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Foonga mooo'nga. The top of a hill, or mountain : the

summit of an island. Foo'o. Afresh; anew: new. Fooo'hagi. To lie along on the ground with the face up• wards. Foo'ta. To boast; to vaunt. Foo'te. Effort.

- To strive with muscular energy: to struggle. Fow. A frontlet ; a fillet round the forehead: headband. - A turban of any sort.

Sufficiently. Fowa'gi. To load ; to freight, &c. as a basket, or canoe. Fucca. To make, to fashion; after the manner of: a fre

quent sign of the adverb: also often the sign by which the noun is changed into the verb; consequently it is often used in compound words. See the list of words

of this class, at the end of the letter F. Fu'ngatoo'a. To wrestle. Fy. A fish called the sting-ray. - To do, to make. Fy-fy. To go on incessantly doing; as, gooa tow fy fy bea

, we go on incessantly doing, and what ? i, e, what is

the result. Fya'nga. Competition; rivalship. Fya'nge. To proceed in a discourse, or performance. Fyfo'ki. Encore ! as exclaimed at public assemblies (from

fy, do; and fo'ki, if you please). Fylfy béaho/w. Casual, accidental. • Fy'géhe. To differ; to do differently.

A peculiarity, or something different from the common. - Marvellous ; strange ; original. · Fylgna-méa, Actions ; deeds; (fylgna, corruption of Fy


Fylgna-pú. Ananas, or the pine-apple.
Hyg'natá. Difficult ; arduous.
Fy'gnofoóa. Easy to be accomplished ; easy.
Fy'gnofoóa-ange. Easily.
Fy-teli'ba. To choose, or do as one pleases; choice; will;

Fytoca. A grave or burying-place.
Fy-y-bé. Suddenly; unexpectedly.
Fúcca. See this word under the proper alphabetical ar-

rangements. Fúcca áä. To arouse ; to awaken ; to keep awake. - --áfoo-máte. The name of the ninth lunar month. .

--áfoo-möoói. The name of the tenth lunar month.
-- ánga géhe. According to a different turn; mode or

Tógi fúcca anga géhe. An axe: i. e, a

tolgi, (an adze,) having the blade differently turned in respect to the

handle. - áoo. To become cloudy.

áta. To aim. -- átá. To widen. -- áva. “To perforate. -- aw tow. An advanced party going forward to en. courage the enemy on to battle. It is more usually pronounced fucca haw tow, which see.

bécoo. To blunt; to obtund. -- bibico. See fucca bíco-bíco. -- bíco. To bend; to incurvate. - bíco-bíco, or fucca bibíco. To be lazy or dronish;

to harass ; remiss, or faulty in one's duty. - - bico bico-ange. Indolently. . - bígi. To cement or cause to adhere. ". ---

bihi. To splash; to infect.

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Fucca bito. To fiil.

- booáca. To go on all fours, like a swine; swinish. -- booboóha. To swelter ; to be uncomfortable with

heat. - boóla mátta. To hector or bluster, (literally, to make

the eyes swell.)
- booló. Blindfold.
- bó-oóli. To encloud or become cloudy; to be

lurid or dark.
-- boóta. To lay a wager,

- bópo. To moulder.

bo'too oo'a. On both sides. - cacáha. To enkindle; to enflame.

cacáva, Sudorific; sweaty; causing sweat, - - caffo. To maim. - caky'. To people.

cáta. To cause laughter; risible. - -- cáwna. To envenom ; to intoxicate (with cava.) - -chino. Alible ; nutritive ; fattening; to fatten.

- chi-chi. Softly; quietly ; slightly; to abbreviate or reduce; to decrease.

I'noo flucca chi chi. To sip.

Vicoo fu/cca chi chi. Moist. - coa. To spume; to froth.

co'foo. To wrap up; to inclose as a parcel; any part of European dress, as cofoo ráe, a stocking, &c. - coo'la-coo'la. To rubify ; to redden.

- colvi. To calumniate ; to vitiate ; to make bad. - éfoo. To pulverize. égi. To consecrate; like a chief; noble.

Mo'wmo'w mea fu'cca égi. To profane ;

profanation; sacrilege. élo. To turn putrid ; to become stinking. eloa. To betray; to communicate; to tell; to relate.

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Fucca falchi. To owe a grudge.

fa'chi-fa'chi. Enmity.

fafi'ne. Feminine.
- fai'te. The sitting posture of females. To sit as
the women do, with the legs doubled up on one side. -

fano'w. To impregnate; to get with child.
feféca. To harden.

fehoo'i. To interrogate.
- féle. To disperse; to intersperse.

félle. To strew; to spread.
fe-ta'ma. To impregnate.

fe-ta’i. To thank.
- - fetowla'gi. To cross; to meet.
- - f'a-fija. To please mentally; to afford joy.
- fi'chi. To apologize.

fihi. To entwine; to entangle.
— fi'oo. To satiate; to satisfy.
- foʻli. To expand.
- foo'öha'gi. To lie with the face downwards.

Tocato fucca foo'öhagi. Lying on the

- ground with the face downwards. - fooühifo. To lie with the face upwards.

Tocáto fúcca foóöhifo. Lying along su

pine on the ground.
- géle. To bemire ; to dirty with mud or mire.
- gooʻli. Canine; like a dog.
– gigi'hi. To cavil; tenacity or obstinacy in prin-
-- gi mánoo. To chirp as a bird.
- gilo. To peep; to pry.

gnaców. To embowel,
gnálo. To obliterate.
gnapóe. To bestir.
gnigníla. To burnish ; to brighten.

Fucca gnofoóa. To facilitate.

- gooi. Occecation; the act of blinding.
- ha. To display ; to exhibit ; to shew; to indicate.

- hahów. To bedew.
- hámo. To hanker after; to long for; to envy.

haw-tow. To skirmish; a skirmishing party ; (corruption of fucca how he tow, to make come the battle.) - héë. To bewilder. - héca. To embark. - héla. To tire for want of breath ; to be out of

- hífo. To sally; to descend.

bína. To whiten.
hina he lää. To bleach in the sun.
- hina hína. To blanch or whiten.
- hingo'a. To denominate ; to give a name.

hoóa. To banter; to joke.
hoohoo. To suckle.
– hoóo melíe. To sweeten.
- ifi-áfi. Of or belonging to the evening.

Ky fucca ífi áfi. An evening meal; a sup

per. ilonga. To betoken; to note; to mark; to trave; ominous.

Tái fucca ilonga. Indiscriminately, with

out selection or distinction. er sta. To affront; aggravate; make angry; displease ; to pout or look displeased.

kevi'gi. Backwards, like the motion of a crab.

ky. To feed; also to wean.
- láä. To bask in the sun. ·
o láä. Insolation ; exposure to the sun.

láhi. To inlarge; the name of a ceremony.
laláta. To tame; to make mild,

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