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Observer, June 1, '75.



The poor husband covered his See, I have your favourite dish. face with his hands and groaned Do not let your troubles impair aloud. This seems to encourage your appetite; and then, after tea, his wife to go on; for she uttered we will talk it all over. God words more and more bitter until, doeth everything for the best ! at last, almost in a state of frenzy, “And as our days so shall our the wretched man rushed from the strength be !'” house, to the nearest public house, In the evening it was determined and there sought to bury thoughts that the quarter's rent should be of the past and future.

paid immediately, a new supply of In the meantime James Hawley, coal obtained, and the remaining his companion in labour, entered portion of the money placed in the his home with a very sad counten- wife's hands, to be dealt out

But before he had stepped as sparingly as possibly. Then over the threshold, a loving pair of Mary suggested that all her pretty arms were thrown around his neck, parlour furniture should be stowed and a pair of sweet lips pressed to away in the garret, and the front his.

room let out. Further than this He returned the salutation sadly, they could lay no plans, and as the and then inquired for the baby. husband went out to pay the rent,

She is sleeping sweetly in her the future looked so dark to the cradle. She has been a perfect little young wife that she could not darling to-day. Supper is waiting; altogether restrain her tears ; but so make haste.

Here is warm seeking strength from on high, her water and towels. Are you not face wore the same cheerful smile later than usual to-night!

when her husband returned; and · Yes, Mary, and I bring bad little did he know that during all news for you.

the long night, while he and his “ Bad news!” she exclaimed, babe were sleeping, his wife lay turning pale, as, for the first time, awake planning out the future. she noticed that something was Three months have passed, with wrong

scarcely a day's work in all that “Yes, I was discharged to-night, time, and now another quarter's and do not know that I can get rent is due, in vain the labourer anything more to do until spring. thrusts his hands down into his Business is so dull.”

empty pockets, and in vain racks “Is that all ?” exclaimed his his brain for some solution of the wife, with a sigh of relief. “I problem how that rent is be thought it was something terrible, paid. The lodger had paid his the way you looked.”

money monthly; but then that “ And is it not terrible enough ? was not enough to meet the sum, What will become of us this winter, if he had it, and of course his wife if I am out of employment !" had spent that as fast as she

“The same God who feeds the received, as it was an every-day sparrows and clothes the lily of wonder to James how Mary the field, will not let us suffer, managed so well. dear James.”

With feelings of deep despair he “God bless you, Mary! There is entered the house. The table was swnot comfort in your words.” spread. As James took it all in at

“ And now, let us have supper !" a glance, he greatly wondered at exclaimed his wife, cheerfully. the frugal yet comfortable way of

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Observer, June 1, '75.


living. How his wife had been “ And kept it all a secret from able to make the small amount of me?" money last so long was a mystery

“ Yes, because I thought you to him.

would be worrying for fear that I He refused to sit up to the table, was doing too much. I love to pleading that he had no appetite. knit dearly, and consider it more And great large tears arose in the of a pleasant pastime than labour." strong man's eyes as he informed “God be praised for giving me his wife that on the morrow they such a woman !” exclaimed her would be turned from their home, husband, earnestly; and pressing go

he knew not whither, as he his wife and child closely to his had not a dollar in his pocket to bosom, he said: secure them even a room elsewhere. “Her children arise up and call " Is that it,” exclaimed his wife, her blessed; her husband also, and

' in soft, rippling tones ; and tripping he praiseth

her ; for many daughup stairs, she soon returned and ters have done virtuously; but thou placed £5 in his hand.

excellest them all.” “Where did you get it?” he James Hawley is a rich man.

Twenty years have passed, and

But exclaimed, eagerly turning it over Joseph Smith is a confirmed drunkin his hands.

ard, while his wife has long since "I earned it," replied his wife, passed from the earth, a victim of gaily.

misery and want.




