Ancient history

Dewitt and Davenport, 1848

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Side 287 - And Aaron shall lay both his hands upon the head of the live goat, and confess over him all the iniquities of the children of Israel, and all their transgressions in all their sins, putting them upon the head of the goat, and shall send him away by the hand of a fit man into the wilderness: And the goat shall bear upon him all their iniquities unto a land not inhabited: and he shall let go the goat in the wilderness.
Side 361 - LORD : so they shall wash their hands and their feet, that they die not: and it shall be a statute for ever to them, even to him and to his seed throughout their generations.
Side 26 - ... supported by careful observation and logical argument, even should it prove of a nature adverse to notions he may have previously formed for himself, or taken up, without examination, on the credit of others.
Side 222 - Greeks ; but even these are inferior to the Labyrinth. It is composed of twelve courts, all of which are covered ; their entrances are opposite to each other, six to the north and six to the south ; one wall encloses the whole. The apartments are of two kinds ; there are fifteen hundred above the surface of the ground, and as many beneath, — in all three thousand.
Side 251 - ... in the lap of the statue is a stone, which on being struck emits a metallic sound, that might still be made use of to deceive a visitor who was predisposed to believe its powers.
Side 256 - Egypt ; the other is periptoral, and is, at the same time, distinguished by having, on its several columns, the appalling figure of Typhon, the emblem of the evil principle. The pyramidal propylon which forms the principal entrance to the greater temple, is one of the most imposing monuments extant of Egyptian architecture. Each of the sides is a hundred feet in length, thirty wide, and a hundred high. Many of the figures sculptured on it are thirty feet in height, and are executed in so masterly...
Side 238 - Ocean, the first thing which strikes us is, that, the north-east and south-east monsoons, which are found the one on the north and the other on the south side of the...
Side 331 - For they not only set fire to the cities and villages, but committed every kind of sacrilege, and destroyed the images of the gods, and roasted and fed upon those sacred animals that were worshipped ; and having compelled the priests and prophets to kill and sacrifice them, they cast them naked out of the country.
Side 232 - Thy form stupendous here the gods have placed, Sparing each spot of harvest-bearing land ; And with this mighty work of art have graced A rocky isle, encumber'd once with sand ; And near the Pyramids have bid thee stand : Not that fierce Sphinx that Thebes erewhile laid waste, But great Latona's servant mild and bland ; Watching that prince beloved who fills the throne Of Egypt's plains, and calls the Nile his own.
Side 246 - At one extremity of the west wing of the gateway, the beginning of this engagement appears to be represented ; the same monarch being seen at the head of his troops, advancing against the double line of the enemy, and first breaking their ranks. At the other extremity of the same wing the conqueror is seated on his throne after the victory, holding a sceptre in his left hand, and enjoying the cruel spectacle of eleven of the principal chieftains among his captives, lashed together in a row, with...