumstances of the country, try, I am sensible that they are with an anxious desire to make of a nature not to admit of an every reduction in our establish- immediate remedy ; but whilst I ments which the safety of the em. observe with peculiar satisfaction pire and sound policy allow. the fortitude with which so many

" I recommend the state of the privations have been bome, and public income and expenditure to ihe active benevolence which has your early and serious attention. been employed to mitigate them,

" I regret to be under the ne. I am persuaded that the great cessity of informing you, that sources of our national prosperity there has been a deficiency in the are essentially unimpaired; and I produce of the revenue in the last entertain a confident expectation year : but I trust that it is to be that the native energy of the counascribed to temporary causes; try will at no di tant period sur. and I bave the consolation to be mount all the difficulties in which lieve, that you will find it practic we are involved. cable to provide for the public In considering our internal service of the year, without make situation, you will, I doubt not, ing any addition to the burthenis feel a just indignation at the atof the people, and without adopt tempts which have been made to ing any measure injurious to that tahe advantage of the distresses system by which the public credit of the country, for the purpose of of the country has been hitherto exciting a spirit of sedition and sustained.


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