EACH mother is a historian. She when the tide is out, and you form

! writes not the history of empires characters, or write words or names or of nations on paper, but she in the smooth white sand which writes her own history on the im- lies spread out so clear and beautiperishable mind of her child. That ful at your feet, according as your tablet and that history will remain fancy may dictate, but the running indelible when time shall be no tide shall, in a few hours, wash out

That history each mother and efface for ever all that you will meet again, and read with have written. Not so the lines eternal joy or unutterable woe in and characters of truth or error the far ages of eternity. This which your conduct imprints on thought should weigh on the mind the mind of your child. There you of every mother, and render her write impressions for the eternal deeply circumspect and prayerful, good or ill of your child, which and faithful in her solemn work of neither the floods "nor storms of training up her children for heaven earth can wash out, nor death's and immortality. The minds of cold finger erase, nor the slow children are very susceptible and moving ages of eternity obliterate. easily impressed. A word, a look, How careful, then, should each a frown, may engrave an impression mother be of herself in the treaton the mind of a child which no ment of her child. How prayerful, lapse of time can efface or wash how serious, and how earnest to out. You walk along the seashore write the truths of God on his

Observer, June 1, "76.

mind-those truths which shall be her lips no longer move in prayer his guide and teacher when her in his behalf in commending her voice shall be silent in death, and I dear child to her coyenant God.


I BOSE me with the sun,
Intent upon a full and perfect day;
Neither did I forget to praise and pray-

Thus was my day begun :
Young life hung out its red flags on my cheeks,
Nor in my locks were any silver streaks,

And an hour pass'd, well done!

Noon came, and lastly, pight;
And now I hark the solemn midnight bell ;
The watchman droneth “Twelve, and all is well!”

But is the watchman right?
What saith the mentor conscience ? Can it say,
“This day hath been a full and perfect day,

A saint in spotless white ? "

Ah, no!—for in despite
Of vigilance, of effort, grace and will,
Sad slips and lapses were occurring still,

Robbing my day of light !
And frequent falls in deed, and word, and thought,
Brought down my contemplated day to naught,

Even to seeming night.

So will it be alway?
Must each day end a sinner and unclean,
Possessing (and disfiguring) the scene,

Endeavour how we may ?
If we but will'd, this side the grave might sin,
And night give place to usher wholly in

The full and perfect day!

A full and perfect day!
New-orb’d, resplendent, an unspotted sun ;
A gracious stepping-stone to mount upon ;

To light an added ray.
To life's sin-lump some added wholesome leaven,
An added heav'n unto the central heaven,

A benison alway.

And the bells ring out-one!
The night, the sad, dark night hath pass'd away
Come forth, 0 day, O full and perfect day!

Uprise, u lifeful Sun!
Arouse thee, Nature! and, O heart of me,
Gird up thy loins, that this new day may be
No child of time, but of eternity-
A joy, a gem, a peaceful victory,

A perfect day-well done!
Liverpool, April 6th, 1875.

J. O. O'C.

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“NEITHER INVITED NOR EXCLUDED.” “UNDER the above heading will be found an editorial from the Ecclesiastical Observer, in another column, to which we invite special attention. The editor of that publication stands on principle. He has religious convictions and is governed by them. We have many things to say on the matters here introduced, but cannot commence them in this issue. We intend to stand side by side with the Ecclesiastical Observer, edited by Bro. David King, Birmingham, England. Many brethren in this country would do well to be regular subscribers for this noble work, and can order it through our office.”

The above is from a recent issue of the American Christian Review, edited by Ben. Franklin, and on another page our article is reprinted in full, as given in the E. O. for February last. If the reader does not remember that article he may do well to turn to it, and thus note what an American Weekly Broadsheets avows its determinations to stand side by side with. The Apostolic Times also reprints our article, adding"If any of the parties referred to, or any of their friends, think they can answer Bro. King's arguments, or show that any of his statements are incorrect, it would be well for them either to do so, or to abandon the objectionable practice.”


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Intelligence of Churches, &c


with us.

CHELSEA, LONDON.—Wm. Hindle has and bring them to Jesus—they are the been labouring here during the month of men that Christianity needs, and they April. Our meetings have been very are the truest friends. I think I may well attended— better than at any time confidently assert that the influence of since the chapel was opened-and the the American Revivalists in the converfruits have been proportionate.

Twelve sions at Chelsea has been practically nil. have been immersed-six of them child. Except, perchance, in this very indirect ren instructed in our school. One, John way, that they infused a little extra Wycliffe Black, the son of our presiding earnestness into our Bro. Hindle-an brother. God make him a second extra, by the bye, which all those Wycliffe ! Ten only take membership acquainted with his normal state will

Of the rest, one was a friend think hardly necessary or measurable. travelling with Mr. Hindle for change All the harvest has not yet been gathered. and company after a great bereavement. Several more are just ready for tho Understanding the will of the Lord with


