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If every physician receiving the Journal would

Dr. T. J. Haughton, for a time located at Greentake it unto himself to secure an additional sub

ville, Texas, is now permanently homed at Vernon, scription, how he would make our apples float.

this State. Vernon is the most promising town in Who will help the Journal this much ?

the Texas Panhandle and ought to be a good location for the doctor. We wish him abundant success

in his new field. Dr. F. P. Green is about to take up his abode at Mempbis, and to engage in co-partenership with

Belle Shepherd, M. D., of Citronelle, Alabama Dr. H. Z. Landis. They will make a good team

lias opened an office in Mobile at No. 64 Dauphin and the JOURNAL wishes them unbounded success.

street, where she may be found on Mondays from 9

to 11 and 3 to 5. Her specialty is disease of women The Chicago Homeopathic College is amply able

and children. Dr. Shepherd continues her practice to give a most excellent post graduate course and

at Citronelle, also. the Journal hopes the venture it is at present engaged in will result in a permanent post graduate Dr. Henry Sheffield, of Nashville, has gotten up school in connection therewith.

a creditable campaign document of eighteen pa ges

neatly printed and bound, titled "Crude and InDr. M. A. A. Wolff, of Gainesville, Texas, has

finitesimal Doses," which will do good work for not been well since undergoing a severe surgical Homæopathy wherever read. Some of the doctor's operation in St. Louis last spring. His early and

arguments and illustrations are decidedly ingenious. complete recovery is earnestly hoped for by his col. leagues throughout the State.

The Alabama State Medical Association will hold

its next annual meeting at Birmingham on the ninth The Portland (Maine) Homeopaths have organ

of June. This young association has already set ized a hospital association and are about to begin

actively to work for Homöopathic interests, and it operations in the building recently occupied by the

is hoped it may have a successful meeting in June Maine Eye and Ear Infirmary. From Portland,

and that every Homeopath in Alabama will be in Maine, to Portland, Oregon, Homeopathy is on the

attendance. move.

The next annual meeting of the Kansas State Dr. S. W. Cohen, of Waco, passed through San Society will be held at Kansas City, Kansas, in Antonio recently, and spent an hour with the Jour- May, beginning on the first Wednesday. Dr. M. xal's scribe. The Doctor is as rantankerously Jay Brown, of Salina, is president, and Dr. P. Die. "high" in attenuations and just as good natured as derich, of Kansas City, is secretary. · Both are ever with it.

workers and Kansas will have a good meeting or

we miss our guess. Dr. Sarah J. Millsop, of Bowling Green, Ky., contemplates a much needed vacation this summer, The Secretary of the Indiana Institute of Homeher first in three and a half years. Dr. Millsop opathy, Dr. Clarke, has issued a very comprehensive has done excellent service for Homæopathy in preliminary announcement of the Quarto-Centenary Bowling Green and vicinity and a vacation is richly meeting of that body, which will take place at Indeserved.

dianapolis on May 13 and 14. Papers are requested

from Homeopaths all over the world, and it The Journal gives hearty thanks to Drs. Clapp, is intended to try to make this meeting one the best of Birmingham, Henry, of Montgomery, Meadow, the Institute has ever held.




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The Homeopaths of Boston will hold a public wick theatre and graduated a bright and promising fair at Horticultural Hall the whole of the second lot of young men and women, fourteen in number, week of May, for the purpose of raising funds to on the night of March twelfth. The exercises were complete their new dispensary and maternity. As unusually interesting and entertaining and the floral our Boston brothers and sisters usually succeed in offerings to the graduating class were larger and whatever they undertake we have no hesitancy in more beautiful than is usual upon such occasions. predicting a grand success for their fair. So mote it The JOURNAL wishes the St. Louis College many be.

joyous and successful repetitions of the occasion.


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The Homoeopathic profession of the whole United States will sympathize deeply with Dr. O. S. Runnells, of Indianapolis, ex-president of the American Institute of Homeopathy, in the sorrowful bereavement he has recently sustained in the loss of his wife from La Grippe. The Journal's profoundest sympathies go out to Dr. Runnells in his bereavement.

The Homæopaths of California are not only fighting for representation on the State Board of Health, but they are hot on the trail of the Napa Insane Asylum. A petition has been gotten up and sent to Governor Markham, himself a Homeopath, asking for the appointment of a Homeopathic superintendent for that institution.

