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Lesson 115.-Friday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) Multiply £897 19s. 11 d. by 12, 52, 365. (2) What do 15 dozen pairs of socks cost at 1s. 9 d. per pair ? (3) Find the difference between £900 and 900s. (4) Divide 32,768 by 98, and prove the answer.

TWENTY-FOURTH WEEK. Lesson 116.-Learn for Monday Morning.

PSALM XXIII. The Lord my pasture shall prepare, When in the sultry glade I faint, And foed me with a shepherd's care ; Or on the thirsty mountain pant, His presence shall my wants supply, To fertile vales and dewy meads, And guard me with a watchful eye: My weary, wandering steps He leads, My noon-day walks He shall attend, Where peaceful rivers, soft and slow, And all my midnight hours defend." Amid the verdant landscapes flow.

OR ELSE LEARN St. Matt. XX., verses 1-8.

Lesson 117.–Tuesday Morning. Dictation.

* The old man, looking attentively. at him, remarked” the franks and noble deportment of the young unknown, and began to feel more confidence. He then said that he was not only quite willing, but was now ready to accompanys his protector to the emperor's palace ; " but,” he added, "I shall delayê you a long time, for I am old and infirm.' 1 attentively, closely, and with care. 2 remarke.l, noticed. 3 frank, open

+ deportment, bearing, look, or appearance. confidence, trust. 6 accompany, go with. emperor, king. 8 delay, stop. 9 infirm, weak. Lesson 118.-Wednesday Morning. Work these Sums

(1) Multiply £303 188. 6 d. by 34, 68, 136.
(2) Take 3 times £4 13s. 9 d. from 5 times £6 Os. 6 d.
(3) Divide 86,724 by 19.

and honest.

.to fly up

...... a metal

Lesson 119.-Thursday Morning. Write and Learn. soar

steal take from sore ...a painful part steel stake ... a post


... ...a pace, a proceeding steak ...a slice of meat for stoppe ... a vast plain broiling

stile ......steps over a fence stare gaze

style manner, appearance, stair ...step to go up

make of a thing

Dictation. It is sheer nonsense to suppose the shepherd will shear the sheep before washing them. * Sole partner of my soul.” So I stayed at home to sew my clothes, and father went to the field to sow the wheat, It is necessary to shoar up the walls of those houses near the sea shore to strengthen them.

Lesson 120.-Friday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) Multiply one thousand and ninety-seven pounds, fourteen shillings and threepence three farthings by 29, 87, 261, 783.

(2) How much greater is five thousand pounds than five thousand pence ?

TWENTY-FIFTH WEEK. Lesson 121.-Learn for Monday Morning.

PSALM XXIII.-(Continued). Though in the paths of death I tread, Though in a bare and rugged way, With gloomy horrors overspread, Through devious lonely wilds I stray, My steadfast heart shall fear no ill, Thy bounty shall my wants beguile; For Thou, O God, art with me still; The barren wilderness shall smile, Thy friendly staff shall be my aid, With sudden greens and herbage And guide me through the drcadful crowned, shade.

And streams shall murmurall around,

Addison OR ELSE LEARN St. Matt. XX., verses 9–16.

Lesson 122.–Tuesday Morning. Dictation.

* The joiner does all the smaller and finer kinds of work, such as the window-frames and doors, while the carpenters are making the floors and staircases. He is called a joiner because he fastens or joins the pieces of wood together, making them fit nicely and accurately? in precisely the same way as you saw in the rafters] of the roof, and then he uses glue to fasten them more securely.*

" accurately, closely and neatly. ? precisely, exactly. 3 rafters, the sloping beams of wood which hold up the roof. securely, firmly. Lesson 123.–Wednesday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) Multiply nine thousand seven hundred pounds, fourteen shillings and three farthings by 37, 74, 148, 296.

(2) What is the cost of four pieces of cloth, each containing 46 yards, at 4s. 6 d. per yard ?

(3) The rent of a house is 78. 6d. a week, what is that a year ?


Lesson 124.—Thursday Morning. Write and Learn. [passage tax ....... a rate, an impost strait ..narrow, a narrow tacks ...small nails some ......a part

tail of a horse, &c. sum. ...the amount or whole tale ...... a story sucker ...a young shoot tier in a row succour, assistance

tear ...water from the eye Dictation. You must not stare at me as I ascend the stair.

We had a sight of the site for the new buildings, for which the proprietor has been cited before the magistrates. The con. juror deceived you with a slight effort of sleight of hand. The sloe only ripens slowly. The wild sloe is slow in ripening. Lesson 125.-Friday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) A grocer sold £20 19s. 6£d. worth of goods on Monday, £16 17s. 114d. worth on Tuesday, £23 168. 8d. worth on Wednesday, £10 4s. 64d. worth on Thursday, £29 178. 10d. worth on Friday, and £39 18s. 7d. worth on Saturday. How much does it amount to ?

(2) Multiply four hundred and twenty-nine pounds eighteen shillings and elevenpence three farthings by 94,188,376.

