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As to the additional qualifications of the "He—that is, a physician-should not rule under discussion, that, viz., which re- directly or indirectly extend any sort of lates to "practice based on an exclusive professional service to patients under the dogma to the rejection of the accumulated care of Homeopathic or irregular practiexperience of the profession, and of the tioners, no such service or advice being

, aids actually furnished by anatomy, phys- allowable until the Homeopathic or irsiology, pathology and organic chemistry," regular practitioner has been formally and we are authorized to assume that it cannot permanently discharged from all further be made a serious issue in Alabama; be- attendance upon the case; and all physicause with us no person is allowed to en- cians under the ban of any local society gage in the practice of medicine until his should be treated in every way as irreguknowledge of the branches mentioned has lars." been determined by written examination, This is a rule of our own making, and and his fitness to practice vouched for by there can be no question as to our aua board of medical examiners appointed thority to repeal it. We do not stop to by us, and conducting examinations under discuss the wisdom and expedience of it our supervision. It would present an ex- at the time of its adoption. But it is ample of singular inconsistency if we clearly out of place under the existing should through one of our medical boards conditions of medical law and medical orcertify to the people of the State that a ganization in this State; and we respectcertain physician was competent to prac- fully submit for the consideration of all tice medicine, and yet at the same time concerned the propriety of repealing it at take the position that he was not a fit per- the next session of the State Medical Asson to be met in consultation.

sociation. But, as we have said, we find no obsta- With the repeal of this special rule of cle in the Code of Ethics of the American our own making, and with the plain and Medical Association that stands in the unstrained interpretation which we have way of the policy in regard to consulta given of the rule in reference to consultations which we have ventured to suggest; 'tions of the American Medical Association and we may add that this is not a new the way will be opened for the complete policy in this State. Quite a number of harmony and co-operation of all physiEclectic physicians have become members cians in this state, surely a consummation of our county societies, and have been for most devoutly to be wished. years freely admitted to all the privileges All of which is respectfully submitted. of consultations; and some of them have

BENJ. J. BALDWIN, M. D., Chairman, been members of our boards of medical

John B. Gaston, M. D., examiners. Only one Homoeopath has


J. H, BLUE, M. D., ever applied for membership in any of

L. L. HILL, JR., M. D., our county societies, and he was admitted

W. M. WILKERSON, M. D., without hesitation.

GLENN ANDREWS, M. D., The special rule passed many years ago R. F. MICHEL, M. D., by the State Medical Association is as fol- J. S. WEATHERLY, M. D., lows:


Unanimously adopted by the Medical and has accomplished its mission and no and Surgical Society of Montgomery longer helps, Kali carb. may come in as County, Ala., at its regular weekly meet- the chronic of Nux to complete the cure, ing held March 7, 1891.

and here it competes with Sulphur. R. J. BALDWIN, M. D., President. A very striking feature of this medicine R. J. JORDAN, M. D., Secretary.

is its characteristic stitching, sticking pains, flying about in various parts, especially in the chest and heart like Pulsatilla

and Bryonia. The constitution is unlike Materia Medica.

that of Pulsatilla. The Pulsatilla patient

wants to be cool, the Kali carb. to be warm. (Contributed to the SOUTHERN JOURNAL.]

Most of the Kali carb. symptoms are agKALI CARBONICUM.

gravated by cold. The stitching pains of

Bryonia are worse in a warm room, those BY J. T. KENT, M. D., PHILADELPHIA.

of Kali carb. are better in a warm room.

Pains wandering like Pulsatilla, stitching THE constitutional condition of Kali like Bryonia. Constriction through the

carb, is so affected that the symptoms chest. Difficult breathing Stitches of the sickness are aggravated by every through the heart. Many catarrhal change of the weather; he takes cold after symptoms. every exposure, even the slightest; is

We have in Kali carb. all that can be found usually chilly, keeps about the fire to keep in scrofulous ophthalmia. The very worst warm, bundles himself up warmly. forms of catarrh of nose; thick, copious,

All the symptoms are brought on or made yellowish green mucous filling up the nose worse by taking cold. I have often ob

and posterior nares; crusty formations in served that a patient having a weak heart the nose. Bronchitis, with copious, thick, has this susceptibility to cold after, or ag- yellowish green expectoration; continually gravated by, every change of the weather. taking cold keeps up this state of affairs, The symptoms are the outgrowth of a the catarrhal condition follows down the feeble circulation, or of a fatty heart. smaller tubes and capillaries and there is

I do not know any remedy more likely to created a predisposition to phthisis. ward off heart failure than this one. If a

