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Nasty, to take, to have.


sony, taking, having, who bas.

Iwbwy, taken, had; taking, having.

Future, nebu or nulog, who has to take or to




Present. brawl, I go. bpla-wu, thou goest. br.

Dwy, he goes. brld welf, we go, kopbuye, ye go. brbwe,

they go.

Perfect. Impuy or enquy, I went or I am gone. I am

thou wentest or art gone. news, he went or is gone. Inpup, we went, etc. ewe, ye pure, they went or they are gone.



belowy, to go.



vrlan, going, who



Vrldtown, gone; going.

Future. beldwag or bplawt, who is to go.


Those verbs are called Impersonal which are used only in the third person, as, l'aub, it begins to cloud. 1pls, it rains. gomb, it rains little.

Erbqwns, it comes pouring, it runs over. 255, it snows.

kwn.wqwa, it shines. i'nwloch, it begins to be day-light, Uʻrc45, it blows very hard.

bwwww5, it lightens. Qqwekęs, it produces fruit. Urib, it bellows, it roars. wywid, it howls. perm, it bellows, it roars.

1'.Jqwiowy, it clears up. I'ruLouwm, it dawns. Նրեկոյանայ, it darkens. 9-b2bpustowy, it is become night. Inuwiowy, it brightens. Juwuwputowy, it grows dusky. Spuru, it kindles. Nenuuj, it thunders. *-b, it is reported, they say. Uself, it appears, it seems. fouet, it seems. ljupdh, 'tis believed, it is thought. 1-b, it is poised abroad. www.5 or Swww.ob, it happens, it falls out.

www S5, it happens. Հանդիպի, it happens. bunt, it must, it behoves. guļ or gwef, it pains. 119045, it becomes, it is fit. Urdwie 5, it is convenient, it becomes.

Swwp 5, it is impossible. Awphe 5, it is good, it is well. lufium 5, it is hard. ljus or Yuhulp bu, it is wished, it wills. Such, it must, it is necessary. Ururla 5, it


be. Quijen 5, it is clear. uw, it is enough, it sufficies.

pun 5, it must. 11 wykL5, it is fit, it is proper. cung th, it must, it is necessary. Oct. 5 or opkup be, 'tis lawful, it allows.

pála 1, it is cared for. Oqruun 5, it is expedient. 'lab 5, it is suitable, it is convenient, it

becomes, it is fit.


A preposition is an indeclinable word or particle which placed before a noun changes either it's case, or it's signification.

The prepositions which change the cases of nouns are called Formers of cases.

The prepositions which change the meaning of nouns by governing their cases, are called Rulers of cases.

Prepositions 'k, s ' , and ' form the Dative and the Ablative.

Q,'t, are placed before the vowels. l-forms the Dative.

forms the Dative. Before a consonant it is pronounced gp, as, jetty.

( forms the Accusative. Before a consonant it was formerly pronounced 2C)

but at present it is pronounced ca.

I hope forms the Dative and the Ablative.

According to the modern usage the Prepositions forming the cases y, y and are written prefixed and joined to nouns, and the others detached from them.



the acca


I': , un

un 't, to, unto, towards, at: by, near, nigh: for, for the sake, on account: on, upon: under: against: amongst. govern the

dative, the genitive, and the instrumental 1997, with: by: instead: for: under: between: to, unto, towards: on, upon: amongst. governs the genitive, the dative, the abla

tive, and sometimes the instrumental. puun, according: for: out, without: after, governs the genitive, the dative, and the

ablative. Obrz orqErld, as, like.

governs l'er, beple or bepal, as, like, about.

govern generally the accusative. foawrg or lawrug, without, out, unless. go

verns the genitive. 4. www, for, in order to, concerning. governs

the genitive. Puis, than, much. governs the accusative. 1,42 see soms Ulug or fuck, till, untill, to, unto. governs

the dative with a preposition. Suurlea, with, by governs the instru

mental. 96r, over, above, upon, more, before, past.

governs generally the accusative, and sometimes the dative.

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