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Hercules, an old Egyptian Hero, so called
Herodotus wrote before Manetho

Horeb the same, or a contiguous Mountain to Sinai
Hobab, Son of Jethro, journeys with the Ifraelites

166 Hur aslifts Aaron to hold up Moses's Hands, whilst the Israelites were in Battle

23 He and Aaron have the Charge of the People

Did not probably out-live the Sin of the golden Calf
Hyginus, his Account of Prometheus


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Jabin King of Hazor conquered by the Ifraelites

403 Ida a Mountain both of Crete and Phrygia Jethro visits Moses and the Camp of the Israelites

27 Invites Aaron and the Elders of Israel to his Sacrifice 28 His Advice to Moses about the Government of the People con

fidered Jordan, whether the Israelites could have passed it without a Miracle

351, 354 Jofephus, his Account of the Cure of the Waters at Marah 4 His Opinion about the Gathering of the Manna

i His Citations from Manetho considered

202, 206 ofhua, his Behaviour at the Return of the Spies from searching Canaan

171 Appointed by God to lead the Israelites at the Death of Moses 298 Takes the Command of the People

343 Sends the Spies to Jericho

ibid. Sets up the Stones in Gilgal Revives the Use of Circumcision

354 Cannot be supposed to have revived it without a special Com• mand of God for so doing Conquers the five Kings of Canaan

388 His Relation of the Miracle of the Sun and Moon's standing still · considered

390, &c. How long engaged in War with the Canaanites 404 Prepares to divide Canaan

ibid.. His Inheritance, what and where

419 His Admonitions to the Israelites before he died 426, &c. His Death

Whether he wrote the Book called by his Name 429
Indians, their Itinerant Enchanters, who cured the Bitings of

Ifraelites, their Murmurings at Marah
March to Elim
Difiressed with Want in the Wilderness of Sin
Relieved by a miraculous Supply of Quails and Manna ibid.
Want Water at Rephidim

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Their March to Sinai, when

34 Forced Aarox to make the Calf Whether they danced naked at their Games Whether they set up the Calf in Imitation of the Egyptian Sacra

Upon what Principle they fell into the Idolatry of the Calf 126
How taxed to erect the Tabernacle
Left Sinai, when
Will not march when required to go up to enter Canaan 172
What Punishment was denounced against them for this' Ob-

Attempt Canaan, but are defeated
Their Murmurings at Kadesh

243 Their Encampments from Punon to Pisgah

265 Conquer Sihon King of the Amorites

267 Reduce the Kingdom of Bafhan

ibid. Could not be deceived in the Miracles recorded by Moses to have been wrote before them

313–319 At no time disposed to an implicit Belief of, or Dependance upon Moses

320, 323 Their miraculous Passage over Jordan

348 Besiege and take Jericha Defeated at Ai

365 Whether they were commanded absolutely to destroy the In

habitants of Canaan Whether they could make any League with these Nations 377 Whether justifiable in their Treatment of the Gibeonites 387 Their Embassy about the Altar of Jordan

421 upiter of Crete contemporary with Moses'

47 Succeeds his Father in the Kingdom of Crete Marries his Sister Juno His ocher Wives and Children

ibid. How many Generations he lived before the Trojan War 57—60 His Politics and Improvements of his Country 76, 77 Who the Persons were that acted with him, and what Em• ployments they had under him

78, 96 How he and his Minifters came to be more highly thought of in After-ages, than all other Heroes

79 His Times, why called the Silver Age

81 What Opposition he met with, and from whom ibid. & seq. Who were his Allies

ibid. Travels from Crete into other countries Şaid to travel all over the World

ibid. Was an useful Instructor of, and Benefactor to foreign Kingdoms

ibid. In Arcadia, when

86 Worshipped the Lights of Heaven Was not himself worshipped by Lycaon

ibid. Was at Cadmus's Wedding : .

- 372


In Love with Semele
How it came to pass that we should have no Account of his

The new Scenes of Life opened by him

94 Severe in his Punishment of Prometheus, and why 96 Temple of the Arcadian Jupiter, a Fancy about it 174 Children of Jupiter did not succeed him in his Cretan Do

minions Juftin Martyr misquotes Diodorus Siculus




Kings of Canaan, how many conquered by Joshua

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Lacedemonians of the Stock of Abraham

Their Kings
Laws, no Word in Homer for a written Law
Some of Mofes's Laws considered

337 League, what the Sense of that Word Lelex, his Age

An Ifraelite :

