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Do Your Feet Exercise Enough?

Of course you walk, but when you walk do you exercise your feet? Do the muscles move freely? Does the blood circulate through them?

If you wear ordinary shoes, or metal appliances, your feet do not benefit from walking. They are bound by an unyielding sole. The muscles surrounding the bones of the arch are held in a vise and grow weak from disuse. Pressure retards circulation and saps the strength of the foot.

If you wear the Cantilever Shoe, your feet exercise and grow strong with every step. The shank of Cantilever Shoes is flexible; it gives with the motion of walking. Instead of restraining the muscles it encourages them to work. By strengthening the muscles, Cantilever Shoes prevent and correct fallen arches.

Cantilever Shoes distribute the weight properly so that walking involves no strain. There is room for the toes. There is support for the arch. When you pull the laces, you draw up the flexible shank to fit the curve of the instep and render grateful support.

They're good looking, too. Of fine leathers and white canvas. Widths from AAAAA to E.

Sold by numerous dealers. Made by MORSE & BURT CO., 1 Carlton Ave., - Brooklyn, N. Y. A partial list of dealers follows:

New York Cantilever Shoe Shop, 22 West 39th St.
Brooklyn Cantilever Shoe Shop, 414 Fulton St.
Boston-Jordan Marsh Company.

Philadelphia-Cantilever Shoe Shop, 1300 Walnut St.

Seattle-Baxter & Baxter

Chicago-Cantilever Shoe Shop, 30 E. Randolph St.

Louisville-Boston Shoe Co.

Detroit-Thos. J. Jackson, Inc., 19 E. Adams Ave.
Pittsburgh-The Rosenbaum Company.

Cleveland-Graner-Powers Co., 1274 Euclid Ave.

Hartford, Conn.-Cantilever Shoe Shop, 86 Pratt St.

Los Angeles-Cantilever Shoe Store, 505 New Pantages Bldg.
Syracuse Cantilever Shoe Shop, 136 So. Salina St.

Rochester-Cantilever Shoe Shop, 48 East Ave.

Buffalo-Cantilever Shoe Shop, 639 Main St.

Dallas-Leon Kahn Shoe Co., 1204 Elm St.

Washington-Wm. Hahn & Co., 7th and K Sts.

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Infant Powder



Prevents the common ill effects of wetting. Its pure Stearate of Zinc content makes it effectively water-repellent.

In its two other ingredients, Boric Acid and Balsam Peru, you will recognize healing and antiseptic properties that soothe and relieve chafing, prickly heat, and all skin irritations.

Unscented, light and fluffy. A great help in the care of the infant's tender skin and bed-ridden patients.

Free to Nurses. A sample will be sent without charge in return for the name of your druggist. Write

Manufacturing Chemists

Stone Street

Utica, N. Y.

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What Foods

The oat is oat nutriment

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is well-balanced 16.7% protein, 7.3% fat, 66.2% carbohydrates. Meat, eggs and fish yield no carbohydrates.

Quaker Oats contain 7.7% water and no refuse.

Water and refuse form twothirds of beef, 76.7% of eggs and 85% of whole mackerel.

Quaker Oats yields 1810 calories per pound. Round steak yields 890.

Quaker Oats costs 62 cents per 1,000 calories. Average meats cost 45c, fish 50c, eggs 60c.

There are these great reasons, and others, why Quaker Oats should be the basic breakfast.


Flaked from queen grains onlyjust the rich, plump flavory oats. We get but ten pounds from a bushel. The use of these delicious flakes makes dish doubly delightful.


The Quaker Oats Company


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The Sign of the Ideal

Nurses' Uniform

Standardize on uniforms bearing the "Queen Make" label, and you will be sure of having the most comfortable, well-fitting, attractive and well-made ones to be had.

They are sold in all stores where quality is the first consideration, but if you happen to be on duty in a town where they cannot be bought simply send us your money order and we will see that you are supplied at once.

Write for folder of sketches showing our newest designs.

"The House of QUEEN MAKE"


Dept. T

29th St. and Madison Ave., New York

Reasons for Runkel's

Runkel's is a nutritious food.

Runkel's provides potential energy. Runkel's does not hinder salivary nor peptic digestion.

Runkel's does not act as an irritant to the gastric mucous membrane. Runkel's is not contraindicated in chronic catarrh of the stomach.

The habitual consumption of Runkel's Cocoa does not give rise to disorders to the nervous system.

Runkel's Cocoa is unfailingly high in quality, Absolutely pure and free from adulterants. Write for sample and authoritative analysis

Runkel Brothers, Inc., N. Y. C.

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