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on the increasing demand for the work, and the

proof which it affords of the progressive ad

vancement of the Institution to usefulness and



Nov. 22, 1836.


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1.-An Address delivered at the first Meeting of the Association.

By CHARLES Hastings, M. D. Physician to the Worcester

General Infirmary

II.—On the Objects and Modes of Medical Investigation. By Edw.

Barlow, M. D. Physician to the Bath United Hospital, and

to the Bath IIospital ....


III.-Theory of the Frontal Sinus. By E. MILLIGAN, M. D. Edin-

burgh, F.S. A.


IV.-On Imperforate Hymen. By Jas. Milman Coley, Esq. of

Bridgnorth, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in

London; Member of the Medical and Philosophical Society

of St. Bartholomew's, &c. ......


V.-Some Observations on the Peculiarities of Diseases in Infants and

Children. By J. K. Walker, M. D. Huddersfield ...... 73

VI.-Upon the Reciprocal Influence of the Mind and Body of Man,

in Health and Disease. By Jonas MALDEN, M. D. Senior

Physician to the Worcester General Infirmary.


VII.-Cases illustrative of Diseases of the Ileart. By Thos.JEFFREYS,

M. D. Liverpool.....


VIII.-Some Observations on the Value of the different Signs which

distinguish the Sac in Strangulated Hernia ; with some prac-

tical Remarks on the Operation, and Cases in Illustration.

By J. H. James, Surgeon to the Devon and Exeter Hospital. 141

IX.-Case of Hydrocephalus. By Tuos. STEWART Traill, M. D.

late of Liverpool ; now Professor of Medical Jurisprudence

in the University of Edinburgh ...


X.-A Proposal to establish County Natural History Societies, for

ascertaining the Circumstances, in all Localities, which are

productive of Disease, or conducive to Health.

Conolly, M. D. Warwick, late Professor of the Practice of

Medicine in the London University, &c. .....


XI.-History of a Case of what has been commonly called Spina Bifida,

occurring in the Adult. By Jas. Dawson, Surgeon of the

Liverpool Infirmary and General Hospital


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On Thursday, July 17th, 1832, a Meeting of more than fifty Medical Gentlemen took place, agreeably to advertisement, in the Board Room of the Worcester Infirmary, for the purpose of forming an Association under the above name. The venerable Dr. Johnstone, of Birmingham, was unanimously called to the Chair; there were also present the following eminent individuals:-Dr. Kidd, Regius Professor of Physic, Oxford; Dr. Barlow, of Bath: Dr. Conolly, of Warwick; Dr. W. Conolly, of Cheltenham; Dr. Corrie, of Birmingham; Dr. Evans, jun. of Ross; Dr. Thomas, of Rose Lawn; Mr. Hodgson, of Birmingham; Mr. W. Sands Cox, of Birmingham; Mr. Soden, of Bath; Mr. Hetling, of Bristol ; and many others, including most of the resident Faculty of Worcester and the neighbouring towns.

The following resolutions were passed unanimously:

1st.—That a Provincial Medical and Surgical Association be now formed.

2d.—That the management of the Association be conducted by a President and Council, and two Secretaries, to be elected annually, agreeably to the following Provisional Constitution:

The Association to be managed by a President, two Secretaries, and a Council.

The several officers to be appointed annually, by a general meeting of members convened for that purpose, at whichever of the principal towns may be appointed; the place of such meeting being prospectively notified each year.

At this meeting shall be presented a Report, prepared by the Secretaries, of the general state of the Association, its proceedings, and pecuniary accounts; the Report to be afterwards printed, and a copy supplied to every member.

At this meeting it is also proposed, that one of the members shall be appointed to give, at the next Annual Meeting, an account

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