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Lesson 155.-Friday Morning. Work these Sums. (1) Divide £678 128. 11 d. by 31, 41, 51, 61. (2) Multiply £1,001 15s. 4 d. by 981.

THIRTY-SECOND WEEK. Lesson 156.-Learn for Monday Morning.

THE SPACIOUS FIRMAMENT. The spa-cious firm-a-ment on high, | And pub-lish-es to every land With all the blue e-the-real sky, The work of an al-mighty hand. And spangled heavens, a shining soon as the evening shades prevail,

frame, Their great Original proclaim.

The moon takes up the wond-rous

tale ; The un-wea-ried sun from day to day, and nightly to the list'ning earth Does his Creator's power display ; Repeats the story of her birth.

OR ELSE LEARN St. Luke XVI., verses 19-24. Lesson 157.–Tuesday Morning. Dictation.

* Instead of setting the sheep at liberty, the shepherd took out a large pair of shears. Only imagine: our terror. The poor sheep, I believe, thought his head was going to be cut off, and began to bleat most piteously; but the shepherd, without attending to his cries, held him down, and began cutting off the fleece, or wool, quite close to his skin, without hurting him.

1 at liberty, free. shears, a large kind of scissors. 3 imagine, think of. * terror, fear. piteously, sorrowfully. attending to, taking notice of, Lesson 158. —Wednesday Morning. Work these Sums. (1) Divide £4,793 10s. 5fd. by 63, 74, 85.

(2) Multiply eight hundred and eighty-eight pounds eight: shillings and eightpence farthing by 880. Lesson 159.-Thursday Morning. Write and Learn. bored .did bore

brewed ...did brew board .........a plank

brood ...offspring [room boy ..a male child cellar

underground buoy .........a mark in the sea seller who sells braid ..... .to plait

colour .. hue, dye, tint (selects brayed ......did bray

culler who culls or Dictation. He won more than one prize. The patient for a week past has been very weak. Whether the butcher will kill the wether to day, or not, depends upon she state of the weather. As the day is so wet you cannot take a walk to whet your appetite. Do you see the ewe under the yew tree ?

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Lesson 160.-Friday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) Divide £7,362 1s. 0}d. by 321, 432, 543.

* (2) A servant's wages were 3s. 6d. per week. How much was that in 3 years ?

THIRTY-THIRD WEEK. Lesson 161.-Learn for Monday Morning.

THE SPACIOUS FIRMAMENT-(Continued). Whilst all the stars that round her | What, though no real voice or burn,

sound And all the planets in their turn, Amidst their ra-di-ant orbs be Confirm the tidings as they roll, found And spread the truth from pole to pole.

In reason's ear they all rejoice,

And utter forth a glorious voice ; What, though in solemn silence all For ever singing as they shine, Move round this dark ter-res-tri-ai The band that made us is divine,"

Addison. OR ELSE LEARN St. Luke XVI., verses 25—31. Lesson 162.-Tuesday Morning. Dictation.

Was there ever anything half so naughty as the March wind? It comes upon you all at once ; whistles in your ears ; whisks off your hat; turns your umbrella inside out; and is off round the corner before you regainyour 'senses, or can comprehend: what has happened. It comes blustering,squalling, by starts and jerks, as if raving mad, and a pretty commotion it makes.

whisks, sweeps off quickly. % regain, get back. comprehend, make out, understand.

4 happened, taken place. 6 blustering, roaring and making a loud noise. 6 commotion, disturbance. Lesson 163.-Wednesday Morning. Work these Sums,

(1) Divide £78,500 Os. 6d. by 41.

(2) What is the difference between 1,000 pence and 1,000 shillings? (3) Multiply £79,401 6s. 104d. by 48.

* (4) What is the price of one yard of cloth if 48 yds. cost £15 10s. 4d. Lesson 164.-Thursday Morning. Write and Learn. dire ..dreadful


..ground corn dyer who dyes flower .a blossom feat. act, an exploit higher

..further up feet part of the body hire

.wages find ... to discover holy

..sacred fined

wholly .... entirely





... ......did fine

Dictation. He bawled out to the bald-headed man.

You must alter the position of the altar. We are not allowed to speak loud.

Abel Jones is not able to work. Try and be as industrious as the bee. Death has borne off the firstborn beyond the bourn from whence no traveller returns.

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Lesson 165.-Friday Morning. Work these Sums. * (1) Divide £38,014 Os. 3d. by 19.

(2) What does sixty-three times ten thousand and seven pounds six and eightpence halfpenny amount to?

(3) From the eleventh part of £100 take seven half-sovereigns. (4) Find the cost of 735lbs. of beef at 10d. per lb.

THIRTY-FOURTH WEEK. Lesson 166.-Learn for Monday Morning.

