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was he to allow this law to be violated with impunity? | they undergo many changes and modifications according This would have been to have allowed himself to be to the altered circumstances of the people to whom they insulted to his face, and to have his power and sove- are given; but a great part of the Jewish law was given reignty denied and ridiculed. If any one should be dis- by anticipation before the circumstances to which it posed to plead the slightness of the offence, or the in- was applicable had any existence. The laws respecting different nature of the action, in regard to the moral agriculture, which are minute and particular, were altolaw, the very apology would demonstrate the aggrava-gether impracticable in the wilderness; the laws and tion of the offence; the casuistry of the transgressor regulations respecting the cities of refuge, and the cities would suggest to him the plea that the trespass was so to be allotted to the priests, were prescribed when the triðing, or the evil done so insignificant, that it could people dwelt in tents with nothing to sustain their hopes not justly subject him to rigorous punishment. So, he but the distant promise of a settled habitation; the thinks that he may insult the Almighty for a trife, and worship of God, too, was distinctly defined, and though that the simpler and easier his commandments are, he it assumed a very different aspect after the Jews were may feel the less fear and compunction in violating them! settled in the promised land, from what it had during We admit that there are degrees of guilt, and that some the sojourning in the wilderness—the magnificent tem. sins are more heinous in the sight of God than others ; ple coming in the place of the moveable tabernacle—yet and it would be easy to state certain aggravations which the service was essentially the same, and Solomon's increase the enormity of sin, but it is not necessary, temple derived its glory from the same sacred emblems and, except in very particular circumstances, would be that consecrated the tabernacle in the wilderness, viz., improper to do so, as every one, who is not conscious the ark of the covenant, with its sacred contents, “ the of such aggravations, would think himself comparatively golden pot that had manna, and Aaron's rod that budded, innocent. It is much more profitable to look to the and the tables of the covenant.” Heb. ix. 4. And much stern severity of the Jewish law, and to remember that as we have reason to regret the obstinacy of that in. there are no degrees of guilt in the sin of disobedience fatuated people, it is, nevertheless, interesting to obto a positive commandinent, or, if there be any, the serve the indelible impression stamped on their character violation of the slightest is the most heinous, because by the Mosaic inst ons, down to the present day. it is the most easily observed ; it then assumes the character of a sin of presumption, and of defiance against

A LETTER WRITTEN BY the ordinances of the supreme Law-giver; such was the offence of the man who gathered sticks on the Sabbath.

SIR JOHN CLERK OF PENICUICK, BART., day, it was a public disowning of the God and King of TO HIS ELDEST SON, JOHN CLERK, AFTERWARDS Israel, it was treason against the constitution of the Hebrew commonwealth, and the offender was punished To my dearly beloved wife, Christian Kilpatrick, my with death. Num. xv. 32-36.

well beloved son, John Clerk, and my dear children Thus, then, we see that there was no room for grace Elizabeth, Henrie, Barbara, William, Sophia, Mary, under the law of Moses; mercy to presumptuous offend- James, Catherine, Christian, Robert, Margaret, David, ers could not be manifested without a complete sub- Hugh, Alexander Clerk : version of the whole frame-work of the Mosaic institu- Fearing I might be surprised with death, and hurried tions ; nevertheless God made a covenant with his into eternity, (as many are) and so lose the opportunity people by sacrifice, as a symbol and pledge of the grace of putting my house in order, and acquainting you with that was to be revealed by Jesus Christ. And as grace some things which concern your comfortable living towas not manifested under the law, neither was the gether, in the fear of the Lord, I have in weakness, truth fully revealed; both grace and truth came, in the and as the Lord gave me strength, laid hold on his fulness of their manifestation, only through Jesus Christ. covenant, and resigning all my earthly concerns and The law was “the shadow of good things to come,” worldly substance to you most cheerfully, I have re" a schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ;” it bore served for myself the hope of salvation, and that inberittestimony to the placability of the Almighty, and de- ance which is incorruptible, undefiled, and fadeth not monstrated that he had no pleasure in the death of the away. I have, by my testament and bonds of provision sinner ; but it pointed out no sufficient remedy, for it in favour of my younger children, made my will known was impossible for man to conceive that the blood of as to the most just and equal division of that estate bulls and of goats could take away sin, or that a rational which the Lord was pleased to bestow upon me, and and accountable being could transfer his guilt to an directed and assisted me in distributing the same ; and irrational victim which cannot sin, and, therefore, can- I have chosen this occasion of giving my last counsel not be a proper object either of punishment or reward. and advice to all of you, that when I come to die, I All this was known by the righteous under the Old may have nothing to do but die. And O that I may Testament dispensation ; and down to the time when be helped, through grace, to live and die in the Lord ! the Saviour appeared, there were many righteous per- Be thankful and content with what the Lord bath sonis“ waiting for the Consolation of Israel," and Anna provided for you, and study godliness, which, with the prophetess “spoke of Him to all that looked for contentment, is great gain ; bear one another's burdens redemption in Jerusalem.” Luke ii. 25, 38.

