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ingly till the cloud appeared. Reminded by his example, ployed to silence all inquiry into its origin, and to crush and as next day was the Sabbath, I spent a season, all opposition to its verdict. Within her vast inclosures just under that bill, in supplications for you—for the the voice of reason remained for centuries unheard; or, Parish in general, and for those that now minister to if occasionally it was raised in indignant rebuke of ber you ;—in particular my Sabbath Morning Class came enormities, it was soon drowned amid the angry crackinto my mind,—then the assembled congregation-andling of her vengeful fires. And when whole provinces after it the Sabbath School, where God's spirit specially came at last to be tainted with rebellion, she set up strives with you, my dear children, who are beginning that terrible apparatus of persecution, whose nature, in your days : and, lastly, came the thought of you all on a former Paper, we endeavoured to explain. Sabbath Evenings, gathered in your families to talk Wherever it was erected, the Inquisition was found over the word preached, and to help each other to apply most effective. It might not be able to convince, but it it, as well as to teach it to your children, and unite in converted many; and those whom it could not convert, prayer. It would be glad tidings, indeed, to hear that it silenced. Opinion cannot be forced, but its semblance the Holy Spirit is poured out on you, and that you are may; and, however much men might detest the power striving together for a full blessing, both in your closets which thus controlled their belief, they were soon inand in prayer-meetings. We here see the palm-tree duced to pay to it the external homage it demanded. tlourishing in strength and beauty. May each believer With this the inquisitors, for a time, were satisfied. They among you inherit the promise of Psalm xcii. 12, had cut down the noxious tree whose pestiferous breath “ The righteous shall flourish like the palm :" even bad polluted the atmosphere of the Church, and they imain this life may you have the victory over sin in the gined they could excavate its roots at their leisure. strength of Christ, which is signified in Revelation vii. Fatal mistake! Soon there sprung an hundred twigs 9, by the glorious multitude who, because they had put from that prolific stem. In vain did they use the axe on the white robes of the Redeemer's righteousness, and the fire in their attempts to destroy them. The were waving palms in their bands.

greater the havoc made, they seemed to grow the more I hope that it is but a little season ere we shall see each rapidly, until it became evident that the stock itself, other face to face, and recount the doings of the Lord. with all its ramifications, must be torn from the earth. But, meanwhile, remember once more that God is deal. But how accomplish this? The old apparatus, formerly ing peculiarly with your Parish, even in this very fact, so effective, must be again employed, with such addi. that He is sending you the voice of entreaty and of tions and alterations as its new functions might require. exhortation from the mountains of Israel. Oh, my dear The Inquisition was accordingly remodelled and impeople, how often would Christ have gathered you! proved, and recommenced operations on the 2d of Are you willing to come to him that you may have January 1481, in the Dominican Convent of St Paul's life--are you all willing—and do you close with him at Seville; and most nobly did it execute the intentions for ever? He will soon appear in the clouds of Heaven, of its projectors. In the first year of its operations, it and will name each of yoii. He will declare that aLL committed two thousand persons alive to the flames-had a free salvation offered them, and if he needed a burnt as many in effigy-and condemned seventeen witness, he may summon even me to testify that it thousand to different penances. By a computation,

Commending you now to the Spirit of Truth supposed to be much below the truth, made by the and Grace, I am, my dear People, Yours in the Roman Catholic writer Llorente, who was for some Lord,

years Secretary to the Spanish Inquisition, it appears

that, between the years 1481 and 1517, there were THE INFLUENCE OF THE INQUISITION.

burnt alive thirteen thousand human beings - eight

thousand seven hundred burnt in elligy-and one hunIt is a subject of no little triumph to a Romanist that, dred and sixty-nine thousand four hundred and twentyin contradistinction to the divisions which obtain among three were condemned to suffer various penances. Protestants, his Church is one and undivided. No com- Amounting in all, to one hundred and ninety-one thoumotions appear to disturb ber tranquillity. No conten- sand four hundred and twenty-three persons, sentenced tious sectaries destroy her repose. Enemies she may by the several Inquisitorial Tribunals of Spain alone, have, but they are without her sacred inclosure; within in the short period of thirty-six years. And, down all is barmony and peace. And when we consider that

to the commencement of the seventeenth century, Truth is “one,”-that Faith is “one,”—and that the absolution was granted to scarcely one out of a thoutrue Church of Christ is also “one,” “even as his body sand victims; the inquisitors having determined that, is one,” this unity of Romanism may seem rather alarm- if possible, none should escape their censure, who was ing; more especially if it shall appear that this unity of in the least degree suspected of opposition to their her disciples is real, and preserved by “the bond of authority. love." A very little acquaintance with her past bistory, Nor was it an easy matter to live within the juris. however, will afford abundant evidence that such is not diction of the Holy Office without being, in some dethe tie wbich bas maintained the unity of Romanism. gree, exposed to its suspicion. In some provinces, Even the writings of her own historians warrant us in bardly a family escaped the taint of its censure.