YOUTH. Bestow thy youth so that thou mayst have comfort to remember it when it hath left thee, and not sigh and grieve at the loss thereof. Whilst thou art young thou wilt think life will never have an end ; but remember that, as the longest day hath its evening, and never turns again, so is thy youth. Thou canst enjoy it but once. Use it, therefore, as the spring time that soon departeth, and wherein thou oughtest to plant and sow, and provide for a long and happy life. --After Sir W. Raleigh.

OR ELSE LEARN St. Matt. XXV., verses 1-8.

Lesson 167:- Tuesday Morning. Dictation.

The house was an old brick building, with tall chimneys and latticed windows ; in front of it was a nice little flower garden, with a tall, clippedholly hedge running round it, so close and thick that you were quite unable to see through it ; and beyond that a kitchen garden and an orchards. Outside the enclosures stood an immense walnut tree, with drooping® branches.

1 clipped, cut neatly. beyond, further on. 3 orchard, a garden for growing fruit. * enclosure, a hedge or wall, B immense, very large, drooping, hanging.


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Lesson 168.—Wednesday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) Bring 5,000 pence to farthings.
(2) In 27,645 shillings how many pence?
(3) How many pence are there in £7,384 ?
* (4) Multiply £8,006 198. 44d. by 79.

(5) Divide sixty-four thousand pounds by 78.

(6) If 197 gallons of oil cost 249 16s., how much is that per gallon? Lesson 169.-Thursday Morning. Write and Learn. lesson ...a school task

lore ..learning lessen make less

lower ...further down liar who tells lies lowed ..did low lyre. ......a musical instrument load

......a burden lair ......a wild beast's couch manner ..... method or way layer ...a row, one who places manor ..........a domain

Dictation. The boy rowed the boat as far as the buoy. The bee is a culler of sweet food from flowers of every colour. He bored a hole in the board. Tom brewed a peck of malt and gave the grains to his brood of chickens.

Whither will you go to find flowers that do not fade and wither? Lesson 170.-Friday Morning. Work these Sums. (1) In 4,786 pence how many farthings ?

(2) Bring 26,481 shillings to halfpence.

(3) How many pence are there in £600 ? * (4) Divide sixty-four thousand pounds and threepence by 71.

(5) Multiply £79 14s. 7d. by 57. * (6) Out of a £5-note I paid away 72s. 6d. What remained ?

THIRTY-FIFTH WEEK. Lesson 171.-Learn for Monday Morning.

VERSES. Un-think-ing, idle, wild, and young, But when the days of trial came, I laugh'd, and talked, and dancod, When sick-ness shook this trembling

frame, And proud of health, of free-dom vain, When fol-ly's gay pursuits were o'er, Dream'd not of sor-row, care, or pain; And I could dance and sing no more, Con-clud-ing, in those hours of glee,' It then oc-cur-red how sad 'twould be That all the world was made for me. Were this world only made for me.

*Supposed to have been written by Princess Amelia, daughter of George III., who died in 1810,

OR ELSE LEARN St. Matt. XXV., verses 9–13.


and sung


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Lesson 172.-Tuesday Morning. Dictation.

The terrier is a small thick set hound, of which there are two varieties ;1 the one with short legs, long back, and commonly of a black yellowish colour, mingleda with a shorter body and the reddish brown or black. It has a most acute; sense of smell, and is an inveterate* enemy to all kinds of vermin.5 Nor is it excelledo by any dog in the quality of courage and fearlessness.

varieties, kinds. % mingled, mixed, * acute, very sharp. + inveterate, deep-rooted. 6 vermin, such things as rats and mice, &c.

6 excelled, beaten. courage, boldness and bravery, Lesson 173.—Wednesday Morning. Work these Sums. * (1) In 869 guineas how many pence ?

(2) In 60 half-sovereigns how many shillings ?
(3) Bring four thousand florins to farthings.

(4) Divide sixty-seven thousand pounds and a farthing by 38. * (5) Multiply £14,205 128. Od. by 246.

* (6) If you take seven thousand and one shillings from eight thousand and two guineas, how many pounds are left ? Lesson 174.-Thursday Morning. Write and Learn. mare ...... a female horse

now this time mayor ...a chief magistrate know be informed missed ... did miss


...a poem mist ..... a fog

owed mower who mows pacted more ......a greater number or pact ..a contract

quantity Dictation.--The dyer said this was dire news to him, as he could no longer live by dyeing. His time was wholly spent in holy contemplations. The miller had a flower in his buttonhole when he brought the flour. If you do not find a substitute you will be fined by the magistrates. Lesson 175.–Friday Morning. Work these Sums,

(1) Bring seven thousand farthings to pence.
(2) In 67,900 pence how many shillings?
(3) Find the number of sovereigns in 1,000 sixpences.
* (4) Multiply six thousand and five

pounds, ten shillings and a halfpenny by 140.

(5) Divide ten thousand pounds and one penny three farthings by 105.

(6) There are in a bag 50 crowns, 100 shillings, 200 pence, and 12 farthings. How much money does this amount to?

...did owe
.did pact



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