We are aster them in Maine, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Texas and California. Other States will fall in line soon.


Drs. J. A. Vansant, Sterling, and Allison Clokey, Louisville, respectively president and secretary of the Kentucky Homeopathic Medical Association, are out with a preliminary announcement for the next meeting of that association which will meet in Lexington May 19 and 20. Our Kentucky colleagues are beginning to stir things in their State and it is expected that a good meeting will be held this spring. The JOURNAL will be present in spirit.

Homeopathy has won a just recognition at Wheel. ing, West Virginia, in having a ward in the City Hospital set aside for Homeopathic patients to be treated by Homeopathic physicians. A by-law of the association already provided that any patient or person endowing a bed might select the physician to attend the case, but the new rule is more comprehensive and specific in its application and was adopted in deference to the emphatic demands of the Homeopaths of Wheeling. A just and persistent demand for our rights will always secure them.



It is said that a Texas farmer sent this rather mixed order to a country town merchant: “Send me a sack of flour, five pounds of cose and one pound of tee. My wife gave birth to a big baby boy last nite, also five pounds of corn starch, a screwdriver and a fly-trap. It weighed ten pounds and a sack of salt." We don't believe that any such thing oc. curred in Texas. It sounds too much like Arkansaw !

Dr. W. A. Dewey, managing editor of the California Homæopath, has been elected professor of

Materia Medica in the San Francisco College, Prof. Dewey held the chair of Anatomy for several years, making one of the best teachers in anatomy it has ever been our pleasure to listen to. That he will make a model teacher of materia medica goes without sayirg, and the college is exceedingly for. tunate in securing his services for that chair.

Dr. A. L. Monroe, has associated with him at Louisville, Ky., Dr. Sidney B. Elliott, late of Toronto, Canada, a promising Homeopathic physician, an hereditary doctor whose ancestral tree has fur. nished many medicos within the past few generations. Dr. Elliott graduated from the old school and practiced Allopathy in Canada some time before studying and graduating in Homeopathy at New York last year. The JOURNAL welcomes him to the South and wishes him complete success in his Southern home, Dr. Ellioit lectures on obstectrics in the new school for nurses in Louisville,



A Woman's Homeopathic Hospital Association has been organized in St. Louis. The officers of the corp on are Amanda J. Rockwell, M. D., Pres. ident; Lizzie Gray Gutherz, M. D., Treasurer and

The Homoeopathic Medical College of Missouri held its annual commencement exercises at Pick

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Clara Sauter, Secretary. These ladies and others in press the ninth yearly issue of the “International propose the organization and maintenance of a wo. Medical Annual.” Its corps of editors, thirty seven man's hospital with which shall be connected a in number, all specialists in their respective departclinic and dispensary. God bless and prosper these ments comprising the brightest and best American, good women in the work, says the JOURNAL. English and French authors will doubtless give us

a thoroughly practical and popular volume in harAt a recent meeting of the New York State Society mony with the previous excellent issues of the same the following physicians were selected from whom book. Its Index of New Remedies and Directory the regents are to select the State Board of Home- of New Treatment Epitomized in one volume make opathic Examiners: Wm. Tod Helmuth, Jno. McE. it a desideratum to the busy practitioner and a book · Wetmore, Geo. M. Dillow, H, M. Dearborne, J. M. of much value to the student. The price is two Schley, New York; W: S. Searle, J. L, Moffatt, E. dollars and seventy-five cents. Ilasbrouck, Brooklyn; H. M. Paine, Albany; A. - T. Couch, Fredonia; A. R. Wright, Buffalo; E. H.