Its asserting, that hers is a unity of fear, not of faith-a vigilance seemed almost omniscient. No concealment, reign of terror, not of truth. It took not its rise from however secret, could elude its penetration; no darka universal belief in her doctrines, nor has it been pre-ness, however profound, could hide from its knowledge. served by an enlightened and voluntary consent to her The whispers of the closet echoed through its halls; dogmas. Her power, gained gradually and by a long and the very thoughts of the heart seemed to lie open series of deceptions, has ever been unscrupulously em- to its inspection. Its power, too, was irresistible

was so.

the peasant and the peer alike felt their impotency, I the vengeance of the Holy Office was chiefly felt. when opposing it. Even cardinals and kings did hom. | Could their cheerless and gloomy walls speak out, they age to its throne. Its eye never slumbered; its arm would tell us many a tale of suffering and death, of never wearied. In all places, and at all times, you which history is silent-many a dismal scene of menwere liable to its seizure. In the beggar's hut and in i tal and bodily torture, too appalling to be recorded even the emperor's palace its chilling presence was felt. Its | by the pen of an inquisitor. It is hardly possible to spies were every where; and the moment of your fan- conceive any thing more dreadful than the state of an cied safety might be that of your greatest danger. By individual confined in the dungeons of the Holy Office. the inquisitorial metbod of taking evidence, your own Kept in total ignorance of both his accuser and his son might be your innocent accuser; nay, the very wife crime,-knowing nothing of the process against him,of your bosom might inadvertently afford the proof deprived of every friend,—denied any conzultation, eren which was to condemn you. Silencing the dictates of with the person who is to conduct his defence,—allow. reason, and stifling the purest sentiments of humanity, ed the use of no books, to cheer bis solitude,—plunged it listened even to the accusations of the infamous. in total darkness for fifteen hours a-day,- permitted to Trampling alike on the rights of justice and the ten- fire, even in the depth of winter,—and haunted by the derest ties of domestic life, it sought to establish its melancholy conviction that, though he might escape tlic supremacy upon the ruins of every noble principle condemnation of his judges, he would yet re-enter the which “ the fall" had left us. To exasperate and world he had left with a blasted reputation, and a name embitter the mind—to fill the heart with duplicity loaded with an infamy which should descend to his -to carry dread and terror throughout the land—to children's children. Superadd to all this, the oft re. spread turbulence among nations, and misery among peated bodily torture to which the prisoners in general families—have been the bitter effects of this baneful were subjected, and you have a consummation of human Inquisition.

suffering too appalling to be contemplated. The mind is lost in painful rellection when contem- Of the dreadful nature of this infernal operation we plating this tremendous engine of terror; and a sigh is need say nothing. We are unwilling to barrass the forced from the breast, even of the most thoughtless feelings of our readers, or we might describe such scenes student of history, when he reflects chat it was erected as would make their blood run cold, and their every to preserve the religion of Jesus. It is impossible to

nerve to tingle with horror. We might speak of the conceive a greater outrage than this on that divine rack, which moved every bone from its socket, and system of worship transmitted to us by a beneficent caused the blood to start from every vein in the body, Creator.

