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place of meeting.

CASE II.-By Dr. M. Hammond. The All who attended the meeting had a patient is 70 years old, and was first royal good time and went home well sat- attacked with eczema about ten years isfied with the way the time had been ago in mid-winter, and although actively spent and with what had been done. treated, did not obtain much relief until

spring was well advanced. This has been THE CLINICAL SOCIETY OF MA. his experience yearly ever since, and the RYLAND AND DISTRICT OF past season he has been under Dr. H.'s COLUMBIA.

care. The disease is confined to bis face

with at times excessive swelling, followREPORTED BY HENRY CHANDLEE, M. D., BALTIMORE, MD.

ing periods of intense itching and the

eruption of small vesicles. Sometimes THE regular meeting of the Clinical So- the appearance is that of urticaria, at

ciety of Maryland and District of Co- which periods the affection is more or less lumbia was held at Baltimore, March 25. over the whole body, preventing sleep on Cases were presented as follows:

account of an intense burning and itchCase I.-By Dr. Hood. A girl, aged 7, ing, increased by warmth of the bed. He previously in good health, was twenty- has used various washes and powders three months ago suddenly seized with with temporary benefit. Remedies have convulsions, and was for five days uncon- been Rhus tox., Rhus rad., Sulphur, Apis scious. During the convulsions the right and Graphites. side would be partially paralized, the DISCUSSION:—Dr. Corey remembered a limbs of the left side being in constant very similar case. The patient had great motion. Six months after the attack she scabs as large as one's finger lying across was able to walk slowly, but up to date the legs, with intense burning and itchhas only partially recovered use of the ing. This latter was so constant as to right side. Ever since the first convul- materially interfere with sleep. sion, the child has been subject to slight Dr. Roberts being called in consultaspasmodic attacks, the head being drawn tion suggested Graphites 30x Trit., and a to the left side, and the muscles of the lotion Vinca minor and Grindilia mother left leg contracting. These spells may tincture each one drachm to one pint of last ten minutes, occur two or three times water. The patient was cured in three daily, and the patient is dull and stupid weeks. for a short time afterwards. There is Dr. C. H. Thomas is of opinion that evidently some cerebral irritation, and Rhus tox. should benefit the case. For the attacks remind one of Dr. Hughling- local use, if needed to relieve the intense Jackson's "discharging lesions." Gelsemi- itching, he had found zinc ointment serum, mother tincture, has been exhibited viceable. Recently he had used a ten recently, from every five or ten minutes

per cent. preparation of Skookum Chuck to two or three times daily.

in Lanoline with excellent results. Dr. Price, Sr., suggests Artemisia vul- Dr. Price, Jr., has used various pregaris, anywhere from third to fifth dilu- parations of Skookum Chuck, and has tion.

found the soap a more satisfactory local

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CASE III.-By Dr. Garey. This man three years ago suddenly became almost blind in the left eye, so much so that he could not count fingers. No sooner had this condition decidedly improved, than the right eye became similarly affected. This sequence has occurred twice, and the patient is now partially recovered from the last attack of the right eye. A day or two before the attacks, black specks appear before the eyes, and objects seem if viewed through a cloud. There has been no pain in the eyes nor head. He has been subject to stomatitis since childhood, and has remarked that each attack of blindness has occurred immediately after a severe stomatitis. Vision has never been perfectly restored since the primary attack, though the best eye has improved from to 3 under Hepar sulph. 30. There is no specific testing acknowledged. On examination, the vireous is found to be much clouded, and the vessels of the disk are small and contracted.

Dr. King calls attention to the reduced tennison of the right eye. The condition of the optic disks suggests the possibility of an embolus of the artery centralis, and that a gradual absorbtion presents a measurable restoration of vision.

For the stomatitis, Dr. Price, Sr., has been accustomed to rely upon Mercurius and Kali chlor. Lately he has found Kali jod into grain doses of much benefit in stubborn cases.

Dr. Hammond uses Nitric acid, when Mercurius fails in stomatitis. Dr. Price thinks Muriatic acid is better.

Dr. C. H. Thomas suggests Nitric acid as indicated in the present case, to anti

dote the crude doses of Mercury given the patient while under Allopathic care.

