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cighth Day a Sabbath, the fifteenth a Sabbath, the twenty fecond a Sabbath, and the twenty ninth a Sabbath : A Month was ordinarily computed to be thirty Days, neither more nor fewer (y): Accordingly, if we go through the second Month, the Sabbaths in it must be thus :: The fixth Day a Sabbath, the thirteenth a Sabbath, the twentieth a Sabbath and the twenty . feventh Sabbath (2). In the third Month the Sabbaths



(y) Moses thus camputes the Months in his Account of the Flood: From the seventeenth Day of the second Month to the seventeenth Day of the seventh Month; for five whole Montbs be reckons one bundred and fifty Days, Gen. vii. 1. 24. viii. 3, 4. which is exactly thirty Days to each Month; for five times thirty Days are one hundred and fifty. (z) Scaliger intimates the twenty fecond Day of this second Month to have been a Sabbath. Lib. de Emendat. Temp. p. 153, which, if true, would overthrow the Order of the Sabbaths I am offering. But, 1. If the twenty second of this Month had been a Sabbath, then the fifteenth must have been a Sabbath also, and the People would have ' réfied in their Tents upon it, Exod. xvi. 30. But the . fifteenth was a Day of Travel; the Israelites took their

Journey from Elim unto the Wilderness of Sin, on the fifteenth Day of the second Month, Exod. xvi. 1.

so that this Day was not a Sabbath, and consequently neither was the twenty second. 2. Scaliger's Opinion is founded upon an Imagination that the quails were given in the very Evening, and the Manna on the Morning after the Israel ites came into this Wilderness: If this were the fact, the. Ifraelites gathering Manna for fix fucceffive Days, before Moses observed to them that to morrow is the Sabbath, (See ver. 22, 23.) would indeed suggest the Sabbath to fall on the twenty second : But how improbable is it that the líraelites should have fixed their Camp, explored the Country, found that they could not be supported in it, mutinied, obtained a miraculous Supply from God, and all this in the remaining a Day almoff spent in Travel? Supply given


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will fall thus: The fourth Day à Sabbath : And the Day after this Sabbath was the Day of Pentecost, or the fiftieth Day from the Day of bringing the Sheaf of the Wave-Offering (a); for from the Day of waving it, on the Day after a Sabbath, they were to count seven Sabbaths complete ; unto the Day after the seventh Sabbath fifty Days, and upon that fiftieth Day they were to offer the two Wave-Loaves and their New Meal-Offering (b); accordingly, from the sixteenth Day of the first Month to the fifth Day of the third Month, counting inclusively, are fifty Days, and the fiftieth Day falls reguJarly on the Morrow or Day after a Sabbath, as Mofes calculates it (c): The other Sabbaths in this third Month fail thus : The eleventh Day a Sabbath, the eighteenth a Sabbath, and the twenty fifth a Sabbath: In the fourth

thus instantaneously would hardly have been known to be. a Miracle : They could not so soon bave judged enough of the Country they were in, to determine whether it might not be the natural Produce of it : In the Wilderness of Shur they travelled three Days before they came to high Complaints for want of Water, Exod. xy. 22.

In like manner they came into the Wilderness of Sin, on the fifteenth Day of the Month, on a second Day of the Week: In about four Days they had eat up all that could be provided for them, and found absolutely that the Land they were in could not support them : In this Extremity they were ready to mutiny ; on the fifth Day, the trợentieth Day of the Month, and the seventh Day of the Week at Even, Moses obtained them the Quails, and on the next Morning the Manna : They gathered Manna for fox Days, and then the Sabbath was on the twenty seventh: In this way of computing we allow the Affairs transacted a necesary Space of Time, and this will fix the Sabbaths to the Days I have suppofed to belong to them.

(a) Levitic. xxiii. 15. (6) Ibid. ver. 17. Numb. xxviij. 26. (6) Levit. xxiii, 16.