-or of the torture of fire, which convulsed the whole If astonishment is excited by the immensity of the frame with the intensest agony,—or of the yet more apparatus which the Inquisition possessed for the dis- dreadful torture by the pendulum, whose sharp edge, oovery of heresy, it will be no less so at the appalling swinging backwards and forwards before the eyes of the rapidity with which its vengeance overtook the heretic. prostrate prisoner, and approaching nearer at every vi. Notwithstanding the vastness of the machinery, its parts bration, until it entered his shivering frame, warned were so well adapted to each other, that its operations him of the dreadful death to which longer silence would were almost unheard. Don Manuel Abad y Lasierra, expose him. But, why dwell upon such sickening Archbishop of Selimloria, who long enjoyed every op- scenes? Let us close this article with the testimony portunity to acquaint himself with the structure of the of Llorente, the historian and ex-secretary of the Holy Inquisition, when speaking of the ease with which Office: “ I do not stop," says ho, “ to describe the any one could be entrapped in the snares of this tri- several kinds of torture inflicted upon the accused by bunal, and of the secresy and speed of its vengeance, order of the Inquisition; this task having been exedeclared, that he had never dreaded its power until he cuted with sufficient exactness by a great many historians. was made Inquisitor-General. And well might he say On this head, I declare that none of them can be accused so!—for never, even under Fouché, was police so skil of exaggeration. I have read many processes which fully organised! Friend after friend was lost suddenly bave struck and pierced me with horror, and I could from your side, and you hardly dared whisper to your regard the inquisitors who had recourse to such methods own heart the cause of his disappearance. To look as in no other light than that of cold blooded barbarians.” if you knew where he had gone was dangerous to

“My pen refuses to trace the picture of these condemn the reason of his seizure was death. The In-horrors, for I know nothing more opposed to the spirit quisition tolerated no censure on its proceedings, nor of charity and compassion which Jesus Christ inculcates suffered any one, with impunity, to question its decrees. | in the Gospel, than this conduct of the inquisitors; and Victim after victim was drawn within its power, and yet, in spite of the scandal wbich it has given, there is folded in its suffocating embrace: but all was done with not, after the eighteenth century is closed, any law or such promptitude and silence, that they seemed to be decree abolishing the torture." Let the Romanist study smitten rather by the lightning of heaven, than punished these, and such like doings of his Church, and then let by the agency of men. At times, indeed, there were him longer boast of her unity—if he can! inade, publicly enough, most appalling manifestations of its zeal to preserve entire the “unity of the faith." The autos da fe of Valladolid and Seville will not soon

THE BELIEVER SLEEPING IN CHRIST. be forgotten. They are written with blood on the

He sweetly sleeps! the man of God, pages of Spanish history, and all the waters of the

From sin and woe set free; Tagus will not expunge them. It still remains true, Calmly the path of death he trod !:owever, that it was in the Inquisitorial prisons where

Into eternity

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Sweetly he rests ! the soldier now

plainly written in the conscience of man. From battle, wounds, and strife ;

of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulThe wreath of conquest decks his brow

teries, fornication, thefts, covetousness, lasciviousWith rays of endless life.

ness, blasphemy.” Let the sinner cry mightily to Sweetly he sleeps I the pilgrim worn,

God, night and day, for a new heart, till all old Leaving his weary road,

things be done away, and all things become new ; In peace be waits a glorious morn,

for in this, the natural state of the heart, conAnd slumbers in his God.

science itself being judge, there is no hope of heaSleep on, ye saints, and sweetly rest

ven. Amidst such impure issues of the fountain, In Jesus' boundless love ;

there cannot be the deliberate thought, that the Soon shall ye wake, for ever blest, And reign with him above.

soul, unconverted and unholy, should be taken DRUMMOND.

from its unfinished wickedness, to admire the beauty of holiness, and mingle with the redeemed, “who have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb." Paul knew that

there was laid up for him “a crown of righteousA DISCOURSE.

ness;" but then he could


“Our rejoicing is BY THE Rev. NATHANIEL PATERSON, D.D.,

this, the testimony of our conscience, that with

simplicity and godly sincerity, not with fleshly Minister of St. Andrew's Parish, Glasgow. wisdom, but hy the grace of God, we have had (Continued from page 731.)

our conversation in the world.” “ Follow peace with all men, and holiness without

The providence of God, in like manner, bears which no man shall see the Lord.”-HEB. xii. 14.

witness to the truth of our text; so that, having

the Word before us, and a testimony within, we We now proceed to the consideration of the may yet farther see, by the work of God's hand,

