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THE PURITANS; or the Court, Church, and Parliament of England, during the

reigns of Edward VI. and Elizabeth. By SAMUEL HOPKINS, author of “Lessons at the Cross,” etc. In 3 vols. Vol. I. now ready. Octavo, cloth, per vol., $2.50. VOL. II. READY IN FEBRUARY,


It will be found the most interesting and reliable History of the Puritans yet published, narrating in a dramatic style many facts hitherto unknown.


tures delivered in the Oxford University Pulpit, in the year 1858, on the “Bampton Foundation." By Rev. H. LONGUEVILLE MANSEL, B. D., Reader in Moral and Metaphysical Philosophy at Magdalen College, Oxford, and Editor of Sir William Hamilton's Lectures. With the Copious NOTES TRANSLATED for the American Ed. 12mo, cloth, $1.00.

This volume is destined to create a profounder sensation in this country than any philosophical or religious work of this century. It is a defence of revealed religion, equal in ability to the Analogy" of Bishop Butler, and meets the scepticism of our age as effectually as that great work in an earlier day. The Pantheism and Parkerism infused into our popular literature will here find an antidote. The Lectures excited the highest enthusiasm at Oxford, and the Volume has already reached a third edition in England. The copious “Notes" of the author having been translated for the American edition by an accomplished scholar, adds greatly to its value.


SCRIPTURE RECORDS, STATED ANEW, with Special Reference to the Doubts and Discoveries of Modern Times. In Eight Lectures, delivered in the Oxford University pulpit, at the Bampton Lecture for 1859. By GEO. RAWLINSON, M.A., Editor of the Histories of Herodotus. With the Copious NOTES TRANSLATED for the American Edition by an accomplished scholar. 12mo, cloth, $1.00.


Notes from Original Materials, and an Appendix containing the Latest Development of his New Logical Theory. Edited by Prof. H. LONGUEVILLE MANSEL, Oxford, and JOHN VEITCH, M. A., Edinburgh. Royal octavo, cloth, $3.00. (In press.)

MORAL PHILOSOPHY, including Theoretical and Practical Ethics. By Jo

SEPH HAVEN, D.D., late Professor of Moral and Intellectual Philosophy in Amkerst College ; author of "Mental Philosophy.” Royal 12mo, cloth, embossed, $1.25. It is eminently scientific in method, and thorough in discussion, and its views on unsettled questions in morals are discriminating and sound. It treats largely of Political Ethics- a department of morals of great importance to American youth, but generally overlooked in text-books. In the history of ethical opinions it is unusually rich and elaborate.

POPULAR GEOLOGY; With Descriptive Sketches from a Geologist's Portfolio.

By HUGH MILLER. With a Resume of the Progress of Geological Science during the last two years. By Mrs. MILLER. 12mo, cloth, $1.25.

This work is likely to prove the most popular of Hugh Miller's writings, and to attain the widest circulation. It is written in his best style, and makes the mysteries of Geology intelligible to the common mind. As an architect explains the structure of a house from cellar to attic, so this accomplished geologist takes the globe to pieces, and explains the manner in which all its strata have been formed, from the granite foundation to the alluvial surface. It supplies just the information which many readers have been longing for, but unable to find. Also,

HUGH MILLER’S WORKS. Seven volumes, uniform style, in an elegant

box, embossed cloth, $8.25 ; library sheep, $10.00; half calf, $14.00; antique, $14.00.

MANSEL'S MISCELLANIES; including “Prolegomina Logica,” “Meta. physics,"

" " Limits of Demonstrative Evidence," " Philosophy of Kant," etc. 12mo, cloth, (In press.)



SON, D.D., late Bishop of Calcutta. By Rev. JOSIAH BATEMAN, M. A., Rector of North Cray, Kent. With Portraits, Map, and numerous Illustrations. One Volume, Royal octavo, cloth, $3.00.


Sketch of the History of British Prose Fiction. By DAVID MASSON, M. A., Author of “The Life and Times of John Milton," etc. etc. 16mo, cloth, 75 cts.

This charming volume will find its way to many American homes, and win for its author a place by the side of the masters of English Fiction, of whom he discourses so pleasantly.


MER and Knox, the Representative Men of Germany, France, England, and Scotland. By J. TULLOCH, D. D., Author of " Theism,” etc. 12mo, cloth, $1.00.

A portrait gallery of sturdy reformers, drawn by a keen eye and a strong hand. Dr. Tulloch discriminates clearly the personal qualities of each Reformer, and commends and criticises with equal frankness.

