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Lesson 13.-Wednesday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) £686 Os. 9fd. + £5,694 188. 101d. + £7,786 3s. 11 d. + £8,564 16s. 9d. + £67,862 13s. 04d.

(2) £9,864 13s. 9fd. + £386 178. 104d. + £9,864 18. Od. + £2,164 8s. 114d. + £3,898 138. 63d. + £486 11s. 9 d.

(3) A ship was loaded with 96 bales of cotton, and each bale contained two thousand and nine pounds. How many pounds of cotton were there?

(4) In a battle, out of eighty thousand men, one thousand and one were killed, and two thousand and ninety were taken prisoners. How many escaped ? Lesson 14.-Thursday Morning. Write and Learn. been ..part of the verb to be berry... ..a small fruit bean ......à kind of vegetable bury „to inter, to forget beat.... .to strike, to surpass berth.

......a sleeping place in a beet. ........a kind of vegetable

ship beer. ..malt liquor birth.......coming into life bier .a frame for carrying bow bend, to salute the dead


...a branch of a tree Dictation.—The barque had a cargo of Peruvian bark. I have been eating a French bean. I could not bear to see the bear seize the man by the bare leg. Parallel to the beach is a row of beech trees. Shall you bury the seed of the berry in the ground. I cannot assent to aught he says. Lesson 15.–Friday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) £6,786 10s. 94d. + £3,842 78. 6°d. + £47 Os. 9d. + £368 Os. 04d. + £7,386 11s. 11 d. + £39 9s. 11 d.

(2) £279 18s. 7}d. + £76 13s. 104d. + £1,864 16s. 9}d. + £4,800 ls. 9d. + £3,762 17s. 104d. + £846 138. 61d.

(3) £286 13s. 84d. + £4,761 16s. 109d. + £286 11s. 9fd. + £486 98. 4}d. + £38 11s. 10d. + £9,864 11s. 104d.

(4) What is the difference between three time twenty thousand and six and twelve times seven thousand and eight ?

FOURTH WEEK. Lesson 16.-Learn for Monday Morning.

DISSENSION. Alas ! how light a cause may move And sorrow but more closely tied ; Dis-sen-sion between hearts that That stood the storm when waves

were rough, Hearts that the world in vain has Yet in a sunny hour fall off,



DISSENSION-Continued. Like ships that have gone down Oh! love, that tem-pests never at sea

shook, When heaven was all tran-quil-li-ty! A breath, a touch, like this has A something light as air-a look,

shaken. A word unkind or wrongly taken-

Moore. OR ELSE LEARN St. Matt. XIII., verses 37–43.

Lesson 17.-Tuesday Morning. Dictation.

She therefore fixed? the pan safely, and, taking a jug, went into the cellar; but, while there, she suddenlyremembered that the dog was not fastened up, and might steal the sausage she was frying out of the pan. She rushed back in a flurry to catch the dog just making off with it.

fixed, fastened, 2 suddenly, all at once. 3 frying, cooking in a pan over the fire. trushed, ran quickly. flurry, bustle and alarm. making off, running away.

Lesson 18.–Wednesday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) £3,978 13s. 6d. + £479 168. 8 d. + £8 + 10s. 0}d. + 14s. 9fd. + £1,000 Os. 61d. + £7,897 + 1}d.

(2) Add together one pound; two half-crowns ; five sixpences ; eight threepences ; and six farthings.

(3) In two hundred and ninety-eight boxes there were seventy thousand and five oranges. How many were there in each box?

(4) Multiply five hundred and eight thousand and sixty-four by eight thousand and nine, and prove the answer.



Lesson 19.-Thursday Morning. Write and Learn, bored hollowed

brews ... boils and mixes board

...... a piece of wood bruise ... to crush, to hurt brays

an ass, burrow...a rabbit hole pounds

borough..a corporate town braze ...... to solder with brass canon ...a rule of the church, broach split, to tap, to

a clergyman of a let out

cathedral brooch. ornament

cannon...a great gun Dictation.-The bear found no living thing on the bare rocks close to the beach to furnish him with a meal. While the travel. ling tinker tries to braze the fractured key his poor ass:stands by and brays incessantly. Mind when you are stooping down to broach the cask you do not lose the brooch out of your collar.


Lesson 20.-Friday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) Add one thousand and five pounds and tenpence farthing ; three shillings and sixpence halfpenny ; eightpence three farthings ; two hundred and ninety-eight pounds ten shillings ; aud four thousand and ninety-nine pounds sixteen shillings.

(2) £413 13s. 104d. *. £7,064 6s. 4 d. + £7 8s. 2 d. + £1,000 + 9fd. + 8s. 84d. + 2d. + £64 16s. 4d. + £5 138. 9fd.

(3) Find the ninety-eighth part of one million and seventy.

(4) In a book of 387 pages there are one hundred and forty thousand words. How many words is that per page ?

FIFTH WEEK, Lesson 21.-Learn for Monday Morning.

A PSALM OF LIFE. Tell me not, in mourn-ful num-bers, “ Dust thou art, to dust re-turn-est,'

“Life is but an emp-ty dream!” Was not spo-ken of the soul. For the soul is dead that slum-bers, And things are not what they

Not en-joy-ment, and not sor-row

Is our des-tined end or way;

But to act, that each to-morrow Life is reall Life is ear-nest!

Find us far-ther than to-day. And the grave is not its goal ;

OR ELSE LEARN St. Matt. XIII., verses 31-35. Lesson 22.-Tuesday Morning. Dictation. .