Miliary tubercle may come on. patient recovering from an attack of pneu- Great pallor, aggravated by the slightmonia, toward the close has hot flushes, est draft and by washing. Washing the evidences of a weak heart, symptoms of skin causes it to become covered all over heart failure after the “Grippe” result of with blotches, red, mottled purple spots. vicious and inappropriate the Allopathic Ammonium carb. is the remedy genertreatment, is always taking cold, has pros- ally required for the symptom, “every time tration, tendency to catarrh of the chest he takes a bath his skin is covered all over and nose, in such cases Kali carb. has often with spots,Kali carb. has it strongly. proved a valuable remedy. Where Nur The Kali carb. patient says he cannot take vomica has been the acute remedy, especi- a bath without taking cold, no matter how ally in stomach and bladder difficulties, cautious he is, nor how warm the room


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draught, after being heated, causing There is a great deal of anxiety, es

headache or toothache. Like Baryta carb. pecially when alone, is afraid something and Graphites, it has cured wens on the will happen to him; fear of death when scalp. Hair falls out. Perspiration on alone. It is not a fear of being over- head and forehead. powered, for the presence of a child will If Kali carb. was only known for its eye allay it. The Arsenic. patient is afraid he symptoms, it would be a very valuable will be injured, or that he will do him- remedy. The vision often reflects its self harm if left alone; fears he will die. nervous condition. Eyes weak, dimness Many remedies have the dread of being of vision, connected with symptoms of alone, without the awful awe of soine- the genital organs; weak, dull after thing about to happen. Arsenicum, Phos- emissions, cannot see or use his ordinary phorus, Mezereum, Stramonium have it, glasses. Photophobia, following exciteprobably the most prominently.

ment of genital organs; under such cirThe fear of death when alone is the cumstances there seems to be a gauze or most striking mental feature of Kali carb. fog before the eyes. Blood vessels of conDelirium in the night. Very easily fright- junctiva are engorged and the mucous ened; starts when touched; noise is dis- membrane tumid, swollen; ulcers in spots, agreeable; intolerance of the human bleeding. Milk-white spots about the corvoice; these show how oversensitive he is. nea. Little whitish, milk-white growths "Alternating mood, at one time good and on the conjunctiva. Lids swollen, edges quiet, at another, excited and angry at a and canthi red. Caruncula red and trifle, constantly in antagonism with her swollen. self; frequently hopeful, frequently des- The catarrh of the eyes is associated pondent; frets about everything, peevish,

with catarrh of nose. impatient, contented with nothing.” This There is a peculiar state common to a is a clinical group containing largely the few remedies, but striking in Kali carb.; Kali carb. features.

it is the extension of the catarrhal conIt has a great deal of vertigo. Head- dition to the ears causing deafness. ache about the eyes and temples. Severest Pharynx fills up with tenacious, foul forms of neuralgia, with stitching, tearing mucous, hawks it up and gags, coughs pains, associated with congested hot

When the mucous is raised to head, mostly from catarrhal conditions. pharynx it produces gagging. Has no power to ward off the tendency to Another general feature running take cold. Pressure in forehead with through this remedy is its time of aggraphotophobia. Stitches in forehead and vation. Mental symptoms, chest sympttemples, worse stooping, moving head, oms, stomach symptoms, cough, all worse eyes or jaw; better raising head and from between 2 and 3 a. m.; 3 a. m., aggravaheat.

tion; wakes at 3 a.m. with the symptoms. Stitches into eyes and root of nose, Puffy swelling between eyebrows and with catarrh. Congestive and catarrhal lids. Upper lip swollen. Swelling of headache, with dry, hard cough.

lower jaw, with looseness of teeth and Liability of head to take cold from a enlarged submaxillary glands. These

and gags.

swellings are in keeping with its general the Kali carb. patient is worse from sudden state, it produces much cardiac weakness changes, or from cold air, he would be with edema of the extremities. Swelling better from hot things. Some remedies of the feet with pitting on pressure.

It have aggravation from cold and ameliorahas the constriction of Cactus about the tion from warmth, but it is not so with heart. You will notice in such low, de- Kali carb. Hot things, hot drinks, hot bilitated constitutions a tendency to en- applications often make the pains worse largement of glands. Parotids, especially and make the patient worse. Many pains the right, inflamed, swollen, hard. You are worse from either heat or cold. will find under each region that has sus- Toothache, stitching, tearing, aggravaceptibility to pain, the stitching, sticking ted by both heat and cold. Toothache, pains. Headache with noises in ear after worse from chewing. Drawing tootha cold drink, shows the aggravation from ache as soon as she gets into bed in the cold. Nose obstructed making breathing evening, not during the day. This shows through nostrils impossible; better in aggravation from heat of bed and from open air, returns in warm room. Dry lying down. Many of the symptoms are coryza. Coryza; thick yellowish dis- aggravated after lying down, many of its charge with great lassitude; purulent, pains come on at night from lying. Dysfetid discharge from one nostril; yellow pnea, cannot possibly lie down. It is green or bloody mucus; sore crusty nost- somewhat whimsical in its modalities. rils; complete closure of nostrils. This The destructive process about the teeth group corresponds to a bad case of

goes on until they loosen and fall out. catarrh.