II. Second thing proposed,—The necessity of that he so rules the world as to confirm the deholiness, as a preparation for heaven. And what claration that, “ without holiness, no man shall we have now mainly to do is, to have our minds see the Lord.” “ Great peace have they that love impressed with the truth of this necessity. The God's law,”—a law that is the rule of holiness ; declaration of our text is at once explicit and with and though this be written in the Word, yet is it out exception. No reference is made to any cir- recorded as characteristic of a ruling providence; cumstances of age or sex, or rank or station; to for an appeal is thus made to the experience of the advantages, temptations, or difficulties, of any men according to the results they find in the procondition of men; whether they be kings or sub- visions of an actual economy. Again, it is exjects, whether addicted to the camp or the senate, perimentally known under that providence, whose to the bustle of the city or the seclusion of rural conduct in time is part of an eternal plan, that life. All are the creatures of one God, and there “godliness is profitable unto all things, having is one requirement for all. The declaration that the promise of the life that now is and of that is so explicit and without exception, in our text, which is to come ;” the demonstrated prosperity agrees with all Scripture. It is the converse of thus serving as an invitation to unholy wanderers, the Saviour's proposition, " Blessed are the pure and as a motive to perseverance in the path of in heart, for they shall see God;" intimating, Zion. And, besides, what is thus manifested in that the impure will not, and can not, and would the ordinary course, there are in providence frenot, if they could; just as it is bere directly as- quent judginents of correction as well as judgserted, “Without holiness no man shall see the ments of wrath ; by all which divine training the Lord.” Be impressed with the certainty of this; world is taught the necessity of holiness as a preyou have God's word for it, and he is a God of paration for heaven. “ Judgments are prepared truth. Hath the Lord spoken, and shall it not for scorners, and stripes for the back of fools.' come to pass ? He is “glorious in holiness," and Again : " Whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, will be glorified by maintaining his truth. He and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth ; and will not suffer you to read one thing in his Word, that not for his pleasure but our profit, that we and see another before his high and holy tribunal. might be partakers of his holiness.” But the “A name to live,” and the profession that says, judgment of wrath descends as a sign of that “ Lord, Lord,” will not avail. He willeth our which shall be in eternity, and takes away the sanctification, and his language is, “ Be ye holy, impenitent when the patience of God will endure for I am holy." He dwelleth “in the high and no longer. Thus it was when “ God saw that holy place ;” the ry from every voice about his the wickedness of man was great in the earth,” throne is, “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty;" and said, “ The end of all flesh is come before and be who is at once holy and almighty will see me; and, behold, I will destroy them with the to it, that nothing shall pollute the place of his earth :" so when he rained fire on Sodom and the rest. “ There shall in no wise enter in any thing cities of the plain : so was it with Jerusalem, that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh aboini- when she had wearied herself with lies, and her nation, or inaketh a lie."

great scum went not forth out of her ;” when That which is so peremptory in the text, is many tokens of love and judgments of correction had signally failed, then was she doomed to des- Being justified by faith, we have peace with truction, to such tribulation as had not been seen God," and " there is now no condemnation to or suffered in the world before: and so is it in all them that are in Christ Jesus ;” but it is spoken ages with “ the nation and kingdom that will not of them “ who walk not after the flesh but after serve Gol," as also with individual sinners, who the Spirit,”—dying daily unto sin, and living unto despise all warnings, till their deadly career is righteousness. They indeed abound in hope by brought to a close by a judgment of wrath. For the power of the Holy Ghost ; but “whosoerer example, it is declared of the impenitent, univer- bath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as sally, that they shall certainly perish, and of the Christ is pure.” drunkard, specially, that he shall not inherit the But yet more ; to them that believe and ask in kingdom of God. Sinners of this sort are, for faith, the Holy Spirit is promised as a teacher, the most part, allowed enough of time to prove sanctifier, comforter, and guide ; and without this that the Lord is slow to anger and long-suffering ; gracious influence, there is no spiritual life, no holibut by cleaving to their sin, they prove that they ness of heart, and the Word itself is known only in have not repented, nor can any man be supposed the deadness of the letter. No men can be said to to repent of that act which terminates his exist believe in Jesus, who neverthless despise, or fail to ence; and how often do drunkards perish by their ask, that great gist which be purchased with his own hands! They die impenitent,—they die in blood, and for the procuring of which, as the very their sin, and under the insensibility of their in- life of his Church, it was expedient that he should toxication. When the patience of God, after re- go away. “If I go not away, the Comforter will peated warnings, will endure no longer, they fall not come unto you ; but if I depart, I will send him by a judgment of wrath,—-a sign on earth of the unto you.” Not to believe in, and devoutly pray judgment that shall be in heaven,—the ruin of for, this promised gift, amounts to an actual dethe body, by unrepented sin, being a sign of the nial of Christ. It is not so much an opposition ruin of the soul in bell.