The life of man is similarl to that of some insects? who are born in the morning, and who die in the evening. Though he lives for a number of years, the periods is so short that every moment is of values. Our life may be compared to a journey: as every step brings us nearer to the end of the journey, so every tick of the clock makes the number of seconds allotted to us still less.

similar, like. ? insect, such as a fly, bee, &c. 3 period, time. worth something. be compared, is like. allotted, given, or allowed. Lesson 23.–Wednesday Morning Work these Sums.

(1) £5,678 8s. 10d. - £2,680 198. 11 d. + £64 13s. 44d. + £17 'Os. 9fd. +10s. 6°d.+ £5 + £3,006 + 99d. + £8,621 13s. 10d.

(2) A tradesman owes to one man two thousand pounds and sixpence; to another, six pounds four shillings and a halfpenny ; to another, fifteen shillings and eightpenoe; to another, forty pounds and sixpence farthing; and to another, seven shillings. How much does he owe ?

(3) How much does the following come to : three halfsovereigns, five crowns, three half-crowns, twenty sixpences, eight pennies, four threepences, and five farthings ?

(4) Divide 8,678,219 by 394, and prove the answer.

+ value,

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Lesson 24.-Thursday Morning. Write and Learn. ceiling .the top of a room / sent ...... to cause to go seal letters scent ...a perfume cession up (with choose ... to select session ... ...a sitting chews ...grinds with the teeth check ......... to stop, to restrain chord ...the string of cheque order for money

musical instrument cent ...........a hundred cord ......a string

Dictation.—John shot the arrow from his bow over the highest bough of the elm tree. Give some beer to the men who carried the bier. I bawled out to the bald-headed man. Loamy soil will beat clay soil for growing beet-root. The sailors turned out of their berths early on the admiral's birth-day. Lesson 25–Friday Morning. Work these Sums. £ d.

£ d.

£ d. (1) 8,964 13 61 (2) 6,872 14 108 (3) 682 13 111 392 12 5 2,986 16 41

496 15 111

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(4) Mr. Jones owes Mr. Brown so much money. If he pays Mr. Brown £60 9s. 10}d. he will still have to pay him £40 38. 2d. How much does he owe?

SIXTH WEEK. Lesson 26.—Learn for Monday Morning.

A PSALM OF LIFE-(Continued). Art is long, and Time is fleet-ing, Be not like dumb driv-en cattle! And our hearts, though stout and Be a hero in the strife!

brave, Still, like muf-fled drums, are

Trust no Fu-ture, howe'er pleasant!

Let the dead Past bury its dead!. beating Fu-ner-al marches to the grave.

Act--act in the living Present!

Heart within, and God o'erhead! In the world's broad field of bat-tle, In the bi-vou-ac of life,

OR ELSE LEARN St. Matt. XIII., verses 44–50. Lesson 27.-Tuesday Morning. Dictation.

* Two servants now carried off the fir-tree to a fine large room. It was placed in a barrel", filled with sand, which nobody could perceive, as it was covered round with green baize, and stood on a handsome carpet. Ob, how the tree quaked /5 Then they suspended from the boughs? above a hundred coloured taper38.

1 barrel, a cask. ? perceive, see, 3 baize, a kind of cloth. * handsome, beautiful. quaked, shook with fear. 6 suspended, hung. ? boughs, branches. 8 tapers, small wax candles.

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Lesson 28.-Wednesday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) £3,896 188. 104d. - £978 188. 10d. (2) £8,678 179. 9fd. - £8,593 19s. 11}d." (3) £297 Os. O}d. — £198 6s. 64d.

(4) Mr. A lent Mr. B £978 16s. 9 d. ; £3,762 138. 104d. ; £49 16s. 112d.; £298 178. 10d.; £2,697 188. 11d. How much will Mr. À want from Mr. B to clear the debt?

(5) If you multiply a certain number by 389 you get for the answer two million, seven hundred and twenty-five thousand, three hundred and thirty-four. What is the number? Lesson 29.- Thursday Morning. Write and Learn. cite .to summon

coarser . more coarse or rough site ..position, situation courser...a racehorse sight ......the sense of seeing, kernel ... the heart of a nut

a thing seen colonel..,an officer in the climb ...... to ascend, to mount

army clime ......climate, region creak .. to make a squeaking coarse......not fine [of life

noise course......a race ground, way creek ... a narrow inlet

Dictation.-Your father must bruise the malt before he brews the beer. There is a rabbit burrow on the outskirts of the borough. The roar of the cannons drowned the canon's voice as he was reading prayers. After sealing the letter she sat gazing at the ceiling. Be careful you do not lose your

brooch. Lesson 30.-Friday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) Add thirty thousand and nine pounds four and twopence halfpenny ; ninety pounds and sevenpence farthing ; twenty thousand and eight pounds fifteen shillings and a halfpenny ; six hundred pounds ; fifteen shillings and elevenpence farthing.

(2) £3,976— £29 188. 11d. (3) £3,000-£606 13s. 10 d. (4) Take 800 times 13,647 from twenty-two million.

SEVENTH WEEK. Lesson 31.-Learn for Monday Morning.

A PSALM OF LIFE—(Continued). Lives of great men all re-mind us Some for-lorn and ship-wreck'd We can make our lives sub-lime,

brother, And, de-part-ing, leave be-hind us Seeing, shall take heart again.

Foot-prints on the sands of time ; Let us, then, be up and doing, Footprints that per-haps another, With a heart for any fate; Sailing e'er life's sol-emn main, Still a-chiev-ing, still pur-su-ing,

Learn to labour and to wait, OR ELSE LEARN St. Luke XV., verses 3–10. Longfellow.

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