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The Medical Advance



H. C. ALLEN, M. D., Editor and Publisher.

The Editor is not responsible for the opinions of contributors. Personalities, being foreign to scientific discussion, must be excluded.

To accommodate both reader and publisher this journal will be seat until arrears are paid and it is ordered discontinued.

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No. 1.




Lithium carb., so far as proved, exerts but little depreciating effect on the vital forces, its main action seems to be about the joints; hence its efficacy in the treatment of rheumatism, and especially of gout.

Of the organs, the heart, stomach, kidneys and bladder are principally attacked; debility was observed in connection with the joint affections.

Mucous membranes are at first irritated and dry, and then they secrete a thick mucus.

The skin is the seat of an annoying itching, and finally becomes raw, sore, or rough and harsh, as in barber's itch.

This itching, it will be seen, accompanies the rheumatic pains.

Studying the symptoms seriatim, we have: confusion of the head; headache on vertex and temples, on awaking; eyes pain, as if sore, could hardly keep them open; menses

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ceased suddenly; pain from left temple to orbit, better while eating, returns after eating; black motes before the eyes; eyes sensitive after reading by candle light, right half of objects vanish; pains over eyes; temples feel bound. Here it is like Aurum and Titanium.

Agreeably to its effects on mucous membranes, the conjunctivæ are dry and painful; the lids feel sore while and after reading. This is an excellent picture of conjunctivæ asthenopia. Here it is similar to Alumina.

Pain behind left ear toward the neck; pains from throat to left ear.

Nose swollen, red, dry in the nostrils, or mucus drops in the open air, or hangs in posterior nares; similar to Arsenicum. In scrofulous or rheumatic persons, it is part of the irritation which an excess of urates in the blood causes.

The inspired air feels cold; similar to Kali bichromicum and Corallium rubrum. Solid lumps from posterior nares and fauces, worse mornings. Similar to Sepia, Teucrium and Kali bichromicum. Cough: must sit up in bed; worse lying down; comes from a spot in the throat.

Gnawing in the stomach before a meal, with the pain in the left temple to orbit. Fullness in the stomach; can bear no pressure. Fruit and chocolate cause diarrhæa; some eructations.

Tenesmus of the bladder; pains at the neck of bladder; urine turbid, flocculent; pains down ureter and into spermatic cord and testicle, followed by red turbid urine and mucous deposit.

Menses late and scanty; pains worse in left side of body.

The heart symptoms are so closely connected with the rheumatic that they must be mentioned together. Rheumatic soreness about the heart; valvular deposits; feels worse from mental agitation which causes fluttering of the heart. Similar to Natrum mur., Sepia and Calcarea ost. In valvular deposit compare also Kalmia and Ledum.

Pains in the heart when bending forward. Pain in heart, better when he urinates; jerks or shocks about the heart.

Swelling, tenderness and sometimes redness of last joints of fingers.

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