to any word of God, or any doctrine contained And thus, as in the whole course of providence, in his Word, as it is the subversion of a scheme, the statement of our text is constantly upheld ; a resistance to all the divinely appointed means, so in all the scheme of grace the necessity of and a contempt for the great, and costly, and comholiness is shown amidst the awful clearness of pletely accomplished salvation. But whilst the heaven's light, and the amazing tokens of hea- Spirit is thus promised in answer to prayer, it is ven’s love. In the very first dawn of that light, for the subduing of sin more and more, till it be we have the intimation of a way in which sinners altogether done away,—for shedding abroad in the might live to see the Lord, but that only by a heart the love of God, for establishing the soul in way in which the power of sin should be de- grace, cherishing and strengthening all holy and stroyed; for such was the promise to this darkened heavenward affections and pursuits,-causing the and ruined world, that “the seed of the woman blessed Saviour to be more highly esteemed, his should bruise the head of the serpent." Then in doctrines more cordially embraced, and his prethe fulness of time the Son of God appeared, at cepts more cheerfully obeyed. In other words, once the holiest being that ever trod upon our the holiness meet for heaven is the end for which world, and the greatest sufferer,—showing both the Spirit is procured. the exceeding sinfulness of sin, which could nail And, then, to all who, seeing the necessity of such a Saviour to the accursed tree, and the ex- the divine teaching, would supplicate the indwell. ceeding strictness of the Almighty's law, which ing of the Holy Spirit, are given these words of made that holy One, because he became our sub- most solemn warning and admonition : “ Quench stitute, a monument of grief, and filled his soul not the Spirit:" “ Grieve not the Holy Spirit of with agony.

Well the sinner be led to ex- God;" and, again, it is said of the Church colclaim, It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands lectively, as of every member individually, “ Know of the living God I and if justice spared not the ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that righteous Jesus, how shall I escape if I lead an the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man unholy life, living only to crucify the Saviour, and defile the temple of God, him will God destroy : neglect so great salvation ?

for the temple of God is holy, which temple se But again, eternal life is promised to all who are.” Thus viewing the whole scheme of salvabelieve in his name,-promised with the utmost tion, and seeing how strongly the necessity of sureness and frequency throughout the whole re- holiness is inculcated in every part, we conclude velation of the grace of God, but always in a way with one comprehensive sentence from the words that provides for that “ holiness, without which of the apostle expressive of the whole design: no man shall see the Lord.” Thus faith unites “ For the grace of God that bringetb salvation the soul to Jesus, and secures a participation in bath appeared to all men, teaching us, that, denyall the benefits of his reveinption; but it is the ing ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live faith that worketh by live, that purifies the heart, soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present and overcomes the world, -perfecting holiness in world; looking for that blessed hope, and the the fear of the Lord. The blood of Christ glorious appearing of the great God and our Scleanseth from all sin,” and believing in him, we viour Jesus Christ; who gave himself for us are justified, —counted righteous in God's sight. that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and


good works."

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purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of and without price. And as for the body, not to doubt

but that he that feeds ravens, and clothes lilies, will And now, from all these sources of proof,

feed and clothe it; to be so taken up in seeking this the declaration of our text and the tenor of Serip- to add the other things as he thinks fit; to take no

kingdom and righteousness, as freely to leave to him ture, the testimony of conscience, the course of thought for tomorrow; to bave a heart framed herein providence, and the scheme of grace,—let a deep according to divine precept, not to be encumbered, or impression of the necessity of holiness be not kept in an anxious suspense by the thoughts and fears only fixed in your minds, but ever present to your of what may fall out, by which many suffer the saine

affliction a thousand times over, which God would thoughts ; for it is doubtless to that end that so

have them suffer but once: a firm repose on the goodmany living witnesses within and around you are

ness of Providence, and its sure and never-erring wis. ever appealing to your hearts, and pointing to the donn; a steady persuasion that our heavenly Father ways and works of God. Moved with the neces- knows what we have need of, and what it is fittest for sity of holiness, take no lower standard of its us to want, to suffer, or enjoy. How delightful a life requirements than the law in its spirituality, and do these make! and how agreeable to one born of God, the example of our Lord. And when you think

-his own son, and heir of all things, as being joint of the glorious crown above, and the gulph be- beirs with Christ