in the Lord. Your mother-in-law, as she has been The law was given to Moses in the face of all Israel; most dutiful and affectionate to me, so she has, accordit was acted on from the moment it was given, and it ing to her power, promoted your interest, and studied imparted an entirely new aspect to the whole civil and your comfort, and that of all my other children ; I enreligious economy of that peculiar people. In most treat you therefore, my dear John, to be a kind, obliging cases, laws are gradually introduced ; and, in all cases, son to her, and a loving brother and affectionate father to our children. I am very confident you will do this practise all commanded duties, walking as always in according to your power, and their deservings, and his presence, and aspiring ever to perfection through therefore (have) suppressed all arguments that might the blessing of the Lord. Be kindly affectionate one excite you to the performance of that duty towards them to another. Beware of entering rashly and familiarly all; which, I am persuaded, you will do most cheer- into an intimate friendship with any person : let these fully of your own accord in the strength of the Lord. be your companions who you have good ground to

By concord, small things come to good account; think will be your company in heaven. Look not on therefore I advise you to live together, if possible, for any person as worthy or intimate of your respect and this will contribute to your honour and interest; and love, with whom you may not carry on a heavenly corbecause some differences do arise, even amongst those respondence and fellowship in timely prayer and divine who have the root of the matter in them, and are sin-conference. Acquaint yourselves much with the Scripcere believers, therefore I require, and command youtures, and take the help of the best commentaries in the Lord, that in case any such difference should thereon which you can purchase, for these are the arise among you, to end the same by a friendly refer- glasses wherein you can best see the mercy and good. ence to a mutual person, and not to go to law. (1 Cor. ness of God in Christ, your own vileness, and the vi. 1.) The day ere long will break, and the shadows absolute need you have of a Redeemer. Look upon fly away, and the morning of the resurrection will ap- religion as the highest improvement of the human life, pear.