Settlements made by him
Levites appointed to the Service of the Tabernacle

Ansai, who so called when Nations were first formed
Lucian, his Ridicule of the Fable of Prometheus
Lupercalia when instituted

87, 88 Lycaon King of Arcadia, his Family, Character, and Manners 86 Entertains Jupiter, is killed by him

ibid. Did not think Jupiter a God

88 Said to be turned into a Wolf, why

86 Lycæus, Jupiter so called, an Altar erected to him Lycurgus, his Opinion of Written Laws


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Manna miraculously given to the Israelites

What it was
Whence its Name
How to be gathered

ibid. An Omer of it laid up in a Pot for future Ages

14 Ceased when Manetbe, who, his Character

193, 194 His Books, their Nature and Composition, and Contents 194,

199, 201 His View and Defign in them

194 Mark St. a Monkish Fable concerning his Festival

174 Marah, no Place fo called by prophane Writers

3 Marshan




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Marsham, Sir John, Account of his Canon Cbronicus 226

His Account of the brazen Serpent considered 250, 251
Mars, their supposed Abilities to cure the Bitings of Serpents

255, 256
Minerva, her Difference with Neptune about the Athenians ;
Minos, his Family, Genealogy, and Time of Life
Miriam and Aaron oppose Moses

Her Death
Mneves the Egyptian, who

Governed his People by unwritten Laws
Moabites ensnare the Ifraelites into Idolatry
Monceius, his Account of Aaron's making the Israelites naked 118
Moon and Sun, the Miracle of their standing still at the Word
of Folhua considered

389, &c.
Mofes leads the Israelites into the Wilderness of Shur

Perhaps not led to Marah by the Pillar of the Cloud
How tried and proved at Marah
Smites the Rock at Rephidim
His Hands holden up give Victory to the Israelites
With Nadab, Aaron and Abihu, sees the God of Israel
In the Mount forty Days and Nights

Finds the Ifraelites at their idolatrous Games

Melts and reduces to Powder the golden Calf

Expoitulates with Aaron the Idolatry of the People
Goes the second time up the Mount
Exhorts the Israelites in the last Month of his Life

Delivers his Book to the Levites
His Death

Where buried
His Character and Conduct examined

His Administration not managed by any private or felfish

His Manner of leading the Israelitos examined

His Conduct thought by the Princes of the Congregation con
trary to all human Prudence

Why he did not permit the Israelites to attempt Canaan 307
Muit be thought to have been directed by God in the Pro-
spects he fet before the Ifraelites

Character given of him by our modern Deifts

And by the Heathen Writers

His divine Mission proved from the Facts recorded by him zií
The Facts recorded by him moft unquestionably true 312-314
Cannot be said to have wrote the History of the Ifraelites ac.
cording to his own Humour

Was a most impartial Writer, not favouring even his own

ibid. -330
Would not have given the Israelites written Laws without a
divine Direction

Was the first that ever gave written Laws to a People 334







Some of his Laws considered

Muses, thought to have been originally but three

- 56
Mythologists, their extravagant Fictions

Their Accounts of Persons said to be descended of the Gods

upon what founded
Latin, their Fable about Prometheus
Greek, their Fable about Prometheus




. N.
Nadab and Abihu, their Deaths

.Neptune and Minerva, their Difference about the Athenians 85

The Grecian a great Master of the Seas ; where he lived 105
Numa not willing to leave his facred Books to Pofterity 331
Nyetimus Successor of Lycaon in the Kingdom of Arcadia 89

Ophiogenes, their supposed Abilities to cure the Bitings of Serpents

255, 256
Ops, who the Person so called

Travelled from Crete into Phrygia

Called also Cybele, and Rhea

Never worshipped in Crete

Quranus of Crete, who and where he lived

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Passover, Ordinance of a second
Papifts chargeable with Idolatry

Philistines, whence their Strength and Increase of People 425
Philo the Jew, his Observation upon the Jewish Law

Phinehas kills Zimri and Cozbi, whether, and how justifiable in
so doing

Phoroneus first taught the Greeks to kindle Fire

Pillar of the Cloud before the Israelites, not an artificial Signal 310
Pillar of Light said to attend the March of Thrasybulus, what

Proof we have of it
Plato, his Account of Prometheus how to be understood 98
Pliny, Method to cure bitter Waters recorded by him
Pluto, where he lived, when he left Crete

Carried away Proferpine

Poll, first and second taken at Sinai

150, 151, 162
A third taken in the Plains of Moab

Princes of the Tribes appointed

Prometheus, a King of Eg ypt so called
Grecian, in what he offended Jupiter

,310, 312

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