The Life of King James the First, Bind 1

Constable and Company, 1830

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Side 217 - According to the fundamental law already alleged, we daily see, that in the parliament, (which is nothing else but the head court of the king and his vassals,) the laws are but craved by his subjects, and only made by him at their rogation, and with their advice. For albeit the king make daily statutes and ordinances, enjoining such pains thereto as he thinks meet, without any advice of parliament or estates, yet it lies in the power of no parliament to make any kind of law or statute, without his...
Side 107 - Keith) was most remarkable; a woman, not of the base and ignorant sort of Witches, but matron-like, grave and settled in her answers, which were all to some purpose.
Side 221 - That afternoon, by signs she called for her council, and by putting her hand to her head, when the King of Scots was named to succeed her, they all knew he was the man she desired should reign after her.
Side 106 - John, that place is destined for another; yet since you are there, if you will obey the charge that is given, and remember my mother in your prayers, you shall go on.
Side 221 - Bishop kneeled down by her, and examined her first of her faith, and she so punctually answered all his several questions, by lifting up her eyes and holding up her hand, as it was a comfort to all the beholders.
Side 221 - After he had continued long in prayer, till the old man's knees were weary, he blessed her, and meant to rise and leave her. The Queen made a sign with her hand. My sister, Lady Scroop, knowing her meaning, told the Bishop the Queen desired he would pray still. He did so for a long half hour after, and then thought to leave her.
Side 221 - From thence they all went to the Secretary's chamber, and as they went they gave a special command to the porters that none should go out of the gates but such servants as they should send to prepare their coaches and horses for London. There was I left in the midst of the court to think my own thoughts till they had done counsel.
Side 221 - I rose, and made all haste to the gate to get in. There I was answered I could not enter ; the Lords of the Council having been with him, and commanded that none should go in or out, but by warrant from them. At the very instant one of the Council, the Comptroller, asked whether I was at the gate. I said yes. He said to me, if I pleased he would let me in. I desired to know how the Queen did. He answered, pretty well.
Side 173 - I was oft calumniated in their popular sermons, not for any evil or vice in me, but because I was a King, which they thought the highest evil.
Side 214 - By the Law of Nature the King becomes a natural! Father to all his Lieges at his Coronation: And as the Father of his fatherly duty is bound to care for the nourishing, education, and vertuous government of his children; even so is the king bound to care for all his subjects.