, and claiming by that large grant that

says, “ All things are yours,"-only that in minority it low, of the all-seeing eye of Jehovah, and the

is better to have a wise Father's allowance tban to be uncertainty of the hour when the Son of man

our own carvers. Howe. cometh, you

will neither seek nor hope to find a Faith.-Faith is never alone in the heart; it causes way of peace and holiness, save in Him who bath

a man to seek Christ, to adhere to him, and humble " once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, himself at his feet; drawing from his eyes tears of that he might bring us to God,” and who is the repentance, and disposing him to give all to God, and end of the law for righteousness to every one that

to his neighbour for God's sake.--QUESNEL. believeth.” Resting on Him as all your salvation, The genial influence of the gospel.--I need not spend you will find, according to his unfailing word, much time in demonstrating how materially the propagaboth mercy to pardon and grace to belp in time tion of the Gospel has contributed to the advancement of need. By faith in Him, partaking of an im- of science and civilization. The great truths which it

reveals, are those, in the investigation of which human puted, you will obtain also, by his grace, an im- curiosity bad at all times been most eagerly occupied ; planted righteousness, and abound in the fruits of and since these are now fully established, the powers the Spirit, which are love, joy, peace. Delight of the human mind have taken another direction; and ing in the pleasant taste of heavenly things, you all the variety of human talents can be spared for the will shun those deceitful lusts which war against ledge of the Supreme Being which the Gospel imparts,

prosecution of other important inquiries. The knowthe soul, create strife with neighbours, and grieve has thrown light on many subjects, which must otherthe Holy Spirit of God. And, shining in the wise bave remained for ever in obscurity. To this beauty of holiness, which makes for peace, yon knowledge we are especially indebted for those imwill

reap the blessedness of peace-makers, and provements in physical science, by which modern times grow in meetness for heaven. Now, the God are so highly distinguished. Still more obvious are the of peace, that brought again from the dead our

effects of the Gospel on moral science, and the happy Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of the sheep, change which it has produced in the civil and politica?

The very spirit wbich it through the blood of the everlasting covenant, breathes,—the spirit of candour, gentleness, and peace, make you perfect in every good work to do his has a natural tendeney to foster ingenuity and industry; will, working in you that which is well-pleasing and thus to advance the progress of all the arts, sciences, in his sight, through Jesus Christ : to whom be and institutions, wbich minister to the elegance and glory for ever and ever. Amen."

the comfort of life. By representing mankind as the children of one common parent, and the heirs of one

common inheritance—it has established, as it were, a CHRISTIAN TREASURY,

new charter of buman rights, to which the oppressed

can at all times appeal from the oppressor ; and which Communion with God.-Continued commerce with has abolished many of those cruel customs and insti. God, agreeable to the tenor of tha: league and cove- tutions, by which former ages were disgraced. It is nant struck with him, how pleasant, bow agreeable is the glory of the religion of Jesus, that it has done away it! To be a friend of God! an associate of the Most the miseries of domestic slavery, mitigated the horors High! a domestic!--no more a stranger or foreigner, of war, softened the severity of law, and repressed the but of His own household !--to live wholly upon the tyranny of arbitrary sway. If, through the prevalence plentiful provisions, and under the happy order and of human iniquiry, it has sometimes failed to produce government, of his family !—to have a heart to seek all these happy effects in all the extent wbich might have from him, and lay out all for him! How great is the been expected, such is at least its decided tendency ; pleasure of trust -of living free from care; that is, of and the time is fast approaching, when its benign inany thing but how to please and honour, bim in a fluence shall be more fully exemplified in the relief of cheerful unsolicitous dependence; expecting from him misery, the vindication of liberty, and the proinotion our daily bread, -believing he will not let our souls of happiness. Here we are in no danger of enthusiasm famish ; that while they hunger and thirst after right - while we indulge in the anticipations of hope. Chrisousness, they shall be filled ; that they shall be sus. tianity is adapted to the most perfect state of the tained with the bread and water of life; that when they human powers; and its progress and its influence must hunger he will feed them with hidden manna, and with ever extend, with the refinement and civilization to the fruits that grow on the tree of life in the midst of which it is so eminently conducive ;-till, in the tigur. the paradise of God; that when they thirst be will ative language of prophecy, “the wilderness and the give water, and add milk and honey without money solitary place shall be glad, till the desert sball rejoice

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