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Fucca láta. To tame; to make mild.

- lélle möobi. To amaze ; to wonder; to astonish;
to start.
– léo. To watch ; a watchman; a sentry.
– lía-lía. Abominable ; filthy ; odious ; ugly.
— lili. To put in a passion ; to irritate.

lillé. To make good; to mend; to make peace ;
reconcile ; a pacification ; an armistice.
– lóa-lóa. To elongate. .

Táffa fúcca lóa-lớa. To slit; a slit: a cut. – lolongo or lóngo-longo. To quiet; to recompose ; to hush ; quiet. ' - longóa. Noisy ; to roar; to make a noise. - loóö. To excavate. - ly. Adulation; to cajole ; to coax ; to wheedle.

ma. To abash ; also to defecate; to cleanse. - machíla. To sharpen.

maéne. To titillate ; to irritate gently; to tickle. máha. To drain.

mahági. To sicken ; to disorder. . – maléca. Sensual pleasure.

málo. Ease ; to rest. . . - malóhi. Forcibly; by force.

Tóho fúcca malohi. To drag by force. – maláló. To refresh. - máloo. To shade. – mamáhi. To excruciate ; to hurt ; to pain. – mamáta. To indigitate. - manáco. · Amiable ; to endear; to be fond of.

manátoo. Memento; to remind. . – manava gnatá. Depectible; tough or clammy. - mánava-hé. To frighten or alarm; to appal. – manava-chí. To frighten, ốc. - mánga. To open the mouth ; to gape; to gasp.

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Fucca mánga váe. Astride ; to get astride. - máoo. To explain ; define; elucidate; explanation ; also to compensate.

Tai fa fúcca máoo. Inexplicable. - matáffa. A gash or great cut. - matóloo. To incrassate ; to inspissate ; to thicken. – mátta. To sharpen. – méle-méle. To mingle among; to be strewed or dispersed among.

mimi. To make or encourage a child to make water. - móa móa. To desiccate or harden ; to dry up. – móco-móco. To cool. – móhe. To lull; to make sleepy.

- mólle-mólle. To plane; to smooth. - móloo. To intenerate ; to soften.

--momóco. To cool.

momóho. To ripen; to maturate. - mooʻni. Proof.

möobi. To quicken ; to animate: to heal. - móoonoo. To bless. - 'motoóa tangáta. To be economical ; (to act the old man ;) thrifty ; saving.

mow. To make fast ; to fasten ; to secure; to tie; to furl, (as a sail.) - mow aloónga. To heighten,

helálo. To deepen. - na. To appease; to quiet ; to silence, (as a child.) - námoo cacála. To scent ; to perfume.

- nófo. To seat, or cause to sit.

nonó. To shorten. - Óchi. To conclude ; to perfect ; to extirpate ; to demolish.

ófa. To caress; to fondle.

Fucca o'ri. To approach.

- - oo'a. To divide in two; to bisect. - oolli. To begrime or make dirty and black; to blacken.

sése. To impoverish. - - táboo. To interdict.

- tába. To adjoin; unite to; coalesce; connect; interlace; to league ; to be in company with ; together; inseparate.

Páloo fucca táha. To intermix as fluids.

(páloo, to mix with water.) Láto fúcca táha. Unanimity ; unanimous.

Tái fucca táha. Separate ; not unanimous. - takky. To begird ; to coil. – tammachí. Boyish; childish.

Léa fúcca tamachí. To pratile. – táne. To sit cross-legged on the ground as the men do: the way the women sit is called fúcca faite (vid. fulcca faite.) -- tangáta. Manly; as a man; (worthy of a man.) ,

Lo'to fucca tangáta. Magnanimous. ".

Tái fucca tangáta. Unmanly; ungenerously. - - tattow. To equalize. - te. To review troops. - - téë. Water excursions; to cause to float. - - telefoo'a. To denude ; to divest ; to strip. - tetéme. Trembling; shivering.

Aloo fucca tetéme. To waddle; to walk

feebly and tremblingły. - to'ca. To strand.

to'noo. To demonstrate. -to'oa. To degrade ; common; vulgar ; inelegant. - tooʻboo. To beget; to cause to spring up or grow. -to-o'chi. Jointly.

Pucca tooʻgoo. To appease; fu'cca tooga enne i'ta (to

appease his anger,) to interrupt.
- tootoo'e he momo'co. To tabefy; to waste away, as
the body with a consumption.
- toto'noo. To straighten; to make a discourse clear
and direct; upright.

totoo'ë. To macerate.
- tow. To barter, truck or deal with ; to commute ;

to lay a wager or bet. - To squeze or wring out, as water out of a sponge.

-va. To disport, play, or toy.
- váca. Haft ; handle.

vakky'. Mindful.
– vakkyánge. Warily; carefully.
– váky. To plait; to pucker.
-váve. To accelerate ; quicken ; to go faster; cur-

vavéa. To huddle. - vícoo. To dip or wet any thing.

- vy'. To dissolve ; to melt; to indrench. - vy-vy'. To enervate ; weaken ; invalidate.

G. Ge. Yet. Géa. A species of the bread fruit. Géhe. Different; differently; apart; separate ; separately;

removed; contrary; uncommon; also elsewhere ; which

last word cannot be expressed by gehe-ge'he, which see. Géhe-géhe. The same meaning as gehe, only that it does

not mean elsewhere. Géle. A dike; a ditch; to dig; to intrench. Géle-géle. Earth or mould; the ground; no fo ge'le, living

in mud. Géle-geléa. Muddy ; miry. Geléa. A conch; also muddy; slimy.

Gélemoo'too. The common earth-worm.
Gémo. The eyelash.
Gémoo. To wink.
Géna. To champ; to munch; to devour; to eat; to

corrode or canker, as iron or cloth with age and ex

posure. Genanga. Food; also any place where people have sat

down to eat. Ger. The sign of the infinitive mood to; also of the sub

jnnctive or potential mood that. Ger. Thou. Géte. The abdomen; the belly; the stomach ; the gizzard

of fowls. Gétoo. Lame; to hobble ; méle-méle getoo, to hop. Ghe. A quarrel ; disturbance ; affray ; dispute ; to wran

gle; to dispute. Gi. To whistle. Gi. At; to; into; than (see gia,) towards; among ;

through; until before (in point of excellence ;)

against ; opposite. Gia. Than ; (only used when the subject referred to for

comparison has a proper name, as this box is heavier than Toobo'; otherwise gi is used ;) also to or towards,

used before proper names. Gi-ai. There; in that place. Gi-alo'onga. Above ; aloft; on ; upon. Giáte. To; na fecow ia giate gi'nowto'loo, he commanded

them; he bade to them; among; used chiefly before

Gi-boʻtoo. On one side ; towards.
Gi-fé ? Where? whither?
Gi-háge. Upwards.
Gi-héna. There ; thither.
Gi-héni. Here; hither; to this place.

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