(3) What is the cost of 27 tons of coal at £1 38. 4}d. per ton ?

TWENTY-SIXTH WEEK. Lesson 126.-Learn for Monday Morning.

GOD SPEED THE RIGHT. Now to heaven our prayer ascending, Be that prayer again repeated, God speed the right;

God speed the right ; In a noble cause contending,

Ne'er despairing though defeated, God speed the right;

God speed the right; Be their zeal in heaven recorded, Like the good and great in story, All their loving toil rewarded, Be their lot on earth but lowly, And success on earth recorded, If they fail, they fail with glory, God speed the right.

God speed the right. OR ELSE LEARN St. Luke X., verses 25—30.

Lesson 127.–Tuesday Morning. Dictation.

Not long after a furious' wuve lifted up the vessela and dashed it forciblys upon the rocks. The ship was broken into two pieces. The hinder4 part was instantlys carried through a tremendous current while the fores part remained on the rock. The captain perished ; but five of the crew and four passengers, a weaver, his young wife, and two children, both of tenderlo age, were saved,


...a berb

DICTATION-Continued. * furious, full of fury, wild, strong, and violent. 2 vessel, ship. 3 forcibly, with force. hinder part, back part. 6 instantly, at once. . tremendous, very strong current, flow of water. 8 fore part, front part. . passengers, travellers by ship. 10 tender age, young. Lesson 128.—Wednesday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) Find the cost of twelve dozen spoons at 58. 4d. each.

(2) A man earns £1. 13s. 5 d. per week. He spends 258. 9d. of it, and saves the rest. How much does he save in a year?

(3) Divide 82,741 by 9, 36, 144, 576. Lesson 129.-Thursday Morning. Write and Learn. teas.... ..plural of tea their. .. belonging to them tease .to plague, annoy

there .... in that place team ......a yoke, as of horses threw ..did throw teem .to be full of

through ..from end to end time ......the material of life throne

......a seat of state thyme


..cast Dictation.-Did the thief steal the steel hammer? Have you heard the tale of the fox who lost his tail? Some of the figures in your sum are wrong. We sailed straight across the strait of Dover. There is no tax on tin tacks. It is no slight labour to become dexterous in sleight-of-hand tricks. Lesson 130.-Friday Morning. Work these Sums.

* (1) Multiply eight thousand and twelve pounds fourteen shillings and tenpence three farthings by 152, 927.

(2) A soldier receives 1s. 11d. per day. How much is that in a year ?

(3) Multiply one hundred and thirty pounds and three farthings by 732, 641. * (4) Divide 714,563 by 83.

TWENTY-SEVENTH WEEK. Lesson 131.-Learn for Monday Morning.

GOD SPEED THE RIGHT-(Continued). Patient, firm, and persevering, Still their onward course pursuing, God speed the right;

God speed the right; No event nor danger fearing, Ev'ry foe at length subduing, God speed the right;

God speed the right. Pains, nor toils, nor trials heeding, Truth, thy cause, whate'er delay it, Never from the truth receding, There's no power on earth can stayit, Andin heaven's own timesucceeding, Proudly let us then obey it, God speed the right.

God speed the right. OR ELSE LEARN St. Luke X., verses 31–37.


Lesson 132,-Tuesday Morning. Dictation.

If you are about to furnish a house, do not spend all your money at once. Do not let the beauty of this thing, and the cheapness of that tempt you to buy unnecessary articles. Nothing is cheap that we do not want. Buy merely enough to get on with at first. It is only by experience that you can tell what you will require.5 Reserve your means to buy what you really want.

not wanted. 3 articles, things. 8 merely, just. * experience, learning through time. 6 require, want. reserve, hold back. money.





Lesson 133.-Wednesday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) Find the cost of 34lbs. of tea at 28. 8d. per lb., and 271bs. of sugar at 5ļd. per lb.

(2) Find the difference between one hundred thousand pounds, and one pound and three farthings.

(3) £8,321 17s. 7d. x 136. * (4) 96,344 • 762, 381.


Lesson 134.-Thursday Morning. Write and Learn. pitch, to cást tun ......a cask, 252 gallons throe ...extreme pain

ton .......20 hundredweight too ...... much, also

tray ......a shallow dish two ...... twice one (with a rope trait feature, character tow ......coarse flax, to pull use employ toe ...part of the foot

ewes ..female sheep Dictation.-In the front tier of the gallery I noticed a little girl with tearful eyes. Do not tease your father, as he is busy examining the chests of teas which have just come in. Some of the figures in the sum are inaccurate. I do not like the style in which you have made the stile.

Lesson 135.–Friday Morning. Work these. Sums.

(1) Divide £446 12s. 8d. by 2, 3, 4, 5.

(2) What would be the wages for 13 men, for four weeks, if each earned £1 58. 9d, per week ?

* (3) Multiply five thousand and forty-eight pounds and tenpence halfpenny by 69.

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