Abstracts of the Papers Printed in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Bind 2

Richard Taylor, 1833
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Side 408 - Commission, when it ordered the killing of the "wild well." The object of the present paper is to give an account of the...
Side xiii - Account of an assemblage of fossil teeth and bones of elephant, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, bear, tiger, and hyaena and sixteen other animals : discovered in a cave at Kirkdale, Yorkshire, in the year 1821 : with a comparative view of five similar caverns in various parts of England, and others on the Continent.
Side 441 - On the Anomaly in the Variation of the Magnetic Needle, as observed on Ship-board.
Side 353 - ... upon a platina tray, under an inverted pot, to the heat of a wind-furnace. The ingot, on being taken out of the furnace, is immediately to be plunged into dilute sulphuric acid, which in the course of a few hours will entirely dissolve the flux adhering to the surface.
Side 261 - Account of a Series of Observations made in the Summer of the Year 1825, for the Purpose of determining the Difference of Meridians of the Royal Observatories of Greenwich and Paris; drawn up by JF W . Herschel, Esq.
Side 363 - R other other fluid, to the height of two or three inches ; while the remaining parts of the tube, together with the cistern, to the depth of about half an inch, are filled with oil ; care being taken to bring the surfaces of water in both legs to the same level, by equalizing the pressure of the incumbent columns of oil. If the horizontal pipe be applied to the key-hole of a door, or any similar perforation in...
Side 157 - On a new species of Rhinoceros found in the interior of Africa, the Skull of which bears a close resemblance to that found in a fossil state in Siberia and other countries.
Side xv - On the double Organs of Generation of the Lamprey, the Conger Eel, the Common Eel, the Barnacle, and Earth- Worm, which impregnate themselves, though the last, from copulating, appear mutually to impregnate one another.
Side 386 - Bruja, where the water in dry seasons is very brackish, and from which there is no perceptible current to the sea. The result of this survey fixes the mean height of the Pacific, at Panama, at 3-52 feet above the Atlantic at Chagres. Between the extremes of elevation and depression of the...
Side 357 - This paper commences by noticing that the Philosophical Transactions contain the record of observations on the dip of the needle in London, from the early part of the last century to the present time. That these observations all concur in showing a progressive decrease of the dip during the whole period in question, but that they are insufficient in number and frequency, and the earlier ones particularly, in the required accuracy to enable us to determine whether the annual decrease has been uniform...

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