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upon presenting a statement of membership from the Secretary of his chapter. Other than student members, may be transferred in like man


§ 10. No student, having taken work at an institution where there is a chapter of this fraternity, shall be elected to membership in another chapter until the first chapter concurs in his election by a two-thirds (2%) vote.

§ 11. Physicians graduated from a college in which a chapter of the fraternity is established and who conform to the requirements demanded of undergraduates, may be elected to active membership from classes which antedate the granting of the charter, but not more than one-tenth (1-10) of any class shall be so chosen.

§ 12. Each chapter may nominate to the Board of Directors for honorary membership physicians, or investigators in subjects allied to medicine, who have gained wide recognition through original research or in administration, and who conform to the requirements demanded of undergraduates. Election of honorary members shall be by the Board of Directors.


SECTION I. The general management of the Society shall be vested in a Board of seven Directors and the officers elected by them.

82. The three General Officers shall be the President, the VicePresident and the Secretary-Treasurer, who shall be elected by the Board of Directors.

§. 3. The President shall be elected to serve for a term of six years or until his successor is duly elected and installed, the terms ending September 1, 1912, 1918, 1924, etc. He shall be the general Executive Head of the Society and shall with the approval of the Board of Directors, administer all business of the Society not otherwise provided for by the Constitution.

§ 4. The Vice-President shall in like manner be elected to serve six years, the terms ending September 1, 1912, 1918, 1924, etc. It shall be his duty to co-operate with the President and to serve as presiding officer in the absence of the President. In the event of the death or resignation of the President, the Vice-President shall serve in his place until a new President shall have been elected.

§ 5. The Secretary-Treasurer shall be elected by the Board of Directors to serve for an indeterminate period, until his successor shall be chosen by the Board, on the event of his death or resignation or incompetency in office, but the first Secretary-Treasurer of the Society shall be its Founder.

§ 6. The Secretary-Treasurer shall perform the usual duties devolving upon such officer. He shall, at the beginning of each fiscal year (September 1), present to the President a written report of the financial standing of the Fraternity, including a detailed statement of all moneys received and expended during the preceding year.

§ 7. The Board of Directors shall consist of seven members, the Founder to serve for life and the remaining six to be chosen by the International Council of Chapters for a period of six years from September 1, two directorates ending in 1912, two in 1914, two in 1916 and so on, each Director to serve until his successor is duly elected and installed. Vacancies in the Board caused by death and resignation shall be filled for the unexpired term by the Board of Directors, the successors to the Founder being elected for such terms as may seem wise to the Board. At the adoption of this Constitution in 1913 the Members of the Board consist of William W. Root, Winfield S. Hall, Walter B. Cannon, Russell Burton-Opitz and G. Carl Huber. These shall elect two (2) additional members to serve until September 1, 1914 and before the close of 1913 these seven (7) Directors shall elect a President and Vice-President to serve until September 1, 1918. Huber and BurtonOpitz shall serve as Directors until 1918 and Cannon and Hall until 1916.

§ 8. An International Council of Delegates elected by the Chapters shall convene every two years beginning with 1912, to be held preferably in connection with the meeting of the American Medical Association. The voting members of this Council shall consist of the Directors, one Delegate from each chapter duly elected by said chapter and furnished with proper credentials, and the Delegates at large as under Section 9. A number equal to one-half of the active Chapters shall constitute a quorum. The order of business shall be:

1. (a) Roll Call. (b) Reading of Minutes.

2. Report of the President.

3. Report of the Secretary-Treasurer.

4. Consideration and vote on applications for New Chapters. (Article X, Section 1.)

5. Consideration and vote on Directors. (Article IV, Section 7).

[blocks in formation]

89. Each President upon retirement from office shall be known as Past President I, II, III, etc., and he shall have the right to vote at all International Councils which he may attend as Delegate-At-Large from the Society.



SECTION I. The officers of each chapter shall be: A Counselor, President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The last two offices may be vested in one person.