0! that you may study, then, and make it your and as the best guide to human nature. chief business to get an interest in the first resurrec- I earnestly recommend to your love and respect all tion, that when Christ who is our life shall appear, you the faithful ministers of our Lord and Saviour Jesus may also appear with him in glory. And in order to Christ, and would have you study all opportunities of this, I know nothing more suitable and necessary for serving them, especially of receiving the Gospel of you, than to be making sure a saving interest in God your salvation kindly from them. 01 that the Lord and the everlasting covenant through Jesus Christ, be- may let you know the infinite advantage of being the fore the time come when ye shall walk through the objects of his love, and the subjects of the prayers of valley and shadow of death, that you may fear no ill, his saints and people. and may have ane undoubted right to all the great and I earnestly beg it of you, and if I have any power precious promises through Christ, and be enabled to with you, I command that my burial and interment, auswer all challenges arising from temptations, affic- when the Lord shall determine it, may be according to tions, and desertions, and may plead confidently with a particular memorial herein inclosed and signed by me, the Lord for the performance of all his promises. I so far, at least, as is possible in every point. I have earnestly request you all, in the strength of the Lord, heard many wise persons cry out against the vanity and to make a personal covenant with the Lord speedily, extravagance of burials; and yet good people many and yet deliberately, sincerely, and expressly in writ, times, being led by the stream of the fashion, and to and sign it with your heart and hand; for therein con- prevent reproaches, have been forced to run into these sists the very direct formal act of justifying faith. For extravagances at the interment of their deceased friends, your direction in this duty, you may consult with these and all because they left no particular order in write learned and godly men,-Messrs Guthrie, Wedderburn, anent their interment, which seeing, I have studied to Allan, Dickson, and Clark, what they have written on obviate, and I hope you will please me in this. that subject. And for your encouragement, I must tell As for my spiritual journal carried on by me from the you that since the day I was directed by the Lord to year 1688 to this day, and my written personal covenant set about that solemn duty, which was in the year with my Lord and my God in Christ, with some ex1683, I have, as I think, thriven and prospered more cerpts out of the Scriptures, I leave them with you to both as to my body and soul than ever I did before that your perusal, so then to be burned when you think fit. time. I found no small advantage by my keeping a Finally, I exhort you all that ye sorrow not as those spiritual journal, wherein I wrote down daily my ex- that have no hope of a glorious resurrection ; for though periences and practice, with the divine providences that I change my place, I change not my hope, but go to niy occurred. I advise you to try and set about this duty Father and your Father, to my God and your God, the more diligently than ever I did, for this will give you author of my life, and love of my soul. Within a little a nice and critical view of all the various steps and space I hope we will meet in glory, and joy for ever degrees of God's method of grace to your souls, and with the angels above, and the spirits of just men will acquaint you with the wickedness of your own made perfect, in showing the praises of our God, the hearts, and Satan's devices, and his manner of managing Prince of the kings of the earth. his temptations : this will discover to you what pro- Farewell ; be perfect; be of good comfort ; for our gress you have made in sanctification, and whether your glorious Redeemer is gone up with a shout into heaven, stock of grace be on the decaying hand or on the grow- and shall come again with the sound of a trumpet. ing; and this, through the blessing of God, will be Sing praises to him, be of one mind; live in peace, and your remembrance many ways for the good of yourself the God of love and peace be ever with you. and others. Neglect not, I pray you, to set up the Now unto Him that is able to keep you from falling, worship of God in your families, that he may have a and present you faultless before the presence of his visible throne erected in every one of your houses ; glory with exceeding joy, to the only wise God our but above all, prepare an habitation for him in your Saviour, be glory, and majesty, dominion, and power, heart, for he is your God, and your father's God. Keep for evermore. Amen. up communion with him by secret prayer, and medita- My dearly beloved, yours in the Lord, 'ion, and by the observance of all his ordinances; and | Newbigging, 12th Jan. 1696. JOHN CLERK

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Extract from a manuscript written by Hugh Clerk, of the children of Israel from Egypt to Canaan second youngest son of the said Sir Jobn Clerk :- was very plainly typical of spiritual blessings. "Sir John Clerk, first baronet, of Penicuick, my father, Egypt was the land of bondage ; but however aged seventy-two years, eleven months, and one day, died cruel that bondage was, there was there much suddenly on Saturday the 10th March 1722, about ten which a mind, dead to the glorious spiritualities o'clock at night, being three days only after my sister of the promises of God, could have willingly enMary was married to Mr Moncrief of Culfargie. He joyed; and hence, even after the children of Israel had been a little out of order for some days before his had departed, and in the wilderness had all that death; however, that very night on which he died, they could wish, besides being free from bondabout nine o'clock, I remember perfectly well, he called age, we find them still in their hearts returnin Alexander Thomson, the groom, and ordered him to ing to Egypt, saying, “ We remember the flesh have his horse ready in the morning, for he intended to which we did eat in Egypt freely, and the cucumgo to church with the young folks ; so be went to bed bers, and the melons, and the leeks, and the soon after, smoked his pipe as usual, and about eleven onions, and the garlick.” They were rescued o'clock my mother went to bed, and finding him colder from Egypt by a great act of atonement, called than ordinary, she arose and lighted the candle, and the feast of the passover,—a striking emblem of found him dead. We could not observe that he had Christ, a lamb slain without blemish and without suffered the pains and agonies of death, in regard his spot,-in which they were all required to express looks were altogether sweet and composed, and the bed their faith by sprinkling their door-posts with its clothes lying in order on him, so that he seems not to blood ; and hence it is said, By faith Moses kept have died like other men, but to have fallen asleep.”

the passover, and the sprinkling of blood." They were all rescued by a mighty act of God from

under their grinding bondage,—an emblem of that A DISCOURSE.

power by which we are still delivered from a preBY REV. JAMES BEGG, A.M.,

sent evil world, and the dominion of sin and Minister of Liberton, County of Mid-Lothian.

