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Chas. F. Claiborne,

Chas. T. Soniat,

Not. Pub.

NEW ORLEANS, March 3rd, 1891. The foregoing Act of Incorporation of the "New Orleans Homœopathic Hospital Association" having been submitted to me for examination as to its legality, I am of opinion that the purposes and objects of the corporation, as specified in said Act are legal, and that none of the provisions therein contained are contrary to law.

Signed: JOHN J. FINNEY, Assistant District Attorney for the Parish of Orleans.

I the undersigned Recorder of Mortga


ARTICLE I.-Classes of Membership. There shall be seven (7) classes of members, to-wit: 1st, active members; 2d, passive members; 3d, ladies' auxiliary members; 4th, contributing members; 5th, corresponding members; 6th, honorary members and 7th, life members.

The Association being a charitable one no membership whatsoever shall entitle any member to a financial benefit.

ARTICLE II.-Active Members.

Active members shall pay a yearly fee of six dollars ($6.00), payable quarterly, in advance, on the first days of January, April, July and October. They shall exert themselves in behalf of the progress and welfare of the Hospital, serve on any committee, if appointed, attend to and vote at all meetings of the Association and be eligible to office.

ARTICLE III.-Passive Members. Passive members shall pay twelve dollars ($12.00) per annum, in the same manner as the active members, but they shall not be required to devote any of their time to the working of the Association and shall not be eligible to office. They may attend meetings, if they so desire, with the right to speak on any question, but not with that of casting a vote.

ARTICLE IV.-Ladies Auxiliary Members. Ladies wishing to co-operate towards the charitable ends of this Association shall form a co-ordinate branch, as provided for in the charter, and be admitted therein by a vote of its members.

ARTICLE V.-Contributing members. Any person charitably disposed, residing or not in the city of New Orleans, may become, without any restriction with regard to creed, nationality or profession, a contributing member by paying annually any sum not less than a dollar. They shall not vote and shall not participate in the transactions of any meetings, nor perform any duties whatsoever.

ARTICLE VI-Corresponding Members. Corresponding members shall be such persons residing outside of the city of New Orleans who by any valuable communication shall have helped the good work of the Association. The title being merely an honorary one, they shall be liable to no dues, no duties, nor enjoy any privileges.

ARTICLE VII.-Honorary Members. Physicians of high standing in the Homœopathic profession, residents or nonresidents of New Orleans, or persons who have rendered some signal service to the cause of Homoeopathy, may be elected by the Association as honorary members. Honorary membership shall

not exclude from any of the other classes of membership.

ARTICLE VIII.-Life Members.

Any person who shall donate at one time to the Association a sum not less than a thousand dollars shall be ipso facto declared a Life member. Life membership shall not exclude from any of the other classes of membership. ARTICLE IX.-Applications for Membership.

The applications of gentlemen for membership shall be addressed to the Board of Directors, stating name in full, age, nationality, occupation, place of business, and residence, with a promise of contributing yearly any sum of money, not less than a dollar. This application must be recommended by two members of the Association, be read at a regular meeting of the Board of Directors, lay over until the next regular meeting and then be voted upon by the Directors. It shall be the duty of the Board of Directors to decide to which class the member shall belong.

The applications of ladies shall be addressed directly to the officers of the Ladies' Auxiliary Association, and this body will have sole action upon them.

Corresponding members and life members shall be designated as such by the Board of Directors without any previous application. Honorary members shall be elected by the Board of Directors at any meeting, upon recommendation of the Medical Board.

ARTICLE X.-Annual Meetings of the Association.

The annual meeting of the Association, after 1891, shall be held on the third Monday in January of each year, in the City of New Orleans, the hour and

place to be designated by the President. At these meetings the elections shall take place and such other business shall be transacted as may properly come before it, not inconsistent with these By-Laws. Fifteen active members of the Association, outside of the officers and directors, shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, but a less number may adjourn from time to time until a quorum can be obtained, public notice of the time and place of holding the meetings of the Association shall be published at least one week prior thereto in a newspaper of this city, and active and passive members shall be notified by postal card.

ARTICLE XI.-Special Meetings of the

Special meetings of the Association may be called at any time by the Secretary by order of the President, or upon the written application of seven members, and the call shall specify the business to be transacted. Members may be notified by mail. ARTICLE XII.-Officers of the Association.

The Association shall be governed by a President, a First Vice-President, a Second Vice-President, a Treasurer, a Secretary, a Financial Secretary and nine Directors, who shall constitute a Board of Directors for the management of all the property and concerns of the Institution. ARTICLE XIII-Elections, Privileges and Duties of the Officers.

At the annual meeting of the Association the Officers and Directors shall be nominated and voted for separately, according to rank. When two or more candidates are nominated, the presiding officer shall appoint two tellers to count the votes. If there be no election on the first ballot the lowest candidate shall be drop

ped on each successive ballot until the required majority is obtained. Should there be but one candidate, the vote may be taken viva voce.

The President shall be the chief officer of the Association, with all the powers necessarily appertaining to his office. He shall preside over all meetings, and shall have the casting vote when tie occurs. He shall, whenever he deems it conducive to the good of the Association, speak and admonish on any matter pertaining to its object. He shall be ex-officio member of all committees, and shall appoint the same, and designate the chairman, unless otherwise ordered by the Association, and shall have full power of removal of all appointments made by himself. The property of the Association shall be under his control during his whole term of office. The First Vice-President, in case of the death, or absence, or resignation of the President, shall assume the duties of that office, until the President returns, or a new election takes place. The Second Vice-President shall assume the presidency in case of the absence of both the President, and First Vice-President. The Treasurer shall receive and keep all funds belonging to the Association; pay all orders drawn upon him by the President, and countersigned by the Secretary. He shall report at each monthly meeting of the Board of Directors the receipts and expenditures, with the balance on hand; at the close of his term, he shall furnish a full statement, together with youchers and papers, bills paid, etc., relating thereto, to a committee appointed for that purpose. He shall furnish a bond of two thousand dollars, with good and solvent security, conditioned upon the faithful performance of his official duties.