LESSONS AT THE CROSS; or, Spiritual Truths Familiarly Exhibited in their

Relations to Christ. By SAMUEL HOPKINS, author of "The Puritans.” With an Introduction by Rev. GEORGE W. BLAGDEN, D. D. New Edition. 16mo, cloth, 75 cts.

THE CRUCIBLE; or Tests of a Regenerate State ; designed to bring to light sup

pressed hopes, expose false ones, and confirm the true. By Rev. J. A. GOODBUE, A. M. With an Introduction by Rev. E. N. KIRK, D. D. 12mo, cloth, $1.00.

A volume of peculiar originality and power. It presents novel, original and startling views. It places within the Christian fold many who claim no place there ; cuts off from it many who consider themselves entitled to all its privileges, and applies tests of spiritual character, which are vitally distinct from those which are current in the popular religion of the day. It is one of the books to be read, marked and inwardly digested.

GOTTHOLD'S EMBLEMS; or, Invisible Things Understood by Things that

are Made. By CHRISTIAN SCRIVER, Minister of Magdeburg in 1671. Translated from the Twenty-eighth German Edition by the Rev. ROBERT MENZIES. 8vo, cloth, $1.00; cloth, bevelled boards, $1.25; cloth, bevelled boards, red edges, $1.25. FINE EDITION, TINTED PAPER, royal 8vo, cloth, $1.50 ; cloth gilt, $2.00 ; half Turkey morocco, $4.00; Turkey morocco, $5.00.

Its singular merits will soon make it a favorite in American households ; for all readers will pronounce it the most fascinating of devotional books. It teaches how to find God everywhere, and to carry devotion into the humblest duties of daily life. Its juicy thoughts and rich suggestions have an equal charm for the scholar and the unlearned.

THE GREAT CONCERN; or, Man's Relation to God and a Future State. By

NEHEMIAH ADAMS, D. D. 12mo, cloth, 85 cts. Pungent and affectionate, reaching the intellect, conscience, and feelings; admirably fitted to awaken, guide, and instruct. The book is just the thing for wide distribution in our congregations. --N. Y. Observer.


12mo, cloth. (In preparation.)

THE STILL HOUR; or, Communion with God. By Prof. AUSTIN PHELPS, D.D., of Andover Theological Seminary. 16mo, cloth, 50 cts.


CHRIST IN HISTORY. By ROBERT TURNBULL, D.D. A New and Enlarge Edition. 12mo, cloth, $1.25.


ILLUSTRATIONS OF SCRIPTURE. Suggested by a Tour through the

Holy Land. With numerous Illustrations. A New, Improved and Enlarged Edition. By H. B. HACKETT, D. D., Prof. of Biblical Literature in the Newton Theological Institution ; author of “A Commentary on The Acts of the Apostles," etc. 12mo, cloth, $1.00.


Explanatory, Doctrinal and Practical. With a Series of Questions. By ROBERT E. PATTISON, D. D., late President of Waterville College. 12mo, cloth, 85 cts.

This Commentary contains the very marrow of the Gospel, unfolding, from a single Epistle, the scheme of Divine mercy through Jesus Christ. It will instruct young disciples, and feed older saints; and the questions annexed will make it a useful text-book in Bible Classes.


INSPIRATION; Deduced from Internal Evidence, and the Testimonies of Nature, History, and Science. By L. GAUSSEN, D. D. New and Revised Edition, with Analysis and Topical Index. 12mo, cloth, $1.00.

HISTORICAL VINDICATIONS; or, the Province and Uses of Baptist

History. With Appendixes containing Historical Notes and Confessions of Faith. By S. S. CUTTING, D. D., Professor of Rhetoric and History in the University of Rochester. 12mo, cloth, 75 cts.

An admirable contribution to Baptist History, tracing the origin and rapid growth of Baptist principles in England at the time of the Reformation, and suggesting important lessons for future guidance. The Appendixes contain historical facts worth two-fold the price of the volume.

KIND WORDS FOR CHILDREN, to Guide them to the Path of Peace.

By Rev. HARVEY NEWCOMB, author of "How to be a Man," "How to be a Lady," “ Harvest and Reapers," etc. 16mo, cloth, 42 cts.

A simple and beautiful exposition of the doctrines and duties of the Gospel, in language and with illustrations adapted to children.

We wish every mother would buy it, read it, and cause its contents to be engraved on the hearts of her children. – Recorder.

