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Preached on the Festival of Epiphany.

Ephesians 3. 10.-To the intent that now unto the principa-
lities and powers in Heavenly places, might be known by
the church the manifold wisdom of God...

.Page 357


Page 113, line 21, instead of direliction, read, dereliction.
Page 143. In the text of the 6th Sermon, instead of instruments of
righteousness unto righteousness, read, instruments of righteousness
unto God.

Page 148, line 7, instead of Creature, read, Creator.
Page 160, line 25, instead of circumsion, read, circumcision.
Page 329, instead of is to be learned, read, are to be learned.
Page 330, line 2, instead of objects, read, subjects.

Pages 381 and 382. Omit the paragraph beginning, If, in this de-
votion, as far as, to behold; and instead thereof, read thus-

When, in this devotion to their Maker, the faithful feel themselves
neglected and forlorn among men, they may derive one consolation
from the revealed truth, which we are now contemplating. Dejection
cannot affect that soul, to which the Divine Comforter gives the assu-
rance that, the Godhead and the host of angels find in it occasion of
delight; that the blessed spirits, who surround the Eternal throne,


Christianity the only true liberty.

Preached in 1818.

John 8. 34.

Verily, verily I say unto you: whosoever committeth sin, is the servant of sin.


HEN the Jews were told by our Saviour

that they should know the truth, and the truth should make them free; they despised the promise, because they thought it offered them nothing, which they did not before possess. They said they were Abraham's seedthey were born free, and never were in bondage to any man. They were, indeed, Abra



Christianity the only true liberty.

ham's seed; and although in subjection to the Roman government, they retained their ancient institutions, and were governed by their own laws; so that they preserved an appearance of political liberty. But, the liberty meant by our Saviour was a moral or spiritual liberty; a liberty, which would enable them to perform the duties, and pursue the ends, of their being. Of this liberty they were unhap pily destitute. Like most other hardened violators of God's law, they did not know, or did not consider that, he who committeth sin, is the servant of sin.

This truth however, our Lord declared to them; and, as it is a truth very important and little regarded, I intend, with the divine permission, to employ the present discourse to prove and illustrate it. But first, it may be proper to open the subject, and draw your attention to it, by a brief exposition of a rather difficult passage in the verses following my text. The words are these: The servant abideth not in the house forever; but the son abideth forever. If the son, therefore, shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

Christianity the only true liberty.

I know, said our Saviour, that you esteem yourselves highly; because you are the descendants of Abraham, and chosen by God from among all people, that he might establish his name, and his worship among you; for this reason, you claim to yourselves that spiritual freedom, of which I am now speaking. But let me assure you, the advantages of living under the laws and institutions of Moses, are not sufficient to give you freedom from the dominion of sin. The authority of Moses, who was but a servant, was intended to continue only till the son of God should come, to assume the authority of his Father. If you submit to his authority, faithfully embracing his doctrine, you will be fully instructed and empowered to live in obedience to his commands, under the perfect law of liberty. The great truths, which you will learn in the Gospel dispensation, will unfold to you the will, and the mercies, and the goodness of God; the sufficient means of salvation, with the full hope of everlasting glory. It will not only disclose to you the will of God, but give you a heart to love, and power to practice it. The

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