He shall deposit within three days all funds, in a bank or banks selected by the Board of Directors, and only draw checks against the same, countersigned by the President. The Secretary shall keep the minutes, roll, admission and other books appertaining to his office. He shall prepare all notices of meetings, and issue the


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He shall be exempt from dues during his whole term of office. The Finan cial Secretary shall keep a cash book, ledger or account book, with the personal account of every member subject to dues or contributions and fines, and an address book in which shall be inscribed the name, residence, and place of business of every member of the Association. He shall present quarterly the bills of members. He shall receive 10 per cent. of all dues, contributions or fines collected by him. He shall settle with the Treasurer twice a month: on the eve of every monthly meeting of the Board, and fifteen days thereafter. He shall be prepared at all times to furnish the presiding officer a list of members not entitled to vote. He shall furnish a bond of five hundred dollars. The Directors shall help the other officers in the discharge of their duties and shall manage the affairs of the Association to the best of their ability. Should any officer be absent without cause for three consecutive meetings; refuse to serve after being elected; or be suspended for non-payment of dues or fines, his office may be declared vacant. All vacancies, whether occasioned by resignation or otherwise, shall be immediately filled by the President, and at the next monthly meeting a regular election shall be ordered to take place at a subsequent meeting. If a vacancy occurs among the nine directors,

the President shall appoint any active. member to serve temporarily until there is a meeting of the Association when a regular election shall always be in order. ARTICLE XIV.-Meetings and duties of the Board of Directors.

The meetings of this Board shall be on the first Wednesday of each month, at such hour and place as may be designated by the President. The Board shall appoint annually, or otherwise such Physicians as may have been nominated by the Medical Board and appoint officers, and assistants for the care and direction of the respective departments, with such salaries and allowances as they may from time to time fix and determine; to make such rules and regulations for the government of the said physicians, surgeons, officers, and attendants, and for the admission of patients and the well ordering and conducting of the respective departments of the Institution, as to them may seem proper and expedient. It shall cause to be kept a fair record of all their doings which shall be laid before the Association at the annual meeting thereof or at any special meeting if so requested; and shall make a written report on the Treasurer's accounts and on the general state of the Institution, comprising an account of the receipts and expenditures of the Asscciation, a statement of the number of patients admitted and discharged during the year in each department, and all such other matters as may be of importance and interest to the Association, and for this purpose they shall, at some previous meeting, appoint a Committee of the Board. It shall make such by-laws, rules, and regulations to govern its actions as it may deem expedient, not inconsistent with the Charter and By-Laws of the

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Association. Five members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, and all questions which come before the Board shall be determined by a majority vote of those present.

ARTICLE XV.-Medical Board. The Medical Board shall meet at least once every three months and as often as necessary, subject to the call of its President, by postal card issued by its Secretary. It shall discuss and pass resolutions on all subjects of a scientific, medical, surgical or hygienic character, relating to the workings of the Association, either by motions made by any of its members or at the request of the Board of Directors. It shall nominate, for the appointment to be made by the Board of Directors: 1st, a Resident Physician; 2d, Visiting Physicians, and 3d, Consulting Physicians. It shall supervise the management of the Hospital from a professional point of view and make, through its Secretary, a complete yearly medical, surgical, and hygienic report to the Association, furnishing, in tabular form, the medical statistics of the Institu tion. It shall be the duty of its members to keep themselves posted on all subjects of interest throughout the world, in order to be able to furnish the necessary information to the Board of Directors; two of its members shall be appointed by its President to attend every meeting of the Board of Directors during three months, as delegates, with the right to speak on any question, but without the right to vote, and if any of these delegates fail to attend any one of said meetings, its President shall replace him at once. The Medical Board shall make such rules and regulations as it may deem expedient, not inconsistent with the Charter and

By-Laws of the Association.

ARTICLE XVI.--Committees.

The Association shall elect at the annual meeting an Auditing Committee composed of three active members, not offlcers, whose duty shall be to examine all the books and financial papers of the Association and Hospital every three months and to make a clear and detailed report of the condition of the same at the next annual meeting. They shall have the right to call a special meeting of the Association at any time, through the President, if they deem it necessary. A Hospital Committee shall be elected by the Board of Directors composed of two Directors, three members of the Ladies Auxiliary Association and two active members of the Association. It shall meet once a week at the Hospital, supervise the management thereof and report to the Board monthly. The Board of Directors, the Medical Board, and the Association shall have as many special committees as they may deem expedient.

ARTICLE XVII.-Privileges of Donors. Any person, persons, or society of whatever creed or denomination, contributing at any one time the sum of one thousand dollars to the Association shall be entitled, during a period of three years, to designate a patient or patients to occupy a bed in one of the pay-wards, subject to the approval of the Directors. Any person, persons, or society contrib uting at any one time the sum of five hundred dollars to the Association shall be entitled, during one year following, to nominate a patient or patients to occupy a bed in the pay-wards, subject to the approval of the Directors. In either case, the contributors shall have the right to affix a name to such bed. A do

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