THE PSALMIST, WITH MUSIC; a Manual for the service of Sacred Song

in Baptist Congregations and Choirs ; the Tunes being adapted to the collection of Hymns compiled by BARON Stow and S. F. SMITH. Collated by B. F. EDMANDS, Conductor of Music at Baldwin Place Church, Boston. With a Supplement, containing a variety of Chants, and Selections of Scripture for chanting. Royal 12mo, cloth, arabesque, $1.00.

This Manual embraces ALL THE HYMNS OF TIIE PSALMIST, with one or more tunes adapted to every hymn. The tunes have been selected with great care and rare judgment, by B. F. EDMANDS, Esq., a gentleman of fine musical taste, a chorister for many years in one of our largest churches, and an active manager of several of our leading musical societies. They are chiefly taken from the approved standard tunes, whose long use and popularity in the churches attest their fitness for congregational singing. The convenient size of the Manual, its cheapness, its judicious arrangement, as well as its admirable selection of tunes, give it important advantages over every other Manual for public worship. Baptist congregations already using the Psalmist, which is almost universal throughout the denomination, - can introduce this new edition, witu MUSIC, at very trifling expense. No change of books will be needed for those who do not join in the singing. The numbering of hymns is the same in all editions, and the full and perfect Indexes enable minister or people to refer from one edition to the other without difficulty. Only those who wish to sing, and to have the tunes before them, will need the new edition with Music, and the great expense incident to an entire change of hymn-books will be avoided.

THE SAME WORK, WITH A SUPPLEMENT, containing a SELECTION OF Hymns, by RICHARD FULLER and J. B. JETER, in place of the “Chants and Selections for Chanting,” $1.00.


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So Classified and Arranged as to Facilitate the Expression of Ideas, and Assist

in Literary Composition. By PETER MARK ROGET, late Secretary of the Royal Society, and author of the “Bridgewater Treatise,' etc. Revised and Ellarged; with a List of FOREIGN WORDS AND EXPRESSIONS most frequently occurring in works of general Literature, Defined in English, by BARNAS SEARS, D. D., Secretary of the Massachusetts Board of Education, assisted by several Literary Gentlemen. 12mo., cloth. $1.50.

A work of great merit, admirably adapted as a text-book for schools and colleges, and cf high importance to every American scholar. Among the numerous commendations received from the press, in all directions, the publishers would call attention to the following:

We are glad to see the Thesaurus of English Words republished in this country. It is a most valuable work, giving the results of many years' labor, in an attempt to classify and arrange the words of the English tongue, so as to facilitate the practice of composition. The purpose of an ordinary dictionary is to explain the meaning of words, while the object of this Thesaurus is to collate all the words by which any given idea may be expressed. .- Putnam's Monthly.

This volume offers the student of English composition the results of great labor in the forin of a rich and copious vocabulary. We would commend the work to those who have chargo of academies and high schools, and to all students. Christian Observer.

This is a novel publication, and is the first and only one of the kind ever issued in which words and phrases of our language are classified, not according to the sound of their orthography, but strictly according to their signification. It will become an invaluable aid in the communication of our thoughts, whether spoken or written, and hence, as a means of improvement, we can recommend it as a work of rare and excellent qualities. — Scientific American.

A work of great utility. It will give a writer the word he wants, when that word is on the tip of his tongue, but altogether beyond his reach. - N. Y. Times.

It is more complete than the English work, which has attained a just celebrity. It is intended to supply, with respect to the English language, à desideratum hitherto unsupplied in any language, namely, a collection of the words it contains, and of the idiomatic combinations peculiar to it, arranged, not in alphabetical order, as they are in a dictionary, but according to the ideas which they express. The purpose of a dictionary is simply to explain the meaning of words - the word being given, to find its signification, or the idea it is intended to convey. The object aimed at here is exactly the converse of this: the idea being given, to find the word or words by which that idea may be mostly fitly and aptly expressed. For this purpose, the words and phrases of the language are here classed, not according to their sound or their orthography, but strictly according to their signification. - New York Evening Mirror.

An invaluable companion to persons engaged in literary labors. To persons who are not familiar with foreign tongues, the catalogue of foreign words and phrases most current in modern literature, which the American editor has appended, will be very useful.-Presbyteriun.

It casts the whole English language into groups of words and terms, arranged in such a manner that the student of English composition, when embarrassed by the poverty of his vocabulary, may supply himself immediately, on consulting it, with the precise term for which he has occasion. New York Evening Post.

