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its operations that its repeal or material modification will be consummated at an early date. Meanwhile, however, score

one for Homoeopathy in the election of Dr. Couch to the Chairmanship of the combined board.

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naught else but a surface harmony between the representatives of the different schools. :

“The State Board of Medical Examiners, representing the three organized schools of medicine in the State, were in conference yesterday. Dr. Couch, of Fredonia, was selected as president and Dr. W. J. Lewi, of this city, as secretary. Seventeen of the twenty-one members of the Board were present, the absent members being detained by illness. Secretary Dewey and Prof. Thomas, of the regents, also attended the conference.

The questions discussed were those as to detail arising since the State medical law went into operation on September 1, 1891.

Thus far nineteen persons have applied for licenses to practice medicine in this State, of whom two-thirds were graduates of foreign universities. Eight persons have so far tried the examination of the board, of whom seven passed. The second examination for those wishing to acquire licenses to practice medicine in this State will be held in the cities of New York, Albany, Syracuse and Buffalo on January 26, 27, 28 and 29.

Secretary Lewi said the conference was most harmonious, which is an evidence that the schisins which for years have divided the various schools of medicine, have become so assimilated through the operations of this new law as to inake it possible for scientific men to be physicians, caring more for the welfare of the public than for any particular views which they may hold regarding the actual practice of medicine. Active practitioners from the most remote parts of the State realizing the urgency of the protection which the citizens of our country expect for the proper enforcement of this last law placed upon the statute books, have left their busy fields of professional labor at a great personal sacrifice, demonstrating their zeal in the direction of the maintenance of a higher standard of medical education.''

The election of Dr. Asa S. Couch, of Fredonia, of the Homoeopathic representatives, to the Chairmanship of the Boarit, is but a deserved honor to an able man; but since it was doubtless brought about by a union of the Homeopathic and Eclectic forces, it is not at all likely to prove satisfactory to the Allopaths, and trouble and turmoil may be expected, or we miss our guess. The prediction is freely ventured by the SouthERN JOURNAL, that the New York bill will prove so unsatisfactory and so burdensome in

An interesting contest is on in Louisiana-a fight upon which a good deal depends. It is a legal test of the rights of the Board of Health of that State to interfere with a physician who undertakes to practice medicine in that comimonwealth without its certificate. The contestee is an advertising specialist who recently took in the unwary in San Antonio for several months, and in whom there is a good deal of bull dog tenacity and vigorous backbone. While the JOURNAI, is in nowise in sympathy with the man and his methods it will watch with interest the outcome of his fight with the Board of Health, as it will decide, in a measure, the vexed question as to whether judicial and executive powers can be legally delegated to subsidiary boards, often despotic and arbitrary in character. The Times-Democrat contaius the following reportorial account of the legal proceedings thus far:

"In the Criminal District Court, before Judge R. H. Marr, Section A, Tuesday morning, Dr. J. D. McLennan was called for arraignment on an information charging him with practicing medicine without first registering his diploma in the office of the State Board of Health. Judge J. C. Walker, counsel for the accused, after the information had been read, submitted a demurrer to the bill of information, alleging that it was not sufficient in law and that he was not bound by the law of the land to answer to the information for various reasons; that the several sections of the statutes of Louisiana acts of 1882 and 1886, were unconstitutional, null and void, and in violation of articles 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 29, 46, 80, 92, 116, and 130, and other articles of the constitution, and in so far as they provided for one and the same act or violation, a penalty of fine and imprisonment to be imposed by the courts which were vested with criminal jurisdiction, and a further fine and penalty to be collected by civil process in the civil courts; and also, that all the statutes referred to were unconstitutional, null and void, for the reason that they delegated ard committed to the discretion and judgment of the State Board of Health of Louisiana matters and functions which were purely judicial and not ininisterial, and which properly belong and were


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cognizable only by the judiciary of Louisiana as existing and constituted by the laws and constitution of the state; that the authority to pass judgment as to whether a medical college or medical institution of any of the several states of the l'nited States was reputable or otherwise pertained exclusively to the said judiciary in the exercise of its prerogatives as a co-ordinate and distinct department of the Government of Louisiana, and not to the said State Board of Health, notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the statutes referred to. The demurrer was filed, fixed for argument, and Dr. McLennan released on his bond to appear on the trial of the demurrer."

The JOURNAI, will note the further proceedings in the case as they occur.

Dr. and Mrs. E. E. Davis, Dallas, Tex., are rejoicing over the arrival of their first-born-a

The JOURNAL loves to rejoice with its friends, and in this instance it does so most heartily.

Dr. N. 0. Brenizer, late of Prospect, Ohio, a competent physician and accomplished gentleman, has located at Austin. The JOURNAL welcomes him to Texas and wishes him abundant success in his new home.


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It will pay

-A hearty greeting to our friends, and of that city, as well as a complete list of best wishes for a prosperous 1892.

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