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John Heywood's Educational Works.

Drawing. John Heywood's First Grade Free-Hand Drawing. By E. H.

ROWLAND. In a Packet of 24 Cards. ls.

John Heywood's Second Grade Free-Hand Test Papers. A Series

of Twelve Figures, to be completed, Enlarged, or Decreased by the Pupil. Designed by J. C. THOMPSON, Master of the School of Art, Warrington. In Packets, containing One Set on Twelve Cards, or an

Assortment of Fifty Figures on Paper. Is. "Specially adapted for use in elementary schools, at night-classes, &c.

* They supply what has long been wantea, a really excellent set of second grade test papers, which will, no doubt, be largely used as examples for general use, as well as for the purpose for which they were originally designed."— Warrington Guardian.

“The designs are good, and we think Mr. Thompson's plan good also."-Bookseller.

Manual of Shading Instruction, for the use of Schools and Private

Pupils, with Examples. By J. W. HARLIND. Part I., 2d.


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Linear Perspective, in Theory and Practice. Being a Complete and

Comprehensive Explanation of the subject, with 15 Plates and 90 Exercises. Specially designed for private study and self teacl ing.

By W, CHITTY, C.M. Sewed, ls. 6d. “A complete and comprehensive explanation of the subject. A series of diagrams with explanatory text, well adapted for the use of architects, draughtsmen, and students in art.”Bookseller, August, 1872.

“Specially designed for private study and self-teaching. These lessons are very well adapted to their

purpose. "-Educational Reporter, August 30, 1872.

Drill and Gymnastics.

The Physical Education and Development of Children: In

Theory and Practice. For Families and Schools. Intended to show those interested in the welfare of children that the body should be cultivated and developed with the mind, and pointing out the most approved means of attaining that end. By WALTER H. St. RUTH,

Professor of Gymnastics. With 27 Illustrations. Sewed, 6d, "A welcome pamphlet on the desirability of gymnastic exercises, with brief sketches of the principal systems now employed.”—Educational Reporter, May 31, 1872.

Mr. St. Řuth, as a professor of gymnastics, wisely deprecates inordinate and unmeasured exercises. In this pamphlet the medium system is explained with diagrams, and also the light system, adopted for the weak and delicate." A Manual of Elementary Drill, in short and Easy Lessons, for the use

of Schoolmasters. Adapted from the British Infantry Exercises to

suit the capabilities of boys. By E. T. HUNT. Illustrated. Sewed, 6d. Short and Simple Lessons in Drill. For Mixed and Girls' Schools.

By E. T. HUNT. Sewed, 6d. “This book consists of 46 pages of instruction, including numerou: illustrations. Masters of mixed schools and mistresses of girls' school will find it useful."--National Schoolmaster, October, 1872.

Miscellaneous The Education of Girls. A Paper reprinted from the Dublin Univer

sity Magazine. Sewed, 2d. P's and Q's: a Few Hints on Grammatical Construction. Square 16mo,

sewed, 2d. “These plain and practical hints on certain common errors in speaking and writing were well worth publishing, and will be well worth perusing."-Educational Reporter.

“Contains a series of sensible and pungent criticisms.”.
Schoolmaster, July, 1872.
Sketches of Life and Character; or, A Few of the Traits, Foibles and
Illusions of Every-Day Life.

F'cap Svo, Illustrated Wrapper, 6d.
Our Boys

Returning Thanks for the Ladies
The Auction

Money making Money
Our Aunt Jane

Our Little Sister
One-Idead Folk

Domesticated Lads

Favourite Reciter (The): a Collection of Pieces in Prose and Poetry

suitable for Recital in Sabbath Schools, and at Band of Hope and

Temperance Meetings. Cloth, Is. 6d. The Westons of Riverdale; or, The Trials and Triumphs of Temper

ance Principles. By Mrs. E. A. ALLEN. Cloth, 3s. 6d. Tim Bobbin's Life and Times, in Prose and Verse ; with a Memoir of

the Author, by JOHN CORRY. With Addendum, by E. Ridings. Demy

8vo, blue cloth, 78. 6d. Love's Troubled Stream and other Poems. Clooh limp. Is. Home Reveries : Poems. By W. T. BIRCH. Cloth, gilt edges. 2s. Echoes of Heart Whispers : Poems. By Mrs. E. A. ALLEN. Cloth,

gilt edges, 38. 6d. Heart Melodies: Poems. By Mrs. L. W. FOWLER, M.D. Cloth, 2s. Hours of Reverie; or, Happy Reminiscences, revised and enlarged, of

Poems and Songs. By J. M. PEACOCK. Cloth, 4s. 6d. Miscellaneous Poems. By JOHN CRITCHLEY PRINCE. F'cap 8vo, ls. Nugæ Lyricæ. By the Rev. E. DUDLEY JACKSON, B.C.L. Crown 8vo,

cloth extra, gilt edges, 3s, 6d. Slater's Amateur Florist's Guides. Sewed, 6d. Cricketer's Guide (The). A complete Manual of the Game of Cricket.

With Illustrations. Sewed, id.

Buxton and its Resources. With Excursions to Haddon, Chatsworth,

Castleton, Matlock, and Dovedale. By J. CROSTON. Fourth Edition.
Sewed. 6d.

On Foot through the Peak; or, A Summer Saunter among the Hills

and Dales of Derbyshirt, By JAMES CROSTON. With Map, and

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