This is a work not merely of extraordinary, but of peculiar value. We would gladly praise it, if any thing could add to the consideration held out by the title page. No one who speaks or writes for the public need be urged to study Roget's Thesaurus. - Stur of the West. .

Every writer and speaker ought to possess himself at once of this manual. It is far from being a mere dull, dead string of synonyines, but it is enlivened and vivified by the classifying and crystallizing power of genuine philosophy. We have put it on our table as a permanent fixture, as near our left hand as the Bible is to our right. -- Congregationalist.

This book is one of the most valuable we ever examined. It supplies a want long acknowledged by the best writers, and supplies it completely. - Portland Advertiser.

One of the most efficient aids to coin position that research, industry, and scholarship have ever produced. Its object is to supply the writer or speaker with the most felicitous terms for expressing an idea that may be vaguely floating on his mind; and, indeed, through the peculiar manner of arrangement, ideas themselves may be expanded or modified by reference in Mr. livet's t-ucilations. ---- Albion, N. Y.


THE CHRISTIAN LIFE : Social and Individual. By PETER BAYNE, A M

12no. Cloth. 1.25.

Contents. - P'ART I. STATEMENT. I. The Individual Life. II. The Social Life, PART II. EXPOSITION AND ILLUSTRATION. Book 1. Christianity the Basis of Social Life 1. First Principles. 11. Howard; and the rise of Philanthropy. III, Wilberforce; and the development of l’hilauthropy. IV. Budgett; the Christian Freeman. V. The social problem of the age, and one or two hints towards its solution. Book II. Christianity the basis of Individual Character. 1. Introductory: a few Words on Jodern Doubt. II. John Foster. III. Thomas Arnold. IV. Thomae Chalmers. PART III. OUTLOOK. I. The Positive Philosophy. II. Pantheistis Spiritualism. 111. General Conclusion.

l'ARTICULAR attention is invited to this work. In Scotland, its publication, during the last winter, produced a great sensation. Hugh Miller made it the subject of az elaborate review in his paper, the Edinburgh Witness, and gave his readers to under: stand that it was an extraordinary work. The “ News of the Churches," the monthly organ of the Scottish Free Church, was equally emphatic in its praise, pronouncing it “the religious book of the season.". Strikingly original in plan and brilliant in execution, it far surpasses the expectations raised by the somewhat familiar title. It is, in truth, a bold onslaught (and the first of the kind) upon the Pantheism of Carlyle, Fichte, etc., by an ardent admirer of Carlyle; and at the same time an exhibition vf the Christian Life, in its inner principle, and as illustrated in the lives of Howard Wilberforce, Buzett, Foster, Chalmers, eto. The brilliancy and vigor of the author g style are remarkable

PATRIARCHY; or, the Family, its Constitution and Proba

By JOHN Harris, D. D., President of “New College,” London, and author of "The Great Teacher " " Mammon," “ Pre-Adamite Earth,”

« Pre-Adamite Earth,” “ Man Primeval," etc 12mo. Cloth. $1.25. 14 A new work of great interest. This is the third and last of a series, by the same author, entitled “Contributions to Theological Science.” The plan of this series is highly original, and has been most successfully executed. Of the two first in the series, " Pre-Adamite Earth” and “Man Primeval,” we have already issued four and five editions, and the demand still continues. The immense sale of all Dr. Harris's works attest their intrinsic worth. This volume contains most important information and instruction touching the family - its nature and order, parental instruction, parental authority and gov ernment, parental responsibility, &c. It contains, in fact, such a fund of valuable information as no pastor, or head of a family, can afford to dispense with.


of the Development Theory contained in the “Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation." By the Author of " THE PHILOSOPHY OF THE PLAN OF Sair VATION."

12mo. Cloth. $1.00. I's author of that remarkable book, “The Philosophy of the Plan of Salvation ? ha devoted several years of incessant labor to the preparation of this work. Without being specifically controversial, its aim is to overthrow several of the popular error of the day, Ly establishing the antagonist truth upon an impregnable basis of reaso.) and logic. In opposition to the doctrine of a mere subjective revelation, now su plausibly inculcated by certain eminent writers, it demonstrates the necessity of au external, objective revelation. Especially, it furnishes a new, and as it is conceived, a conclusive argument against the development theory" so ingeniously maintained in the “ Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation." As this author does not pub. rish except when he has something to say, there is good reason to anticipate that the work will be one of unusual interest and value. His former book has met with the most signal success in hoth bernispheres, having passed through numerous editione in England and Scotiana, and been translated into four of the European language braides It is also about to be translated into the Hindoostanee tougue

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