J. C. V. reference to believers' baptism, he obeyed, WORTLEY.—The church here resolved and reaped its rich results.

to hold special services (simultaneous have to replace the esteem of former with the Dissenters of Leeds and out. friends, but they will stand him in good townships), to commence on April 11th, stead. Another was led to obey the and be continued every evening during Saviour through the influence of Bro. the week, and having been kindly assisted Taylor, from Annan. In London, on a by Bro. Ferguson of Manchester, and visit, he pointed out the way of the Lord through the kindness of the Huddersfield to father, mother, sisters and brothers, and Liversedge brethren, Bro. Pitman and some hálf-dozen of them decided has been able to devote the whole of tho wholly for Christ. One of these he week to this special effort ; together with brought to Chelsea to be baptized. Who aid rendered in speaking by Bren. Roberts, button-bole their acquaintance, preach Walker Fawcett, G. Lund and Skaife, and Christ every day, having themselves by the younger brethren in issuing invita. found the Messiah seek their brethren tions has resulted in crowded meetings.

These may


Twenty-two have been immersed and One young woman had stifled conviction added to the church. There are more to for some days, but on witnessing the be immersed, and in consequence of the immersion of five


convicsuccess and the numbers attending the tion gained the mastery, and she was meetings, the brethren have decided to immersed the next day with her brother. continue the effort for another entire One other sight made some of us weep week, during which time our Bro. Pittman for joy-it was the baptism of an old will remain. The above was written for man, whose wife and children were all in insertion last month, but too late for the church. His two sons have long insertion. During the second week of been active and useful members of the

mission or special services in church. The visitation of the anxious April, we had the pleasure of hearing during the day was the means of the ten other persons confess the Lord Jesus, decision of others. The parents of some and were afterwards immersed into His of the younger candidates, through name; the total number added during ignorance of the truth, objected to their the two weeks being thirty-two.

being baptized. By visiting them these W. BALMFIBTH. objections were removed, and an impres. WORTLEY.-An outline of the late sion of the right kind was sometimes special movement in connection with the made, which may produce its own results church at Wortley (near Leeds), will, hereafter. During the fortnight thirtyno doubt, be acceptable and encouraging one persons were immersed into Christ. to the brethren generally. To us who Two others decided and have since been were called to aid in the work everything immersed. In two respects this special appeared favourable to success. We movement has been a great blessing to met the brethren on Saturday eveniug, the church; not only has it largely added April 10th, to pray and plan for the to its number, but it has also revived the services. We were rejoiced to see them brethren in the Divine life and imbued ready and eager for an opportunity to them with renewed energy. Some of the serve the Master in any way within their elder brethren expressed this over and powers. Their prayers indicated an in- over again. Would it not be well for tense desire for the salvation of sinners ; churches generally to occasionally have a the genuine character of which was fully week of special services, after the above demonstrated in the zeal with which the type, we are fully convinced of the good work was carried on, and in the fact that of such efforts, if not too often repeated many put off important business matters in connection with the same church. in order that they might give as much

J. PITTMAN. time as possible to the cause. Another WHITEHAVEN. Following a visit of circumstance which gave promise of some length from Bro. D. Scott, the success was the large number of young church in Whitehaven had a series of men and women in connection with the discourses by Bro. D. King, extending Lord's day school still outside the church. over four Lord's days, and resulting in Much labour had been bestowed in sow- the immersion of four persons, who are ing the seed of Divine truth in their added to the church. Others it is hoped young winds, and now, it appeared to us, are favourably moved to consider their the time had come to reap the harvest, position. Two of the immersed were and so it transpired, for by far the greater young men, twins ; 80 that 'as they number of those brought in were of this entered this world together so, in comp. class. Twenty services were held during any, they entered into the kingdom of the fortnight, with an average attendance God's dear Son. The meetings were well of about 200. Two short addresses attended, considering that during the were generally given at each meeting, whole time there were revival meetings clear, heart-searching and to the point. nightly, by the sects in union, with much Our dear Bro. Ferguson of Manchester, house to house effort to secure the people. came to our aid on Saturday, April 10th, Bro. King gave two addresses at Parton and stayed over Monday, and again on to attentive audiences, and also one in the following Saturday, to assist in Aspatria, at the close of which an intellithe work of Lord's day. His earnest, gent hearer, who had previously been loving appeal to the unconverted will be helped by instruction declared his inten. long remembered by many. Our after tion to put on Christ. Since then his service was mostly a baptismal service. wife has concluded to be buried by It was on witnessing this solemn ordin- baptism, at the same time. On the road ance that some were brought to decision. ' home Bro. King held three full and

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