* **

CASE IV.-By Dr. H. W. Webner. The patient, a man of about thirty-five years, who had been for some time living in the midst of unsanitary surroundings, was in January, 1886, taken with typhoid fever, which followed a course of usual severity. Soon after convalescence, three abscesses successively appeared on the buttocks, each discharging about half-pint. Shortly after the abscesses were healed, a cough developed, with an expectoration very like pus, and continued through the summer. In September, an over exertion was followed by thirty-four hemorrhages, from the lungs within a period of six months the blood being bright red. Upon the cessation of the hemorrhages he noticed several hard nodules appearing in different parts of the body, some of which suppurated. From one on the forehead, a piece of bone 3 x 4 lines was removed with forceps. He has had no cough the past year, and is apparently in perfect. health. Remedies used during successive periods were Cinchon. sulph., Baptisia mother tinct. China, mother tinct., Hepar sulph., 2x., Arsenicum, Bryonia 3, Rhus, 3, Acid phos., 3, Hamamelis mother tinct., Antimon tart., 3x, Fellows' Syr. Hypophos., Arsenicum, Silicea, Kali iod.

CASE V.-By Dr. Condon. A child about 6 years old, had spasms when an infant. Since then she has had constant nystagmus, except during sleep. She possesses a certain amount visual perception, but not by direct focussing. She is also recently developing chronic symptoms. It has been impossible to examine the refraction, owing to the irregular movements of the

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eyeballs. The case is now taking Agari. Douglass' cul-de-sac. The tender abdocus musc. t. d.

men, leucorrhea, dysmenorrhea, and one Dr. King thinks the condition might be year's local treatment all support this view almost termed congenital, and doubts if it

of the case. can be benefitted.

Dr. Price, Sr., advises an examination

per rectum in all such obscure cases. CASE VI.-By Dr. Flora A. Brewster. Remedies suggested were Chamomila Miss — age 23, has been ailing about ,

Actea rac, and Apis. two and a half years. The first symptoms experienced was an urgent desire to uri- CASE VII.-By Dr. Janney. A child, age nate, caused by intense mental excitement; 6 years, when three months old had & this was soon followed by pain in uter- severe coryza, followed by an apparent ine and ovarian regions, and backache. mastoid abscess wbich did not discharge She experiences almost constant aching in and was well in two weeks. The child the hepatic region, especially during the was artificially fed from shortly after menses. Before this attack, had only oc- this attack, and when between three and casional slight pain before the menses. four months old peculiar irregular moveThe summer following, her periods occur- ments of limbs were noticed, especially ed every two weeks and were always during sleep. At two years she began profuse, lasting six or

days. to crawl and could not walk until four. She had local treatment for several The body is nourished equally on either months, and has experienced severe pains side, but in earlier life the child's diet at menstrual period ever since. Upon was but little restricted and she was not examination the uterus and appendages as well nourished as at present. The are found in position; there is slight choreic movements are increasing. Remtenderness of the entire abdomen and a edies used are Ignatia, Causticum and Arcutting pain near the umbilicus upon senicum. pressure. She has daily headache with Dr. Drane suggested Calcarea phos. on painful eyeballs and a tormenting burn account of spinal symptoms and defiing from the waist to the knees, both cient nutrition. back and front, accompanied by throbbing. Belladonna relieved the throb- CASE VIII.-By Dr. Lindley. The pabing but not the burning. She has taken tient, a negro aged 22, came under my Lachesis 30 and Hyoscyamus 3x without care in January, 1890. He dates his benefit.

present trouble from a large abscess on the Dr. Freer has seen cases presenting a leg about eight years ago, the opening very similar train of symptoms, but has of which exposed “the tendons" of the always been able to recognize local leg. About the time of this swelling he trouble. In a recent case, quite like the first noticed enlarged veins on the legs. present, a dislocated ovary was found. This varicose condition gradually ex

Dr. Kneass feels quite sure that an tended over both legs and the abdomen. examination in Simm's position would Finally ulcers appeared in various places enable one to find some tenderness in on the legs, numbering thirteen, when

* **

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be came under my care. Hydrocotyle a course of reading and study under Dr. Asiatica, as recommended by Dr. Hel- Cooke, be matriculated at Hahnemann muth, gave marked improvement for a Medical College, from which he was time, many of the ulcers healing nicely. graduated in 1868. He commenced prac

. But after a time the remedy seemed to tice under the shadow of his alma mater, lose its effect, since which time Silicea and built up a large and lucrative practice and Graphites have been the principal in Chicago during the seven years he reremedies used, supplemented by an occa- mained there, most of that time in associasional dose of Mercurius or Sulphur. At tion with his former preceptor, Dr. Cooke. the suggestion of Dr. N. W. Kneass & The rigorous climate of the "Lake City,” rubber bandage over soft paper was some and the arduous duties of an extensive time ago applied instead of the muslin practice undermined his health, and comone heretofore employed, but improve- pelled him to seek a more genial climate. ment under any treatment has been and He selected Florida, and established probably will be slow, as is the usual himself in practice in Jacksonville in Decourse of Elephantiasis.