His host of friends in and out of the profession Wolcott, Kochester; E. E. Snyder, Binghampton,

will deeply sympathize with Dr. A. O. Hardenstein, and J. W. Sheldon, Syracuse.

of Vicksburg, Miss., in the sad and tragic death of

his brother, Ernest Hardenstein, editor of a comThe Conglomerate is the itle of a neat little

mercial paper in that city, who was killed by a weekly paper issued by the patients at the Homæo.

brother editor, Jno. G. Cashman, on the 23d of pathic Insane Asylum, Middletown, New York, in

March, the result of newspaper utterances growing the interests of that institution and Homeopathy. It out of the New Orleans riot. is also the special champion of the interests of in

Mr. Hardenstein published a campaign docusape people. Although published at a State asylum

ment for Homeopathy in 1878 which did a vast it has to depend upon subscriptions for support, and

service to our school in the Mississippi valley. It appeals to the profession at large to enroll their

was titled "The Epidemic of 1878 and its Homeonames at one dollar a year. The Southern JOUR- patbic Treatment; a general history of the origin, NAL hopes its list may be enlarged beyond the fond.

progress and end of the plague in the Mississippi est expectation of its publishers and that it may ac- Valley." His father was a pioneer for Homeocomplish great results in its special line of labor. pathy in Vicksburg and his brother is one of the Subscribe for it, everybody.

most widely known and justly celebrated practi

tioners in the South. Mr. Hardenstein took a great The Philadelphia Post Graduate School has no interest in all the affairs of Homeopathy in the chair that is not purely Homeopathic. It instructs Southern territory and, therefore, beyond and aside only those who are already physicians, regularly from the sympathy the JOURNAL experiences for his graduated by reputable medical colleges of any brother and his family, it deeply deplores his sad school of medicine, and it teaches simply Homæo - and untimely end. pathic materia medica and therapeutics and the art of prescribing for disease upon the principles of HOMEOPATHY IN Russia. The British Medical pure Homeopathy. It thus affords any physician Journal is responsible for the following account of who desires to acquire a knowledge of the doctrines the rapid appreciation of Homeopathy in Russia: taught by Samuel Hahnemann an opportunity of "Homeopathy is said to be spreading in Russia, so doing, without the drudgery of going over, for a especially in the upper social strata. Societies for second time, courses of study with which he is thor. the propagation of the Hahnemannian doctrines oughly familiar. This school will doubtless be well have recently been established at Tschernigow, attended by physicians wishing to perfect themselves Odessa and Warsaw. As has been noticed in other in materia medica, especially, and that it has a field countries, the clergy are conspicuous among the strictly its own, so far, cannot be denied.

supporters of the great medical heresy, and in Rus.

sia the military mind seems also to have an affinity E. B. Treat, medical publisher, New York, has for globules and infinitesimal dilutions. Thus at


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Prof. Kraft.

Prof.J. K. Sanders.

Tschernigow one of the founders of the new society two Homeopaths and one Eclectic, thus putting the is the bishop (Benjamin). At Odessa, among those powers of the board entirely under Allopathic conwho have signed the draft statutes of the society, trol. The law also provides that a mere majority are the Archbishop of Cherson (Nikanor), Generals of the members present at any meeting may for alCount Rostowzew, Roop, Teplow and Strandmann, leged unprofessional or immoral conduct refuse a and the mayor of the city, M. Marasli, with his license or revoke any license already granted. This deputý, M. Ligin. Ladies are probably not eligible discretion is too wide to lodge with any one school. for admission to this sapient society, which would In order to put it beyond the power of any one account for the otherwise inexplicable absence of school to work injustice to a rival school we subtheir names."--Monthly Homæopathic Review. mitted to the house committee on medical legisla

tion the following amendments, taken from the

Kansas law, and asked their adoption: The Cleveland Homeopathic Hospital College

“ First—That in no case shall a majority of the the old college-has instituted a post-graduate

physicians constituting said State Board of Medical course of two weeks to follow immediately after the

Examiners be appointed from or belong to any regular term. It will be free to all graduates of the

one school of medicine. old college while others will be charged a fee of $25 for the course.

“Second—That no appointment shall be made Four lectures will be given daily. The post

except upon the recommendation of the State Soci. graduate faculty is as follows:

ety of the school of medicine to which the applicant Surgical Gynecology..

Prof. Biggar.

may belong. Materia M dica

" Third-No certificate shall be refused or rePhysical and Differential Diagnosis.. Prof. Pomeroy. voked unless by consent of a majority of all the Practical Surg ry....

members of said board, Ophthalmology and Otology .........

.Prof. Phillips. Advanced Obstetricy

“ It will be observed that we ask no favors for our ... Prof. J. C. Sanders. Nervous Diseases

.Prof. Eggleston. school. We desire no special legislation for the Orificial Surgery.