Satan. And as they “all passed through the cloud “By faith Moses, when he was come to years, refused Moses in the cloud and in the sea," at the very

and through the sea, and were baptized unto to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter ; choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of commencement of their journey towards the land God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a sea

of Canaan, so none of the members of our race son ; esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches can take one step towards heaven until they exthan the treasures in Egypt: for he had respect perience the washing of regeneration and the unto the recompence of the reward.”—Heb. xi. renewing of the Holy Ghost. As “ they did all 24-26.

eat the same spiritual meat, and drink the same The name of Moses stands prominently forth spiritual drink, for they drank of that spiritual in Old Testament history as the deliverer and Rock which followed them, and that Rock was lawgiver of the people of Israel,—the prophet Christ,” so it is by the true bread from heaven, whom Christ himself was to be like. He was and that water of life which Christ still gives to born of the despised race of Hebrews, at the all who believe, that every Christian is sustained time when Pharaoh had brought them into cruel in the wilderness of this world. As they were bondage, and at the time, too, when he bad all journeying towards that good land of which commanded all their male infants to be slain. the Lord their God had said he would give it to But as Moses, when a child, was “exceeding them, so the Church on earth, of however many fair," or as it may be rendered, divinely beautiful, members composed, seeks a better country, even he was bid three months of his parents. When an heavenly, a city which hath foundations, whose he could be concealed no longer, he was exposed builder and maker is God. Until at last, having to the danger of destruction, but was rescued by all finished their course, its members pass in the daughter of Pharaoh, who adopted him as her triumph through the dark swellings of the Jordan own son, and had him trained in all the learning of death, and come to Zion with songs and everof Egypt. But Moses despised all the sinful lasting joy upon their heads. pleasures of the court, and reckoned it his highest That all this was intended to be thus figurative, honour to have been descended from Abraham, to no one we think who reads the Scriptures with whom the promises belonged. He knew that attention can doubt. The great truths of ChrisAbraham's children were still the chosen people of tianity were known by Moses and the patriarchs God, that from them the promised Messiah would as they are now, and by the same simple reliance on descend; and that, although they were now op- the atoning blood of Christ, did all these men reach pressed in Egypt, God would bring them forth heaven. Abraham saw afar off the day of the with a mighty hand from the land of their capti- Messiah's triumph over principalities, and powers, vity, and put them in possession of that land and spiritual wickednesses, and rejoiced. Job, flowing with milk and honey, which he had pro- who lived at the same period, looked forward with mised to their fathers.

rapture to the day on which his Redeemer would You are aware that the whole of these promises stand upon the earth. Jacob died waiting for the had a spiritual meaning, and that the abandon- salvation of God. And the Apostle Paul assures ment of Egypt hy Moses and the whole progress us that, to those who travelled through the wilderness with Moses, the Gospel was preached as commandment. It is only the pleasures of sin well as unto us, and that the only reason why any that are to be abandoned, and that as much beof them did not profit was, not that they knew cause they fill us with sorrow, as because they it not, but because they received it not in faith. are displeasing in the sight of God. Love, infiAnd such was the feeling with which Moses nite love is the distinguishing attribute of God, abandoned the court of Egypt,-it was to be a and the great desire which he has expressed tofollower of that Saviour whom God had revealed; wards the members of our race is to promote He saw before him-although many difficulties their happiness. When man was holy, a paradise intervened—the land of promise, which he knew of delight smiled around him. He placed the to be only a faint representation of the Canaan children of Israel in a land flowing with milk and of everlasting rest. And although he had stronger honey; and heaven itself will be a place where ties to bind him to Egypt and its perishing glories fulness of joy and rivers of pleasure will delight than any of his brethren ; although at his feet lay and satisfy the redeemed for evermore. collected riches, honours, pleasures, and a king- No mistake can be greater than that of supdom, yet he shook himself free from them all

