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The Author having published in 1819. the first Edition of his Armenian Grammar for the use of English Students of that language, is encouraged to republish it in a more correct and complete form.

In the present Edition will be found some specimens of Armenian Poetry , translations of Lord Byron from the Armenian into English; and there are added, by way of exercise, Extracts from the best Armenian Writers. Some of which are accompanied also with English translations.

It is therefore hoped that the Volume in its present form will prove an acquisition, and meet with a continuance of public approbation.

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Trammar teaches the art of speaking and writing correctly.

Human discourse is formed of letters, syllables and words.

Letters are the elements of a syllable.

A syllable is either one letter, or the union of letters.

A word is one or more syllables, which express some thing:

The union of words to explain our thoughts completely is called discourse.

The harmony of words with the rules of Grammar is called Syntax.

A L P H A B E T.

The Armenian Alphabet consists of thirty-eight



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Form. Name.

Sound. [ Ipe (as in ripe) A (as in father.) fee pien,

P soft.

K, C, Q. tah,

T soft. bot } yetch,

YE ( as in yes.)

Z or S soft. té,

E (as in met.) 1. c Ć yet, like French e mute, or as


U (in us.) fc) A twoh, T hard. jdt j (french, or zh or as english s in

the words pleasure, measure,

confusion.) !" &

& inni, I or E.

fu for kbé,

CH german, or as

x greek. & & dzah,

DZ ų į ghien,

G hard.
s 4 hwoh,

tzab, TZ soft.

GH or as y greek.
jé or jde, J or G soft.

H soft.

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2 ghahd,

he or ye,

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