( Carbo vegetabilis.)" You will notice as a striking feature of With feeble circulation beginning in a few remedies that have general aggra- very early life, white patches form on the yation from cold air, amelioration of mucous membrane of the mouth breaktheir coryzás in the open

air. Kali carb. ing down into thrush. Nux vomica and Cyclamen are all cold Sticking pain in pharynx, as if a fish •patients. Cyclamen is furiously averse to bone was sticking in it, if he becomes cold. open air, except when coryza comes on, In old chronic catarrh, or in pharyngitis which is relieved in open air. You will when riding in a cold wind, the cold air not find this in the books, it is purely feels like a burning flame in phranys, clinical, but has been very often verified. there is sticking like sticks, likely to be The Allium cepa coryza is always worse followed by headache, then neuralgia of in a warm room, and better in open air. face, eyes, scalp and head. but so far as we know, it has not that Difficult swallowing, from partial freezing feeling in the open air in other paralysis of esophagus, food goes down conditions. The Kali carb. patient is slowly, spasmodic stricture, holds food always chilly at best, but the coryza is for awhile, then allows it to go down; a better in the open air.

drink of water sometimes helps. There Swelling of face, especially over the are only two remedies that I can recall eyes.

that "cannot swallow a single mouthful It doesn't always follow that, because without a swallow of water." They are


Cactus and Curare. Tenacious mucous in the characteristic stitching, cutting pains fauces and posterior pharynx, mornings; are in the abdomen, with great distension difficult to hawk up, causes gagging and great flatulence. Chronic constipaDifficult swallowing, food descends slowly tion, no stools for many days; ineffectual and small particles easily get into wind- urging, with a feeling as if rectum was pipe.

too weak to expel it; after much pressure, Here is another striking symptom to

most of it remains. After constipation remember:-“With every attempt to swal- goes on sometime, hemorrhoids, very low, there is a pain in the back between painful and distressing, burning, itching, the shoulders.” I know only two other large-sized tumors, bleeding and very remedies that have this, Causticum and Raphanus.

Kali carb. has cured many cases of fistAversion to meat. Aversion to rye- ula in ano. (Sulphur, Thuja, Silicea.) bread, like Lycopodium.

Much cutting pain when urninating Sleepy when eating. Palpitation after Burning during and after urinating. . eating. Distension of stomach, as if full A paralytic condition at neck of the of water, with a feeling of swashing, bladder, stream starts slowly and flows Eating doesn't relieve the hunger in the slowly, it seems almost impossible to force stomach. Hot drinks disagree. Nausea the urine out. Has cured many comfrom any exertion. Exertion loosens the plaints of the uterus, when the back mucous in bronchial tubes, and nose and symptoms were present. Awful bearing brings on gagging. All over the abdo- down in the back and buttocks; must men is a chronic sensitiveness, especially press hands against back, or lie on back sore sensation in pit of stomach. Awful and press hard against it with both hands. hunger in pit of stomach,with pulsations,' Menses too early, scanty, of a pungent throbbing and goneness, heat doesn't re- odor, acrid, covering thighs with an itchlieve. An almost indescribable anxiety ing eruption. Its discharges are excoriin the pit of the stomach, if frightened, ating. During every menses, puffing feels it in the pit of the stomach; con- above the eyes, headache, coryza as desstantly apprehensive of bad news, felt in cribed. During menses, swelling of the pit of the stomach. This has been noticed glands; pains in the back. During every in a few remedies, (Mezereum, Phosphorus, menses a nettle rash all over the body, Calcarea, Digitalis).

burning, itching like fire; keeps her Pressing, tensive pain awakens him at 2 awake. Heavy aching in the back, like a p. m., bere we have the time of aggrava- weight, extending down the buttocks and tion again. The disorders of the stomach hips. Sore pain in the vagina during are worse at night, from stooping, from coition. Sepia and Sulphur are worth motion, after eating, during menses, from remembering for this condition. Somedampness, from change of weather, from times it exist as the only symptom, then cold or hot weather, from cold or hot give Sepia. This debilitated state predrinks, and at 2 a. m. Most complaints are disposes to abortion. The tendency to worse from cold air. The skin is often miscarriage is often overcome by Kali jaundiced, liver tuwid and hard. Many of carb.

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