, posing that Christianity requires us to deny ourand chose rather to suffer affliction with the selves to any real present enjoyment, that we may people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin be put in possession of a greater hereafter. The for a season ; esteeming the reproach of Christ joys of Christianity are as much to be desired greater riches than the treasures in Egypt: for every instant, as they will be at the hour of death. he had respect unto the recompence of the re- It is a coming at once to the full fountain of ward.” And, then, observe the time when he living waters, viz., to God as he is manifested in adopted this resolution. It was not in the rash- Christ, instead of any longer endeavouring to bew ness of youth, nor in the peevishness of old age, out to ourselves broken cisterns which can hold but when he was "come to years," and was able no water. “ How long," saith the prophet, “will fully to judge of the nature of the choice which ye spend your money for that which is not bread, he made : when the riches, and honours, and and your labour for that which satisfieth not? inpleasures of the world wear, to the ardent mind cline your ear, and come unto me; eat ye that of man, their most engaging aspect, then he des- which is good, and let your soul delight itself in pised them all

, and esteemed the very reproach of fatness.” “Godliness is profitable unto all things, Christ greater riches.

having the promise of the life which now is, as This is exactly the resolution which Christ well as that which is to come.” “ And all things," requires all his disciples to adopt, when he says, says the apostle, “ are yours, whether life or “ He that loveth father or mother

, or wife, or death, or things present, or things to come ; all houses or lands, more than me, is not worthy of are yours, for ye are Christ's, and Christ is God's.” me. He that saveth his life shall lose it ; he that and unquestionably in the wilderness of Sinai loseth his own life for my sake shall find it.” And Moses enjoyed true happiness, which he could not therefore to imagine that we are Christians, be- have enjoyed in the court of Pharaoh. cause we have abandoned the pursuits of the The great doctrine, therefore, contained in the world, when we could no longer enjoy them; or text is this, that all the riches, and honours, and when oppressed by affliction, and crossed by ad- pleasures of the world, are unsatisfactory as comversity; when all our hopes on earth are blasted, pared with the enjoyment which personal Cbrisand we, stretched upon a bed of death, then to tianity can impart'; and therefore, so far as they speak of the vanity of the world, and of our stand in the way of our progress to heaven, are willingness to part with it all for the sake of to be all cheerfully abandoned. “By faith Moses, heaven, is only to mock God, and deceive our when he was come to years, refused to be called own souls. It is when temptation is presented the son of Pharaoh's daughter; choosing rather that the strength of inward principle is tried ; to suffer affliction with the people of God, than and if, when our wealth is increased, and all our to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season ; esteemworldly interests are prosperous, and when our ing the reproach of Christ greater riches than the vigour continues, we would willingly sell all to treasures in Egypt; for he had respect unto the obtain the pearl of great price, saying in our recompence of the reward." hearts, “ What is a man profited if he shall gain There is no subject upon which the sentiments the whole world and lose his own soul ? or what of man and the declarations of the Word of God shall a man give in exchange for his soul ?” then are more strangely at variance. The Apostle Paul are we followers of “ them who through faith and declares, that an idol is nothing in the world; but patience are now inheriting the promises." the men of Ephesus cried out, “ Great is Diana

Now, let us not suppose, as we are very apt to of the Ephesians!” We shall have peace, say do, that God wishes us to make in this, what we they, if we walk in the sight of our eyes, and in conceive to be, a sacrifice. Pleasures that are the imaginations of our hearts ; whilst God denot sinful we need not abandon ; and if we aban- clares, that they only have

great peace who keep don not the sinful pleasures of the world willingly

, his law. “ There is no peace, saith my God, unMoses did, and because we see that, in the to the wicked.” David speaks of strange children, of Christ

, a happiness infinitely more pure who in his day spoke vanity; saying, “ Our sons I is to be enjoyed, we obey not his are as plants grown up in their youth ; our daugh

ters are like palaces for beauty; our garners are than by Solomon, God had given him riches full

, affording all manner of store; our sheep bring more than all the kings that had reigned in Israel, forth thousands, and tens of thousands; our oxen All the vessels of his house were of gold; none of are strong to labour; there is no complaining in them were of silver. It was as the dust of the our streets.” They pronounced the people blessed streets, and was nothing accounted of in the days who were in such a case as this; but the Psalmist of Solomon. In wisdom, none before bim was declared, that they alone were blessed whose God his equal. In honour he was in the highest degree was the Lord. Riches, and wisdom, and strength, exalted, for all the kings of the nations did him have obtained an almost universal respect, whilst homage. All this he sought out, to see what a knowledge of God has been despised. “ But thus pleasure it could convey. He collected all the saith the Lord,” says Jeremiah, - Let not the wise delights of the children of men; men-singers and man glory in his wisdom, neither let the mighty women-singers, and musical instruments of all man glory in his might; let not the rich man sorts. Whatsoever his eye desired, that he had ; glory in his riches : but let him that glorieth, he withheld not his heart from any joy. And glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth what was the result ?