§ 2. The Counselor, who must be a member of the faculty, shall serve for three (3) years. He shall be responsible to the faculty for the condition of the chapter, and, by maintaining with it an intimate relationship in such manner as he may think proper, assure a continuation of the high ideals for which the fraternity stands.

83. It is understood, unless otherwise ordered by the Counselor, that the other officers shall perform all the duties usually devolving upon such officers. They shall serve for one (1) year.

§ 4. The Secretary shall keep the names properly classified, so that his records will furnish the date of initiation of any member. As soon as initiated, full names of new members with year of initiation and of graduation shall be forwarded to the General Secretary. As soon as officers are chosen the address, both city and home, of at least the new Secretary, must be sent at once by the retiring Secretary to the General Secretary.


SECTION I. The meeting for the election from the graduating class may be held on the second Saturday in November. The meeting for the election of officers may be held on the second Saturday in May. § 2. Other dates for election may be substituted, or further meetings called at the discretion of the President in consultation with the Counselor.

§ 3. An annual banquet or other meeting should be held, where an address may be given by a distinguished member of the profession. This address may be delivered at another time than that appointed for the banquet, and the public invited.



SECTION I. The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, the Vice-President and the Secretary.

§ 2. This committee shall be responsible for arranging the program of the meetings, for providing a suitable speaker to deliver the annual Alpha Omega Alpha address, for the nomination of candidates for election after examining their scholarship records and moral fitness, and for the discharge of necessary business in the intervals between the meetings, provided that reports be submitted at such meetings. It is furthermore provided that in the nomination of candidates this committee may be increased from three (3) to five (5) at the discretion of the President, and that not less than two of its members shall belong to the class from which the candidates are to be selected, provided an election from such class has been made.

§3. It is necessary, in order that election to membership continue to be a high honor, that members lay aside all personal considerations in the selection of candidates, the basis of choice being solely their personal worth as given in Article III, Section 1.



SECTION I. (a) The candidates may be ushered into the presence of the Chapter by a marshal, appointed by the President.

(b) The Constitution, or such selections as reflect the spirit of the order, may be read by the Secretary or other member appointed by the President.

(c) The President, or his deputy, shall explain the aims and objects of the fraternity.

(d) The Oath of Hippocrates shall be read by a member appointed by the President.

(e) The members-elect shall sign the Constitution.

(f) The concluding feature may be the Alpha Omega Alpha address, which, however, can be given publicly at a later date. (Article VI, Section 3.)


SECTION I. One-quarter (4) of the number representing the student members shall constitute a quorum, except where such number is less than ten (10), when one-half (2) shall constitute a quorum.



SECTION I. Charters may be granted to university medical schools of high standing. An application, signed by a suitable number of students (Article III, Section 2), and not more than five (5) members of the faculty, shall be sent to the President of the Fraternity, and this he shall submit to the Committee on Extension, appointed by himself and approved by the Board of Directors. If this committee reports favorably, a charter may be granted at the next Biennial Council by a fourfifths (4-5) affirmative vote provided that an application shall be submitted to the chapters at least two (2) months before the meeting of the Council, at which action on such application is to be made. In case of an emergency, the President may order the vote to be taken by the Fraternity Secretary through correspondence.

§ 2. Any chapter may be suspended or excluded by a three-fourths (3-4) vote at each of the other Chapters.

§ 3. The form for the granting of charters shall be as follows: The Alpha Omega Alpha Honorary Fraternity, by virtue of the authority granted to it by the State of Illinois, herewith grants to the power to establish a chapter of ..subject to the Constitution gov

this society at...

erning said Honorary Fraternity.

In token of these presents are herewith affixed the signature of the President and the corporate seal of the society.

§ 4. Each chapter shall be named after the State in which the college is situated, the relative time of establishment in that State being indicated by the order of letters in the Greek alphabet. It may also be named after the school represented.

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