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Month the Sabbaths fall as follows: The fecond Day a Sabbath, the ninth a Sabbath, the sixteenth a Sabbath, the twenty third a Sabbath, and the thirtieth a Sabbath : In the fifth Month, the seventh Day will be a Sabbath, the fourteenth a Sabbath, the twenty first a Sabbath, and the twenty eighth a Sabbath : In the sixth Month, the fifth Day is a Sabbath, the twelfth Day a Sabbath, the nineteenth a Sabbath, and the twenty sixth a Sabbath. We are now to begin the seventh Month; And here I must observe, that Moses was ordered to speak unto the Children of Israel, saying, In the seventh Month, in the firjt Day of the Month Mall ye have a Sabbath (cc): It may be here queried, whether this Sabbath was to fall seven Days after the last Sabbath, and be one of the weekly Sabbaths of the Year, or whether it was to be a common Day of the Week in it felf, but ordered to be kept as a Sabbath by a special Appointment: And an Answer to this Query is easy to be collected from considering the Appointinents of this Season: The tenth Day of this seventh Month was to be a Day of Atonement to afflict their Souls, and they were specially ordered to do no Work on that fame Day: There could have been no need of that particular Order, if this tenth Day had been a Sabbath ; for upon account of its being a Sabbath Day, no manner of Work must have been done therein (d): This tenth Day therefore did not fall upon a weekly Sabbath. But it is to be observed, that it would have been a weekly Sabbath, if some special Appointment had not here taken place to prevent it; for as the twenty fixth Day of the sixth Month was a Sabbath, the Days going on in their common Order, the third Day of the seventh Month would have been a Sabbath, and consequently the tenth ; but the tenth Day thus appearing not to have been a Sabbath, it must be allowed that the third also was not a Sabbath Day, and consequently, that here must have been fome particular Appointment, to cause the Sabbaths not to go on in the Course in which they would otherwise have proceeded: And the Injunction of the first Day of the seventh Month's being a Sabbath appears yery plainly to have been this Appointment, and would always cause the tenth Day not to fall on a Sabbath, but on a Week-day, pertinently to the Injunction of having no Work done therein ; so that I should think, there can remain nothing further to be consider'd, than at what Distance this Sabbath Day, on the first Day of the seventh Month, was to be kept from after the last preceding Sabbath : And I think we cannot but conclude that seven Days must have been the Interyal ; for I think this was the Law of the Sabbath without Variation : Between Sabbath and Sabbath Six Days they were to lobour and do all their Work; but the seventh Day was to be the Sabbath (e), and if this be allowed me, it will be plain that the Israelites must have here added two Days to the End of the sixth Month to make the fixth Day of the Week the last Day of it; for the twenty sixth, Day of this Month was, as I have observed, a

(cc) Levit. xxiii, 24.

(dl) Exod. xx. 10.

taken te) Exod. xx. 9, 10.

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Sabbath (f); consequently, if this Month, like other Months, had contained thirty Days only, the last Day of it would have been the fourth Day of the Week, and the first Day of the few venth Month could not have been a Sabbath in the manner which Mofes appointed : Here therefore the Israelites kept two Week-days more than this Month would otherwise have afforded, and began the seventh Month with a Sabbath, according to the Injunction. But to go on: The first Day of the seventh Month being thus a Sabbath, it will follow, that in this Month the eighth Day would be a Sabbath, the fifteenth a Sabbath, the twenty fecond a Sabbath, and the twenty ninth à Sabbath. The tenth Day of this | Month was the Day of Atonement (8), the fif

teenth Day began the Feast of Tabernacles (b). à Feast to be kept for the gathering in the Fruits of the Land (i): This Feast was thus to begin with a Sabbath (k), and after seven Days Celebration, it was ended on the eighth Day, namely on the twenty second Day of this Month with another Sabbath (1). The twenty ninth Day of the seventh Month being a Sabbath, the Sabbaths in the eighth Month will fall thus : The sixth Day will be a Sabbath, the thirteenth a Sabbath, the twentieth a Sabbath, and the twenty seventh a Sabbath : In the ninth Month, the fourth Day will be a Sabbath, the eleventh a Sabbath, the eighteenth a Sabbath, and the twenty fifth a Sábbath : In the tenth Month, the fecond Day will be a Sabbath, the ninth a Sabbath, the sixteenth a Sabbath, the twenty

0) Vid. quæ sup. (8) Levit, xxiii

. 27.

(6) ver. 34.

li ver. 39.

(1) ibid.


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