“ I looked upon all my me; that I am the Lord, which exercise loving labour, and behold all was vanity and vexation of kindness, judgment, and righteousness in the spirit--favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain-the earth; for in these things I delight, saith the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear with Lord.” When our Saviour declared to the rich hearing—and there is no profit under the sun. and covetous Pharisees, that all their riches would Even if there was any substantial happinot profit them in the day of trouble, we are told ness in the enjoyments of tbis world, the conthey derided Him; imagining, perhaps, as many sideration that they are but for a season, is fitted, to this day do, that the statement only proceeded with all who allow themselves only to reflect, from envy, and that if He, instead of having no to turn it all into gall and wormwood.

Not to where to lay his head, had been the visible Sove- speak of that conscience which, like a worm that reign of a thousand States, He would have ap- never dies, gnaws the very vitals of the sinner in the plauded, as well as they, the pomps and glories of midst of all his joy, and casts a shade of gloom and the world.

of horror upon all his future prospects, what shall And yet every one must acknowledge, that, in we say of the appalling fact, that in a few days at so far as they have already made the experiment, most death will smile in ghastly triumph over all ? the statements of Scripture have been found to be Men walk over a vast sepulchre. Beneath their literally true, that the heart is often sick in the feet lie the bones of the countless dead. The hour of greatest apparent joy,—that what was miser has accumulated his wealth, but he not only pleasure in prospect

, is dust and ashes in posses- finds it altogether barren of comfort, and ever sion! It is like the grass upon the housetop, ready to take to itself wings and flee away as an which withers ere it be grown. We live ever in eagle towards heaven, but just when he has pulled prospect of a future happiness, at the very time down his barns and built greater, and is calmly when we feel ourselves sowing the wind and reap- reposing himself under the assurance of a long ing the whirlwind. But still we are not con- series of enjoyments, since he has much goods vinced, by all our experience, that every worldly laid up for many years, he is awakened by the deobject is equally unsatisfactory. We may, indeed, cree of God, " This night thy soul shall be reby sad experience, be convinced, that many ob- quired of thee." ~ Be not afraid of one that is jects which are fair and promising at a distance, rich, when the glory of his house is increased, for are altogether destitute of pleasure when pos- at death he shall carry nothing away, his glory sessed, but we never hence infer that the state- shall not descend after him.” Or the sensualist is ments of Scripture are equally true respecting all. in the midst of his pleasures; he is surrounded by And we never profit by the experience of others; the companions of his iniquity, but God is not in let them tell us that they have tried all the sources all his thoughts, suddenly the hand-writing on the of worldly enjoyment, and found their souls faint wall makes his inmost soul to quake, his face to and empty, still we will not believe them. We gather blackness, his knees to smite one against regard it as the statement of a mind either in another. “ Thus saith the Lord, thou art weigbed capable of relishing the pleasures of the world; in the balances, and art found wanting." Or the or, like the Pharisees, we smile at what we con- man of wisdom has stored his memory with all ceive the envy of one who has never himself been that man ever knew; to bim the eyes of nations permitted to make the experiment. We cannot are directed, assembled senates make choice of him believe that this smiling world, of whose delights as their best example when they would demonand fascinations we have heard so much, should strate the intellectual majesty of man, and in the be so empty of satisfaction as the Word of God pride of his heart he may be lifted up far above his asserts it to be; and although we have never yet fellows, and imagine himself the lord of the lower experienced these delights, it is only because we world; but on him death pours contempt, in an have never yet sought them aright.

instant he is summoned away from a world in which Moses had tried them all, and yet he esteemed alone he was fitted to shine, to an eternity for the very reproach of Christ greater riches. And which he has made no preparation. O my dear the same experiment was never more fully made brethren, one hour of eternity will communicate

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