Prof. Wells.

Homæopaths. We demand an equal representation Urinary Analysis...

...... Prof. Bishop.

for all. We want no more than this, and will accept Nose and Throat....

....... Prof. Hall.

no less. Upon one day of each weeek especially obscure

" Permit us to say in conclusion, and in behalf of and complicated cases will be solicited and examin

the whole Homeopathic profession in this State, ed and treated by the faculty as a whole.

that we are now and at all times are ready to make The many thousands of friends of Old Cleveland,

* the bed-rock test' proposed.” the second oldest Homeopathic College in the world,

That committee is made of the proper stuff and will wish her complete success in this new under

Homeopathic interests are safe in its hands. taking, and in this wish the JOURNAL most heartily

At its regular meeting in February the club elected joins.

the following officers and committees:

President, Dr. B. A. Wheeler; vice-president, Our brethren in Colorado are alive to the interests Dr. W. S. Smythe; secretary, Dr. Freyermuth; staof our school in that sister State and propose to see tistician, Dr. Cook; treasurer, Dr. Irwin; censors, that a fair deal is accorded Homeopathy in all mat- Drs. Anderson, Burr and Cook; delegate to the ters of vital import. The Denver Homeopathic American Institute, Dr. Kinley; legislative commitClub has appointed a legislative committee to watch tee, Drs. Burnham, Anderson and Smythe; entermedical affairs at the capitol and in the course of tainment committee, Drs. Stockdale, Clark and its duties it addresses itself to a bill before the House Cook. The committer of which President Wheeler in the following pointed manner:

is chairman was re-elected, with instructions to keep “We are not opposed to any medical legislation a sharp look out on the monthly reports of the hoswhich shall be fair and impartial. The proposed pital, and particularly on the undertakers. law provides for a board consisting of six Allopaths,



-A fact not generally known: that the SOUTHERN JOURNAL OF HOMEOPATHY is the Official Organ of The Southern Homoeopathic Medical Association, State Homœopathic Societies of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Florida, also, of the Clinical Society of Washington, D. C. and Baltimore, -This number begins a new volume and now is the best time to subscribe. Price $2.00 per year.

-Spring is the time when the swelling buds and the budding swells begin to think about leaving for the Summer.Exc.

-Doctor, have you examined the list of second hand books? The prices are very much cut down, and the books are in good condition.

-The last page of cover has a new "Ad." which will repay you to read.

-Why not call Sanicula Spring Water Aqua Sanicula and thus avoid confounding this new comer with Sanicula Marilandica?

"TALK about your crow's-feet and your wrinkles," murmured the thermometer, "look at the hard lines on My face."-Exc.

-Capt. J. Lachlinson, Darien, Ga., says: Mrs. Lachlinson was suffering severely from Nervous Prostration and Debility to such an extent that sleep was impossible. We visited the Bromine Spring at Lithia Springs, Ga., and in addition to spending a most delightful season, my wife returned to her home thoroughly restored to her normal condition of health. We naturally think very highly of it, and it will afford me pleasure to be of service to you in any

way possible in bringing so remarkable a natural water to the attention of the public.

-Samples of Horlick's Malted Milk will be sent free to any physician on application to the Malled Milk Co., Racine, Wisc. -Buy good and reliable Homœopathic medicines and don't stand on a few cents in the price. How should you like it were your baker to practice economy on you, and use a cheaper grade of flour in making your bread?

-WANTED: A supply of material for a "Funny Column;" anything with burrs will be rejected. Address, Publisher's Department.

-The books are open for matriculants at the Southern Homoeopathic Medical College Baltimore, Md. already over thirty names have been enrolled. For address of the dean see page 3 of cover.

-The best is by far the cheapest. This applies more forcibly to Homœopathic Medicines than to a good many other things.

-The "Standard Brand" of Globules, Disks and Sugar of Milk are such in fact as well as in name.

-Doctor, if your Consumption patients must be "Creosoted" why not use Bouchard's formula as given in Sajou's Annual, last year.

-The most important Homoeopathic book of the year is Benninghausen's Therapeutic Pocket Book, edited and augmented by Dr. T. F. Allen, of New York City. See Boericke & Tafel's "Ad." for particulars.

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