cember, 1875. The change of climate,

happily, wrought the entire recovery of OFFICERS OF THE SOUTHERN

his health, and, in a very short time, HOMÆOPATHIC MEDICAL

bis medical skill, his scientific attainASSOCIATION FOR 1891. ments and his sympathetic nature were

recognized and appreciated. DR. Henry R. Stout, Jacksonville, The doctor was the first to suggest the

Florida, President of the Southern organization of a Southern Association. Homeopathic Medical Association, Presi- Dr. S. M. Angell, First Vice-president, dent of the Board of Homeopathic Medi- is a son of the late Dr. Richard Angell, cal Examiner of Florida, ex-President of and was born in Jefferson County, Miss., the Homeopathic Medical Society of August 2, 1833. He began the study of Florida, and a member of the American medicine under his father, in Huntsville, Institute of Homeopathy, was born in Alabama, January, 1853. Attended his Westfield New York, March 17th 1843. first course of lectures at the Eclectic After a thorough prepatory course of Medical College, Cincinnati, Obio, during study under his father, the Reverend the winter of 1854–5, and his second Charles B. Stout, he entered Kenyon Col- in the Medical Department of the Unilege, Obio, at the age of eighteen. The versity of Louisiana during the session of martial influences of those days proving 1855-6; during the winter of 1856–7, he too attractive he left the college in 1863, attended the Pensylvania Homeopatbic before graduation, and entered the One Medical College in Philidelphia, where he Hundred and Tbirty-Fourth Illinois Vol- received the degree of Medical Doctor, unteers. When mustered out of service March 1, 1857. Soon thereafter the docwith his regiment he returned to Illinois tor located at New Orleans, where he has and settled in Chicago, and, in the fall of continued in practice ever since. Dr. An1865, entered the office of Dr. N. F.Cooke, gell is an active worker for the cause of and began the study of medicine. After Homeopathy in the South.

Dr. A. E. Meadow, Second Vice-Presi- to Louisiana and entered practice at St. dent, was born in Humphreys County, Martinville, where he continued until a Tennessee, and at the age of eighteen few years ago, and then removed to New went to Arkansas where one year later he Orleans. began to study medicine under Dr. J. C. Mr. T. Engelbach, the Treasurer, was Bridges. He attended The St. Louis born in Charleston, South Carolina, July Homeopathic Medical College and the 7th, 1856, and has been engaged in HomcePulte Medical College, and was graduated opathic Pharmacy during the past twenty from the latter March 6th, 1883. He lo- years.

He received his pharmacutical cated at Birmingham, Alabama, and be training in New York City, and since 1877 came a partner of Dr. A. L. Monroe has been identified with Homeopathy in (now of Louisville, Ky.,) with whom he the South, at New Orleans. Mr. E. has was associated a little over a year, and

been one of the most active workers in the then entered the employ, as physician, Southern Association, in fact, one of the Cababa Coal Mining Company, the very first promoters. . largest coal company in the South, and With such an able set of officers it with which he is still connected.

can be safely predicted that the meeting Dr. Wells Le Fevre, Corresponding of the Association to be held in Nashville Secretary, is a native of Illinois, and 31 next November, will be a grand success. years of age. He received a literary college training at Illinois Wesleyan, at go FAR as heard from the number of Bloomington, Ill., and the Wabash College, graduates from Homeopathic Colleges at Crawfordsville, Ind. After a three years for 1891, is 361, credited as follows: course in medicine he was graduated from Hahnemann MedicalCollege of Chicago.97 the Chicago Homeopathic College, and Hahnemann Medical College of Phila.59 began special work under Prof. E. H. Chicago Homeopathic Medical Col


..53 Pratt, of Chicago, with whom he remained New York Homeopathic Medical Colas an assistant for nearly three years.


...45 Two years ago he established bimself at

Pulte Medical College, Cincinnati....29

Cleveland Medical College.... 19 Hot Springs, Ark., and is rapidly coming Iowa City Homcopathic College......17 to the front as one of the leading Homoe. Homeopathic Medical College of Mo..15 opaths of the South. His election as cor

Women's Homeopathic Medical College of New York....

.9 responding secretary presages success for Cleveland Homeopathic Medical Colthe next meeting


8 Dr. C. R. Mayer, Recording Secretary, Kansas City Homoeopathic Medical


6 was born near Franklin, Louisiana, in

Hahnemann Medical College of Cali1860, but spent his boyhood in Europe, fornia...

.4 where his parents lived for some time af- The following colleges are yet to be ter the war. On their return to Louisiana heard from: University of Michigan, and he began the study of medicine under Dr. Boston Homeopathic College. J. A. Bell, at Naperville, Illinois, and The first session of The Southern Homoegraduated from Hahnemann Medical Col- opathic Medical College at Baltimore begins lege, Chicago, Ill , in 1885. He returned October 5th, 1891.

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