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We purposely call your attention to the price at which you can obtain

YALE Quality Needles

in the belief that you will ask yourself the question

"Will the small saving made, when I pur

chase Hypodermic Needles that are cheaper
than this, prove a real economy?"

This question should at least demand your investigation for comparative values. By taking such a course, we think you will then decide in favor of YALE Quality


Buying YALE Quality Needles by the box, of a dozen to each box, represents maximum economy in Hypodermic Needle Purchasing.

Becton, Dickinson & Company

Makers of B-D Fever Thermometers, YALE Quality Needles,
LUER Syringes and ACE Bandages

If Yale Quality Needles are not readily obtainable from your
dealer, send us his name and a list of your requirements


New Jersey

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In October, 1920, at the Fitzsimmons General Hospital, Denver, Col., Edna M. Whalley, a former Army Nurse. Miss Whalley was buried with military honors.

In October, 1920, at St. Francis Hospital, Hartford, Conn., Margaret Sheehan, a well known trained nurse of New Britain, Conn.

In October, 1920, Anna Renas, a nurse at St. Anthony's Hospital, Oakland, Calif. Miss Renas' death was the result of poison, caused by botulism.


In September, 1920, at Hope, Kansas, Edith Robinson, a graduate of the Methodist Hospital Training School for Nurses, Des Moines, Iowa. Miss Robinson served as Registrar of the Nurses' Central Registry, Des Moines, but resigned upon the outbreak of the war to nurse at Fort Riley, Kansas. During the war Miss Robinson contracted influenza, from which she never fully recovered.

On September 23, 1920, Mrs. Harmon West (nee Miller), graduate of the Presbyterian Hospital Training School for Nurses, Philadelphia, Class of 1916.

- In September, 1920, Vivian Irene Tinsley, a trained nurse of Cairo, Ill. Miss Tinsley's death was due to an automobile accident.

Recently at Hamilton, Ont., Can., Katherine Prebble, widow of the late Henry Prebble. Mrs. Prebble was a graduate nurse of the Victoria Hospital, London, Ont.

In October, 1920, at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, Hattie Woodson, a graduate nurse of Garfield Hospital, Washington, D. C. Miss Woodson was thrown from her horse and received a fractured skull, from which she died. Miss Woodson's home was in North Garden, Va., where her body was taken for burial.

In October, 1920, Anna M. Good, a graduate nurse of St. Joseph's Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pa., Class of 1917. High mass of requiem was celebrated in the Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart, Wyomissing, at the funeral services.

In September, 1920, Mary Strunk of Easton, Pa., graduate nurse of the Frankford Hospital, Frankford, Pa., and head of the Maternity Department of the same institution. During the influenza epidemic, Miss Strunk rendered heroic service, completely undermining her own health.


the new food product reclaims wholesome skimmed milk for human food.

SKIMMED MILK-millions of pounds of it containing the body-building, strength-giving elements so necessary in our diet are wasted annually. And this because lacking a fat content skimmed milk does not appeal to the palate as a beverage, nor does it find acceptance generally as a cooking medium.

Thanks to scientific minds a process has been developed for enriching skimmed milk by emulsifying with it scientifically processed fat pressed from the white meat of the cocoanut. Thus the new food product HEBE is created to serve as an economical auxiliary to the family milk supply for cooking and baking purposes thereby reclaiming skimmed milk for human use and adding materially to the food supply of the nation.

Used in cooking and baking HEBE enriches the food and helps to balance the diet as it contains the protein, carbohydrates and mineral salts of the skimmed milk and the heat and energy units of the vegetable fat.

HEBE is produced under the most sanitary conditions-is put up in hermetically sealed cans and sterilized. The label tells plainly what HEBE is "a compound of evaporated skimmed milk and vegetable fat" and states that it is not to be used in place of milk for infants. It is just as frankly advertised and marketed.

"HEBE-Its Dietetic and Economic Value" and "Today's Food Problem" are booklets of especial interest to physicians, health officials, nurses and dietitians. They will gladly be sent upon request. Address 3220 Consumers Bldg., Chicago.

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Train Your Nurses

Nurses must be trained. The nurse who has had PRACTICE added to THEORY feels a confidence in her first year's training. You have always at hand the means of teaching practice if your hospital is equipped with the

"Chase Hospital Doll"

This doll is to the Hospital Training School for Nurses what the Laboratory is to the Medical Student. In other words the theory of teaching by its use is converted into the practical knowledge and manual dexterity obtainable only by actual work.

The value of this substitute for a living model is found in the many practical lessons which can be taught in the class room, such as handling patients, administering enema, douching, probing in the ear and nose cavities -in short, the complete care of patients.

Making the Coming Generations Sturdy

The most important work confronting the Nation, now that reconstruction has begun, is making the coming generations healthy-babies must be made "better babies." In teaching mothers how to bring up their children

correctly, Hospitals, Nurses Training Schools, Public Health Clinics, Baby Welfare Leagues everywhere are using the

"Chase Hospital Baby"

This doll is adapted to all uses-bathing, dressing, nursing, administration of first-aid, and enemas; every step in the care of an infant or child.

It is made of high-grade cotton and stockinet, has been waterproofed to permit placing it in water, and is finished with special durable paints. Not only does it, with its hard, raised features, look like a baby, but it feels like one.

Its five sizes-new-born infant, two months, four months, one year and four years old-meet every teaching requirement.

The Chase Hospital Baby is ideal for teaching just those things mothers must know if the race is to become sturdier-things that cannot be taught with a living child, but must be taught with a perfect model to be efficient.



M. J. CHASE, 22 Park Place, Pawtucket, R. I.

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The Individual Collar
for the Individual Nurse

Our big, broad line of collar styles for women simply
must include the style that you like best. Send for our
complete catalog.

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